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I think this is the closest I've ever gotten to the "ideal" calorie breakdown. Made some good choice CYNFIT4LIFE 26 TDSIMOES67
4/11/21 5:10 A
Rainbow salad for dinner. Yummy! CYNFIT4LIFE 13 MARCOSTYX
4/7/21 6:48 A
4/2/21 11:01 P
Lost my "quarantine fifteen" so now I can start losing the weight I had to lose before covid. Lol CYNFIT4LIFE 9 DEBBRALE
3/31/21 12:43 P
I had set aside a snack and written it in my food journal, but when it was time to eat it, I found I CYNFIT4LIFE 12 MOMMYFROG2
3/10/21 7:57 A
Went over my calorie goal today. But at least it was a conscious decision, and I wrote every bite. CYNFIT4LIFE 4 BOOKNUT52
2/27/21 3:20 A
Making burgers for dinner and realized I could substitute a turkey burger for myself. Just over half CYNFIT4LIFE 11 ALICIA363
2/25/21 5:56 A
Dished myself a serving of X for lunch, then had second thoughts so I checked the calorie count. Put CYNFIT4LIFE 9 WLHOPE
2/23/21 10:17 P
It's hard not to "swallow" my grief. Eating will not relieve my grief at the loss of my brother. MAGGZD 10 LOSINGIT2020
2/20/21 10:37 P
Happy Valentine’s Day! Apparently the grilled cheese tastes better in a heart shape! JANIMOEN 17 MIKKYB1984
2/15/21 8:18 A
Just came off a weekend of a stomach virus. Even though I wasn't eating well (think crackers, chicke CYNFIT4LIFE 8 ZRIE014
2/8/21 12:27 A
Thinking of switching from weighing in weekly, to weighing in monthly. That way my focus will be mor CYNFIT4LIFE 6 ALICIA363
1/23/21 6:39 A
Haven't gotten out for my walk yet today. Looking for some motivation! CYNFIT4LIFE 8 ALICIA363
1/19/21 5:40 A
86 degrees in So Cal today. Great for getting outside! CYNFIT4LIFE 5 FLUTTERFLI
1/16/21 10:49 P
After having a gastro doc suggest I go to Mexico for a cheap gastric bypass, and being told I have l SASSYSPRITE 13 ALLYLIZZY
7/6/20 1:24 A
Hiking to find petroglyphs VEACHXCL 9 TLV106
5/24/20 11:19 P
I need to eat something high in protein low in fat and carbs. Any suggestions? CAMN2010 6 HWNHMMBRD
5/25/20 4:53 A
Looking forward to better day tomorrow #foodfeats LOSEWEIGHT1212 4 NEWRUNNERCLARE
5/26/20 7:45 A
5 weeks now into Emi Wong’s in the bed ab workouts on YouTube. My stomach looks amazing. So glad I g BECCA_62283 4 ATHENA2010
5/24/20 10:00 P
Despite feeling as if I had been heading backwards, or at the very least stalling out, I weighed and IFFILAYO 7 KATHYJO56
5/24/20 11:32 P
65 pounds later! #BeforeAndAfter DAD_AINT_HIP 104 BGLEWIS1492
5/5/20 11:43 P
Hello sparkers and how are you today. I just wanted to wish you all a happy Sunday. What are your pl VRAGGAMUFFIN 8 VRAGGAMUFFIN
4/26/20 8:20 P
Guyanese food, shine rice and fried fish. MRSKAMTA 4 CYNFIT4LIFE
4/26/20 5:05 P
When John gets home, we're having chef salad for dinner. Good tasting and good for you QSIESUE1960 3 CYNFIT4LIFE
4/26/20 5:04 P
A true test to my snack restraint; Minnesota winter + 6 weeks of quarantine. I'm HAPPY to report I s J2002HEIDS 11 SAVINGGRACE313
4/28/20 8:00 P
Time to get this going. Last weekend I stepped on the scale and it yelled 250. So I decided it was t MYLKMANROB8 14 OOKLATHEMOK
4/26/20 5:31 P
Covid 19 update on my parents. We are on approximately day 7/8 for my Mom and she is off the I.V. an DISCIPLINE1979 23 ROCKYCATSMAMMA
4/27/20 7:25 A
Yesterday I turned down free donuts at work— tiny victories!! HEALTHYHAPPY30 11 LIBR@RYL@DY
4/26/20 5:45 P
Please Introduce Yourself HERE COACH_NICOLE 5078 CEODWYER
2/2/21 10:19 P
What Exercise Did You Do For 10 Minutes Today? EARTHSEAME 33851 TCANNO
4/12/21 4:46 P
Share your challenge goals here! COACH_NICOLE 11877 CEIGSTI
4/6/21 2:57 P
New Year-New You 1lb a Week Challenge til 3/28 NHES220 371 FABGRAMMA
4/2/17 6:30 P