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  • A canceled appointment

    9/25/2020 6:07:20 PM, by AMUSICALLIFE

    The school canceled the Senior night event that I based my note card countdown on. They just want a picture of my son and will announce it before the football game. I know this is about him and I am so proud of him for doing well. This is what I will focus on. My first instinct after I saw ... Read more

  • Tropical Storm Beta

    9/22/2020 8:05:10 AM, by AMUSICALLIFE

    Rain, rain, go away Come again another day Mommy wants to play (work out) Rain, rain, go away Cats and Dogs..... It has been raining non stop. School, even online, was canceled yesterday and today. I exercised in the morning, but couldn't do my walk in the evening. Yesterday was... Read more

  • Keep the course steady

    9/21/2020 11:03:10 AM, by AMUSICALLIFE

    Today the scale creeped up a little bit again for the second day in a row. It was little but enough to discourage me IF I didn't know that this is temporary scale setback . I am doing the right thing every day. That is ALL I can ask of myself. I am eating right and exercising. I am loggin... Read more

  • New Season is on the Horizon!

    8/30/2020 3:55:05 PM, by CINDILP

    I love seasons. Each season brings new opportunities and new hopes. I have been doing the 5% Challenges for several years. I've lost track of how many. The challenges represent to me new season, new beginnings. I can begin anew to reach my goals. Sometimes it feels like I keep revisiting the same 5-... Read more