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Good Morning my spark friends. Well today the Lord has seen fit to help me make it through another y GPALMER2019 270 KIMJ01
2/18/20 12:37 P
Spent part of my vacation in the er with bronchitis MCATLEDGE 20 SNOWSPEEDER
2/9/20 12:22 A
I lost 23 pounds in June 2019 and managed to maintain the weight loss up until 2 weeks ago. I CANN SHEDITALL 6 FUTUREFOCUSED
2/3/20 3:37 P
We are actually getting sunshine today!! It's going to be a great day! CECELW 3 MUGABI123
2/3/20 3:49 P
Kicked off my Monday with a great workout. Thank goodness for hotel gyms. 👍🏼 Have a great week, Sp LORI-K 37 TEENY_BIKINI
2/5/20 12:03 A
Life is good! Cheerios and almond milk for breakfast, two hours at the gym and now it is time to rel ZAMMAN 5 BYEFATNANNY
2/3/20 5:20 P
Posted a photo NIGHTOWL711 27 KMILLER31
2/3/20 4:37 P
Decided to start back walking on my lunch break. This will help manage my stress level and surpass m KWEENVIRTUE 27 QSHEPP
2/3/20 5:49 P
I really wish people didn’t automatically assume that weight loss surgery was the easy way out! I wo MAMABEARMEL 18 KAYDE53
2/3/20 7:03 P
Mmmmmm mmmmmmm! Some of my favourites for supper last night. Stayed away from ALL temptations....whi KIBBGIRL 25 BLESSOME
2/6/20 12:25 P
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 21 DUCKTURNIP
2/3/20 11:14 P
So I wasn't feeling like going for a walk, simply felt tired. But, I went anyway. Got 40 minutes in SALTLIFE45 21 MDOWER1
2/3/20 5:47 P
Was talking to a guy on a dating app. He only had a head shot before. I sent him this full length an DEE3500 61 NOLAGIRL31
2/3/20 10:32 P
#BeforeAndAfter revolving door of change. Hw 400 lbs cw 269. My goal weight is about 160 VICKINLOWE 95 KHALIA2
2/4/20 7:59 A
Finally!!! DOWN 20 WHOLE LBS!!!! It sounds dramatic but 2 months ago when I started this journey I s DEDICATED2ME32 104 MOMTOLJ
2/15/20 10:56 A
Not Getting E-mail Notices YIGOBUTTERFLY 5 SPARK_MERLE
1/27/20 11:21 P
Breakfast. Paleo overnight "oats." Chia seeds, fla NWYOGI 11 GEORGE815
12/30/19 6:46 P
I blew my spark streak, but to be fair it was my birthday yesterday. APONI_KB 19 KAYDE53
12/30/19 9:40 P
My New Years Goal !!! 20 in 2020. QUADCMOM 9 GABY1948
12/31/19 11:40 A
Posted a photo JUSTDANDELION 9 GEORGE815
12/30/19 6:45 P
2019 did not define you. You have *so* got this...🙌🏾🖤👊🏾🌅 TAYGRL 19 GEORGE815
12/30/19 6:44 P
2020 Winter 5% Challenge! This is your invitation! Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weig KALISWALKER 8 LIS193
12/31/19 4:12 A
Haven’t posted in awhile.. so here’s my lunch! AKIMBRE1 16 GEORGE815
12/30/19 6:41 P
walked today #fitnessfeats CECELW 7 CKEYES1
12/31/19 10:24 A
Hello spark friend's.. I know I haven't been posting as much.. and I haven't been staying on track e MHUMBERS1950 12 MHUMBERS1950
12/30/19 8:34 P
MEN apparently don’t laugh as hard with THEIR salads 🥗 #teamflo STILLSPARKLEIGH 25 EVIE4NOW
12/31/19 7:08 P
Sooooo my 2019 New Year Resolutions were a flop... Therefore I've decided to keep the same resolutio KATRINAPLUS_TX 9 KATRINAPLUS_TX
1/6/20 10:47 P
What’s for LUNCH @cheivous?!?! Hard to believe a SUPER SPARKER 🌟 like you has never heard of Women STILLSPARKLEIGH 17 LAURALLANCE
12/31/19 9:23 A
#BeforeAndAfter Down 6.4lbs from last month. DEDICATED2ME32 89 MCCDEBB
1/3/20 4:26 P
I took my mom's Rottie for a 2 mile walk. I swear I got more exercise wrestling her away from squirr BWALSH4 15 _RAMONA
12/30/19 2:48 P
Meal preppin' part two 🤤 ROCALOCABRUSH 26 _RAMONA
12/30/19 2:49 P
Not a fun place to be :-/ ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 20 CHEIVOUS
12/30/19 10:18 A
Absolutely!! CYNROSE78 36 _RAMONA
12/30/19 2:50 P
Goal Feats are met. #goalfeats PATRICIAANN46 11 BONNIE1552
12/31/19 8:57 A
