Shared Diet & Fitness Trackers

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  Username: Daily Goals Achieved:
RAINBOWCHARMER  Food tracked: Banana, fresh, 1 small (6" to 6-7/8" long)
KLEEJSB  Exercise tracked: Hooping exercise (hula hooping) - 30 minute(s)
BEATTYN1  Food tracked: Egg whites, Egg Beater Liquid Egg Whites, 2 serving
LAURA5979  Exercise tracked: Stationary, exercise or recumbent bike: moderate ( < 12 mph) - 30 minute(s)
BOBBIEED  Food tracked: Kellogg's Rice Crispies Toasted Rice Cereal (1 1/4 Cups (33g/1.2 oz.)), 1.25 cup
SPIDERGIRL502  Food tracked: Appleton farms butt ham, 2 oz
LZOELLER  Exercise tracked: Walking: 4.6 mph (13 minutes per mile) - 17 minute(s)
UPSTAIRSMARJ  Exercise tracked: Stationary, exercise or recumbent bike: vigorous (> 15 mph) - 20 minute(s)
DZSTEPH  Food tracked: Wendy’s Baconator, 1 Burger
TOONHEAD  Food tracked: Better Oats Steel Cut Oats with flaxseed, Apples & Cinnamon (35g pouch per svg), 35 gram(s)
COLLARANDCUFFS  Food tracked: tesco free from breakfast biscuits choc, 1 packet
8SASSY8  Food tracked: Benihana - Hibachi Chicken, 1 serving
TITANIA23  Exercise tracked: Walking: 4 mph (15 minutes per mile) - 45 minute(s)
BEAGLESRULE33  Food tracked: Nature's Path Oatmeal (Blueberry Cinnamon Flax), 40 gram(s)
KARENHOLT2  Food tracked: sweet potato choc muffin 280220, 146 grams
ANDIJONES   Exercise tracked: Strength training: Moderate resistance training with rest between sets (includes weight machines, weight lifting, weight training) Demo
KERRIPOPE  Food tracked: Egg, fresh, whole, raw, 1 large
VSWINGLE  Food tracked: Great Value Almond Milk unsweetened, 8 oz
CARMACHAMELEON  Food tracked: French's Classic Yellow Mustard, 1 tsp
FREILIKL  Food tracked: Hard Boiled Egg, 0.8 large
JDELI10533  Food tracked: Cheese - Fit & Active 2% Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese (Made with 2% Milk), 0.13 cup
LAURAB52  Food tracked: Cheeseburger-5 ounce with fixings, 0.8 ea
JUNGLEGIRL8  Food tracked: Fage 0% Greek yogurt, 6 oz
EIMICHAN  Food tracked: Romaine lettuce serving size 2 cups fresh express hearts of romaine, 2 cup
LAMILLER365  Food tracked: Pizza Hut Medium Hand Tossed Pepperoni Pizza (1 slice), 1 serving
FOXYELHF  Food tracked: Arnold Select Sandwich Thins 100% Whole Wheat (1 sandwich thin), 1 serving
MIAMI_LILLY  Food tracked: Regular Coffee, brewed from grounds, 16 fl oz
MOMOFCEK  Food tracked: Grapefruit, 1 fruit (3-3/4" dia)
SMHPHOTOGAL  Food tracked: Jym Tahitian vanilla bean, 35 gram
GRANDMABEAST63  Exercise tracked: Shoveling Snow - 180 minute(s)
DOROTHYBERO  Exercise tracked: Heavy Cleaning or house cleaning - 90 minute(s)
DEDICATED2HIM  Food tracked: graham crackers - GV honey grahams 2 whole crackers, 0.5 serving
CATEBRAIN18  Food tracked: Health Valley Vegetarian Chili, Mild, 1 cup
TGAIL62  Exercise tracked: Cycling 12-13.9 mph (bicycle, biking, bike riding) - 30 minute(s)
DRWALKERIT  Exercise tracked: Walking: 4.6 mph (13 minutes per mile) - 30 minute(s)
AEGISHOT  Exercise tracked: Running or jogging: 5 mph (12 minutes per mile) - 15 minute(s)
SLIMMERKIWI  Food tracked: Pineapple Juice, 0.5 cup
NURSELISAPW  Food tracked: Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter Spread with Honey, 2 tbsp
ANDRALYNAA  Food tracked: Chicken Pine Nut Salad at Sauce, 1 serving
MFORBES321  Food tracked: Hagen daz chocolate bar, 1 bar
BEKAH78  Food tracked: Back to Nature Multigrain Flax Seeded Flatbread crackers, 0.7 serving
XNANNY  Food tracked: Crystal Light Pure Tangerine Mango, 2 serving
ST3PH  Food tracked: Atkins~Protein-Rich Shakes (Net Carbs), 1 Bottle
SNOWTGRR  Food tracked: Blueberries, fresh, 0.25 cup
MROOZEN2  Food tracked: Starbucks venti non-fat White Chocolate Mocha with whip, 1 serving
MICHALZ  Food tracked: Chleba Nature’s promise - Razny, 70 gram(s)
BDJOHNSON  Exercise tracked: Walking: 3 mph (20 minutes per mile)  - 53 minute(s)
ALANAAAGH  Food tracked: Bob Evan's Buttered White Toast, 4 serving
ANAJAK  Food tracked: Horley's Replace, 600 grams
MAREANNIE  Exercise tracked: Step Aerobics (high impact) - 25 minute(s)