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DECEMBER!! Happy to See You 😊 I will get goals written out... do you look at goals monthly? Or foll STILLSPARKLEIGH 31 JANS-JOURNEY
12/2/20 11:35 P
Why, yes! Yes, I am hanging my front door wreath on the inside for a few days. 😊☮ RREDFORD5 22 JANS-JOURNEY
12/2/20 11:33 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy December!!! Y’all it’s cold!!! When you have to get up at 230 TEXASHSMOMOF3 24 JANS-JOURNEY
12/2/20 11:32 P
As soon as I sat down after stretching my dad’s cat Darkness (AKA ninja kitty) got up close to cuddl LESLIELENORE 18 JANS-JOURNEY
12/2/20 11:29 P
Another pretty good day.🤗 Met my step goal, kept my calories in check, and didn't eat past 9pm.💃 S HAPPILY_C 23 STILLSPARKLEIGH
12/3/20 8:43 A
It was a good day!! Just finishing up #goalfeats and #foodfeats for the day... about to blog Decembe STILLSPARKLEIGH 26 JANS-JOURNEY
12/2/20 11:17 P
Breakfast for dinner. @ckoudsi617 I used your Oatmeal pancakes recipe and a banana pancake SparkReci MSMOSTIMPROVED 25 JANS-JOURNEY
12/2/20 11:13 P
It was an okay day.😐 Didn't quite get enough wate HAPPILY_C 16 JANS-JOURNEY
12/2/20 11:12 P
It ALL begins in the Mind!! ✨✨✨ Be Well Sparkers STILLSPARKLEIGH 34 AZMOMXTWO
12/3/20 6:51 A
Day 2, of creating a streak! That is where this pandemic destroyed my outlook, my routines and goals RENEERUNS 20 123SETMEFREE
12/3/20 8:50 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!! So yesterday was awesome - my team and I locked butt TEXASHSMOMOF3 28 MLR_00
12/3/20 8:25 A
Self care day, got my nails done ✅ for the Christmas 🎄 holidays. Enjoy your day 💯🌠💫✨👭 1BLAZER282005 27 KAYDE53
12/2/20 11:04 P
Oh my!! what have I got myself into. Step one - tab A into slot B wait what? LOL🤪🤯 CARLOSLAKELAND 28 GINNABOOTS
12/3/20 9:50 A
Still tracking every bite, and looking at macros. Struggled today to get the protein where I like it STILLSPARKLEIGH 19 NENEBFIT
12/3/20 7:35 A
This is Tucker...aka Tuck duck...aka sticky ticky hahha do you have other names you call your dogs b BRAZENRAINBOW 17 LIVINHEALTHY9
12/3/20 10:46 A
I spent hours working up a sweat yesterday by cleaning out my closet! My clothes were drenched! AQUAGIRL08 4 AQUAGIRL08
12/3/20 11:34 A
12/1/20 11:22 P
Welcome to our challenge's private chat. Use this space to say 'hi' and let us know how you did today. 😁 2BDYNAMIC 4 JANS-JOURNEY
12/1/20 11:20 P
So it’s December! Woke up to December-like temps of 48 degrees. I have a lot of mileage to make up. MIAMI_LILLY 18 BERRY4
12/2/20 12:40 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!!! Last night was a wonderful night y’all!! That young TEXASHSMOMOF3 29 TOMSGAL85
12/1/20 6:12 P
The last fall colors as winter approaches and time for me to get back on track with my weight loss j 1BLAZER282005 30 TRIMNUP
12/1/20 1:11 P
Fregola pasta with white fish in red sauce + zucchini chips Trying new ways to get my omega-3s! VISION2021 9 JANS-JOURNEY
11/30/20 9:33 P
Breakfast for Dinner to complete COOK team challenge. Thank you @CKOUDSI617 for posting this recipe CATWMNCAT 11 JER-BER
12/1/20 6:19 A
12/1/20 11:53 A
Had a very busy weekend and managed to meet my ste HAPPILY_C 17 CGARR442
11/30/20 6:20 P