I'm fighting. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 35 GABY1948
12/31/19 11:41 A
Posted a photo LIMARIE13 13 _RAMONA
12/30/19 2:49 P
12/30/19 7:09 P
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 19 GABY1948
12/31/19 11:41 A
I went over a little but not too much. Thank you God for another great day. SCTT123 5 VELVETDOVE
12/27/19 7:05 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 TCANNO
12/28/19 3:29 A
Was sick a week didn’t lose or gain I guess that’s a win going to get back on track tomorrow TRACIE761 8 -KARMA-
12/27/19 7:02 P
Guys, I am so sorry. I just looked at the date on MOONMAMA43 82 MOONMAMA43
1/10/20 6:54 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 5 TCANNO
12/28/19 3:29 A
This little runt cat is the Christmas gift for the bigger older cat. So far, this one seems to be b NEEDBU66 8 VELVETDOVE
12/27/19 7:04 P
Tried out the gym at my parents' condo yesterday. Not a fan, there were no barbells. Reached my goal ZORBS13 16 DEON_SUTHERLAND
12/27/19 11:55 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 21 GABY1948
12/29/19 1:18 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 31 GABY1948
12/31/19 11:46 A
I felt like I was on an obstacle course grocery sh RHAPSODY43 14 LUANN_IN_PA
12/23/19 10:48 P
Early xmas gift JIMIPAGE29 25 JIMIPAGE29
12/24/19 3:49 P
So I apparently was selected as motivator of the day. Thanks to whoever nominated me :) Is there a TRENTDREAMER 8 SWEETENUFGILL
12/24/19 2:36 A
We had burgers for dinner I did not use a bun and I did not use ketchup because I am watching my car MSAAMAANDAA 18 MJ7DM33
12/23/19 9:27 P
To live a life to its fullest can be our greatest fear or simply our most brilliant triumph. Aaron 1CRAZYDOG 9 GABY1948
12/24/19 10:14 A
1/8/20 5:06 P
This is how we do it! Every single day! Every year from Halloween till New Years Day I gain around 1 CINDY247 24 PATRICIA-CR
12/24/19 9:07 A
Anna relaxing after her walk and before her next walk. ❤️ ALLYLIZZY 19 REVENGETIME40
12/23/19 10:14 P
12/24/19 6:33 A
Posted a photo AGHILANSARI 6 BONNIE1552
12/23/19 7:40 P
14 glasses of water today #h2whoa WORKINGWOMAN31 20 RDCAGAIN10
12/24/19 11:18 A
Posted a photo VHAYES04 13 EVIE4NOW
12/17/19 10:38 P
12/18/19 4:05 P
Everyone is safe, the tornado didn't touch down here. Sad to say some people in the county over had JEANUT 16 PATRISNA
12/18/19 9:57 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 26 NANASUEH
12/18/19 10:21 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 35 GABY1948
12/18/19 1:53 P
Wow! This one kicked my cardio butt! Crazy 8 on Beachbody! NEWLINDSAY2019 12 EVIE4NOW
12/17/19 10:36 P
Goal met plus! #h2whoa TOMATOCAFEGAL 11 CHESTER47
12/18/19 8:47 A
12/18/19 1:15 A
I don't figure this stuff is really good for me, but it sure tastes good! JEWELRYLOVER 18 LITTLEWIND53
12/17/19 11:14 P
I got crafty with my g.daughters presents. BCHARIE 49 HAPPYDAZ1
12/18/19 11:01 A
Dad’s stir fry. Chinese eggplant, zucchini, tofu, and assorted veggies. ALLYLIZZY 26 WOMANOFLOVE
12/18/19 5:13 P
Happy Holidays !! or maybe you just want a good December 75HEALTHYME 27 JAMER123
12/18/19 10:54 P
Good thing I get a new driver's license in 2020. Thanks to Sparkpeople, I have lost 90 pounds in the THEREMUSTBEMORE 57 KHALIA2
12/20/19 9:41 A
First time in this dress in almost 10 years HEAHTERALLEN 31 _RAMONA
12/14/19 1:50 A
I’ve been following a certain program ever since I started lifting and I completed my 600th workout LORI-K 28 TIGERSEYEHEART
12/14/19 3:09 P
This baby keeps me going! 10k steps a day. Yay. Make this day the best! One step at a time :) NOMASHOTCHEETOS 50 JLPEASE
12/14/19 8:12 A
This is a typical day in our lunch room my area’s just across from it ..It makes it hard when I pass DARBLONDIE 27 _RAMONA
12/14/19 1:50 A