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  • Sugar cravings, day 8 (Tame your sweet tooth)

    3/30/2020 11:47:40 AM, by WILDHUNTRESS

    Well, the sugar/carb cravings are starting to rear their ugly heads again. I've been craving pizza nonstop. I know the sparkcoach blog topic is about finding areas in my life that need moderation but moderation doesn't work for me. I just need to press on. I know this craving will pass this time. I ... Read more

  • Sugar cravings, Day 7 (Tame your Sweet Tooth Challenge)

    3/29/2020 10:55:52 AM, by WILDHUNTRESS

    "Some of us are more prone to caving into sugar cravings in certain situations, whether it be at work, at parties, or while hanging out with friends and family. Today, on top of journaling about your cravings, think of a situation where you often let sugar get the best of you. Then, come up with a g... Read more

  • Sugar Cravings, Day 5

    3/27/2020 9:50:03 AM, by WILDHUNTRESS

    For the month of march, I've been snacking on things I shouldn't almost every day. Nothing bad, really, but definitely not 30/10 approved. It's not something I can afford to do, really, since I'm paying 500 a month for this program. I'm working on it though. My issue isn't so much sugar cravings ... Read more