Never Miss a Monday!! If TODAY’S message about JOY offends, pleases learn to EXERCISE your scrolling STILLSPARKLEIGH 68 NENEBFIT
12/1/20 7:26 A
Posted a photo KAREN_EDMONDS 14 HAZEL2278
11/30/20 1:30 A
Spaghetti Squash w/ Homemade Meatballs & Sauce and Broccoli... love when I have pre-prepped foods on CATWMNCAT 28 SPEDED2
11/30/20 9:29 P
Hope everyone had a great day today. Mine was busy. I'm Going to sleep good tonight . Have a bless CARLOSLAKELAND 32 SPEDED2
11/30/20 9:29 P
I just made it to a BIG GOAL!! 4.8 miles! Ive been running every other day since Memorial Day. Whe DANCINGGARDENER 31 HAZEL2278
11/30/20 2:00 A
Enjoyed sitting looking at the water today. Reflect on life...and feelings. ✌ BRAZENRAINBOW 42 JANS-JOURNEY
11/29/20 1:38 P
11/29/20 1:37 P
Does anyone on here track how much they walk (only at their work place)? I work in a Nursing Home an AKPIPER 4 JANS-JOURNEY
11/29/20 1:36 P
I’m so excited! This was my first Challenge with SparkPeople and everything just clicked! Thank you TOMSGAL85 25 TOMSGAL85
11/29/20 8:37 P
Tryna master this eggs and oats recipe. Fried it in Pam instead of that luscious plant butter. Also MSMOSTIMPROVED 16 METAFUKARI
11/30/20 10:20 A
Beautiful sunny Sunday with no heat from the rays. I hope you are having a wonderful and refreshing MSMOSTIMPROVED 21 MIMIOH
11/30/20 7:26 A
☕☕ Enjoy your cup ☕💗☕ BARBIEE52 26 JER-BER
12/1/20 6:31 A
Happy Sunday Sriracha eggs for breakfast with some avocado!:) 😋 I hope you choose happy today! 😁 NAVYWIFESKI 30 FLASUN
11/30/20 2:14 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Sunday!!! Man yesterday was rough!!! But much much better today. TEXASHSMOMOF3 29 CGARR442
11/30/20 6:24 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Friday!!! Yesterday was hard y’all! I cried. A lot. But I’m t TEXASHSMOMOF3 32 JANS-JOURNEY
11/28/20 1:18 P
4.2 mi Walk this morning. The alligators acted lazy like they ate too much Turkey yesterday 🐊+🍗=💤 CARLOSLAKELAND 19 GMACAMI
11/28/20 1:34 P
It’s FANCY COFFEE FRIDAY and I am going to follow @ALLYLIZZY and thank her for creating this specia NAVYWIFESKI 12 JANS-JOURNEY
11/28/20 1:15 P
#facetofacefriday Sept 2019 to Nov 2020... -68lbs I love this healthy lifestyle🌈🚶‍♀️💦💪 CATWMNCAT 28 JANS-JOURNEY
11/28/20 1:11 P
Did you go Black Friday shopping today? BRAZENRAINBOW 21 JANS-JOURNEY
11/28/20 1:11 P
Not me in pic** So as some of you know I have my Wedding ceremony January 9th which is on the beach. BRAZENRAINBOW 21 TRINITY133
11/28/20 5:04 P
Ouch. Woke up to find I've gained 9 pounds. Hopefully it will come off as fast as it went on.....😮 LORIANNA62 18 GARDENCHRIS
11/29/20 12:46 P
Saturday SILLY.... RUN Baby Yoda 🏃‍♂️..... dang you autocorrect 😆🤣 #moveit #backontrack #gogoGO! STILLSPARKLEIGH 39 HAPPYCPA1965
11/28/20 9:09 P
Good Morning Sparklers✨🎆 Overnight Protein Oats (heated) w/ Raspberries and 92% Dark Chocolate... CATWMNCAT 36 JANS-JOURNEY
11/28/20 12:54 P
Good morning Spark Family!! Happy Saturday!!! Some days are just hard y’all, today is one of those TEXASHSMOMOF3 35 AZMOMXTWO
11/29/20 2:57 P
Have a Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️ ALLYLIZZY 28 JANS-JOURNEY
11/27/20 9:08 A
