Week 7, Our Final Week in the Land Of Oz.
Friday, July 05, 2013      10 comments

We are up bright and early to drive to Mt Kosciuszko. Joan and I are singing our way down the road, all 209 miles of journey. What fun! But underlying feeling of (it is almost over. I don't think either one of us thought it would effect us ... Read more
Week Six of our Austrailian Trip
Thursday, July 04, 2013      8 comments

Today we head to the state of Victoria in Australia. We have to cross the Murray River on a small ferry because their is no bridge in that area. I love the fact that their ferries are free. It is just a small ride across ... Read more
Week 5, Coober Pedy and beyond, Penguins too
Sunday, June 23, 2013      6 comments

It was sad to say goodbye to the wonderful town locals who quickly became our friends. But I am so glad to one again be heading to where the dirt and grime is gone and get back to the wonderful salty air. Some people were made for the desert a... Read more
Who Says Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend---Australia in Mintabie
Saturday, June 22, 2013      11 comments

Mintabie is a small settlement of about 200 to 250 people. It is known for its Opal mining. Our group of trekkers had an absolute ball there. Well sort of. Finding the opals was fun. but it was a hot dusty place sitting out in the desert ... Read more
Aging with a few laughs!
Thursday, May 30, 2013      16 comments

Someone sent this to me and I thought how true, I hope you enjoy it. Well, my jokes didn't come through and they were great sorry! I will try and figure out what I did wrong. OK, I think I got it now, they are at the bottom of the blog. ... Read more
The Amazing Boab Tree, Australia.
Wednesday, May 22, 2013      9 comments

Well, here we are bouncing down the Gibb River Road. It is one of the worst roads I have ever been on! Joanie is laughing at me because I have to hang onto the steering wheel real tight to keep my head from bouncing against the ceiling of the ... Read more
Swimming With The Whale Skarks
Sunday, May 19, 2013      15 comments

We are just finishing our first week on the road through Central Australia. Lots of highlights but the most amazing day was the day we went swimming with the whale sharks. They are huge, hence where the name comes from. They look like they ha... Read more
On The Road Again
Sunday, May 12, 2013      13 comments

Today is the beginning of a new 6 week Trek traveling in campervans through Central Australia. Joannie and I were in a hurry to get started so we left them all in the dust. We left Albany and are heading to Perth with a stop at the wood sh... Read more
Photos of birds seen on our Australian Trek
Wednesday, May 08, 2013      12 comments

Our trek is coming to an end and their are so many highlights. Here are just a few of the birds we ran across. cheeky waders ... Read more
Week 5 of the Bibbulmun Trail
Thursday, May 02, 2013      6 comments

We have left Pemberton behind and heading 121 miles (195km.) to Walpole. The first day we follow the Warren River and through the Kari Forest. We stopped for lunch by the Cascades. It was really gushing today because of all the rain, but not ... Read more
Week 4 Trekking, Day 2
Wednesday, April 24, 2013      6 comments

The warmnth of the sun was already making its way into the tent. I lazeily turned over and pulled my bag up over my head. Then I remembered, Today we would hike into Donnelly River Village. Hurry up slow pokes, I am so anxious to hit the tra... Read more
Trekking on to Week 4, No Possums in my Bed
Wednesday, April 24, 2013      4 comments

Here we go again! It is really hard having to leave Balingup! My feet are tired from all the walking and I am having to hogtie Joan to get her out of here. She love the hampers and platters. LOL And Bonbon, she wanted to take every scarecro... Read more
The How's and Why's Of Trekking, The Bibbulmun Track
Saturday, April 20, 2013      13 comments

We are winding up our 3rd week on the Bibbulmun Track, and look forward to starting week 4. As I sit here and relish every inspiring sight that we have come upon, I am in total awe! Every creature we have ran into ... Read more
Koalas, Gum Trees, Yellow Kangaroo Paws and Even A Wombat On Our Way To Dwellingup!
Thursday, April 11, 2013      9 comments

We have finely arrived at Mt. Wells campsite. Sitting on an old stump, Joan and I share about the past 4 days. We have been soaked by a rain storm, trampled through swamps and creeks. We eat our last rations of Beef Stew and are very thankful... Read more
What A Day, Virtual Bibblemun Trail
Wednesday, April 10, 2013      11 comments

After climbing out of our sleeping bag and tent and having a good breakfast of oatmeal, walnuts and dried apricots I grab my backpack for another days hike. We are surrounded by so much beauty. Here are a few pictures that I took on the trail ... Read more

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