Happy Thanksgiving Spark Family!!! This year has been quite the year y’all! A global pandemic that TEXASHSMOMOF3 35 HAPPYCPA1965
11/27/20 9:53 P
NO activity to log today #moveit RCLYKE 5 JANS-JOURNEY
11/27/20 9:02 A
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 I'm thankful for you 😊💕. 1BLAZER282005 17 JANS-JOURNEY
11/27/20 9:00 A
Not too bad on my dinner choices but I did over enjoy the pumpkin pie with pecans, caramel and whipp NAVYWIFESKI 25 JANS-JOURNEY
11/27/20 8:57 A
What a wonderful day!! The weather was great... Rudy and I had a great walk before I prepared dinner STILLSPARKLEIGH 35 CONNIET88
11/27/20 6:03 P
Moving and GROOVING on a Fun Friday!! But first... Coffee ❤️☕️✨How will you spend your day?!? #movei STILLSPARKLEIGH 42 AZMOMXTWO
11/28/20 11:35 A
11/27/20 8:25 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Wednesday!!! Yesterday I took a shower, put on my pjs and never l TEXASHSMOMOF3 30 AZMOMXTWO
11/26/20 11:30 A
Today I woke up on a day when I've gotten things done, and was able to spend an hour running on the RREDFORD5 21 RAERAERAE62
11/27/20 10:43 A
I was bored, so I made deviled eggs for no reason at all. Tried to let my creativity shine through! OPTICALXILLUSIO 11 JANS-JOURNEY
11/26/20 10:56 A
Olive garden To go. Salad and ½ order tour of Italy 😋 CARLOSLAKELAND 20 JANS-JOURNEY
11/26/20 10:55 A
Walked 10K this morning! ROCKYCPA 24 WALLAHALLA
11/26/20 12:41 P
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! count your blessings and be thankful 🦃🥧 #Gobbletillyouwobble Just kidding CARLOSLAKELAND 24 SILVAS7
11/26/20 10:37 P
Cheers to a Great Day! ❤️☕️❤️☕️✨✨✨ Keeping it HEART Healthy today with #eatherainbow🌈goodness, a lo STILLSPARKLEIGH 29 ALLYLIZZY
11/26/20 5:32 P
It always amazes me that my Christmas cactus knows exactly when to start blooming for the holidays! NAVYWIFESKI 17 ALLYLIZZY
11/26/20 5:28 P
My beautiful Sis, @stillsparkleigh, helped me create this awesome collage for the CLOSING OF MY NEW MIAMI_LILLY 36 JANS-JOURNEY
11/25/20 9:44 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday work was insane!! It’s to the point where y TEXASHSMOMOF3 35 TOMSGAL85
11/26/20 6:12 A
Our thanksgiving cactus is in full bloom. Not that has anything to do with our walk, lol. The Cooper LESLIELENORE 28 HAPPYSOUL91
11/25/20 11:31 A
You Know What Day it Is 😛 TT 🌮🌮🌮🌮 #eattherainbow🌈 style #foodfeats STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 KENNAN123
11/25/20 10:30 A
I promise you... I think I work harder at MAINTAINING than I did losing 😅😆😁 today I FINALLY got t STILLSPARKLEIGH 39 NAVYWIFESKI
11/25/20 8:15 P
Falcon 9 launch tonight 85 miles away. My camera CARLOSLAKELAND 32 NAVYWIFESKI
11/25/20 8:16 P
It's taken me a long time to lose 96 pounds and I still have 40 more to lose. I was over 250 in the 1BLAZER282005 45 NAVYWIFESKI
11/25/20 8:17 P
Good morning spark friends. My grandkids.😊 So blessed! Have a wonderful day #letyourlightshine CARLOSLAKELAND 70 CGARR442
11/26/20 9:39 P
Good Morning!!! You are HERE to work on WELLNESS.... might as well SMILE 😁 #lifeisbeautiful #letyou STILLSPARKLEIGH 77 AZMOMXTWO
11/26/20 11:22 A
So grateful!! 😊☀️ Thank you truly to every SparkFriend who takes the time to comment and cheer me o TOMSGAL85 30 JANS-JOURNEY
11/24/20 9:41 A