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I went on vacation to Cabo last weekend and this was the view from their fitness center. I was proud LOVEBUZZED 11 GEORGE815
3/8/20 4:26 P
Message Removed CD25758522 5 CD25758522
3/8/20 11:43 A
It’s been a tough week. Despite not being able to do my normal workout routine due to taking care o LOVEBUZZED 6 TLL0103
2/16/20 6:48 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 33 CHEIVOUS
2/16/20 10:08 A
Not too bad if I do say so myself. Went to the gym, played tennis, did barn chores and that was abou REVENGETIME40 15 FISHGUT3
2/4/20 10:46 A
Made my exercise goal last week and on my way to making it again this week. Feeling fierce like I c PIXIEDUST04 31 FUTUREFOCUSED
2/3/20 3:43 P
#BeforeAndAfter revolving door of change. Hw 400 lbs cw 269. My goal weight is about 160 VICKINLOWE 95 KHALIA2
2/4/20 7:59 A
#BeforeAndAfter small progress..... PHO3NIXONFIRE 38 KHALIA2
2/1/20 9:00 A
Keeping up my commitment to myself today. Tomorrow LOVEBUZZED 17 SWEETGABROWN1
1/30/20 2:33 P
Finally broke out of 218! It was a stubborn pound. GREENIETEANIE 10 GREENIETEANIE
1/30/20 7:53 P
155-129 9 more to go TMCCARTHY6 8 GEORGE815
1/30/20 2:16 P
Had to take a picture to believe the scale this morning. Was 191 at my heaviest last year so I’m sup SPEAKDARCY2ME 39 KAYDE53
1/30/20 9:47 P
Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats for the win! 230 calories, satisfying and ready to go. Even got ANNETTENANA 16 SLASALLE
1/30/20 3:04 P
Day two of knee replacement. Lots of pain this morning but I had a healthy breakfast, did some light -KARMA- 44 KAYDE53
1/30/20 9:46 P
First week and 6 pounds down! Now that’s a start! 😁 BAMAWHITEDOVE 122 GREENIETEANIE
2/7/20 12:45 P
Posted a photo SAMMA4120 119 _RAMONA
1/29/20 2:29 A
I literally hit a milestone today and made myself LOL at the unintentional pun. I reached my goal LOOK_A_SQUIRREL 39 HUNNIBEE003
1/28/20 4:48 P
Almost there.... 1lb away from reaching my own personal goal - 199lbs MZQUEENCESS 45 GEORGE815
1/28/20 3:52 P
7.3 pounds down in 3 weeks. Eating healthy, and moving are key for me. This is what's for breakfa SHERRI-445 41 KAYDE53
1/28/20 5:40 P
Day 27 of exercising every day for the month of January 🚶‍♀️🙂 ST3PH 9 KAYDE53
1/28/20 5:39 P
Looking for inspiration today! LADYDECEMBER 29 CEEDEEJEY
1/28/20 3:36 P
Omg, just completed a whole workout DVD from start to finish without sitting down. Wow!!! It's been FREEDOMSKEY 105 JKRUG008
1/29/20 1:04 A
First weigh in and I lost 5 pounds! I will be weighing every week now, but I waited 2 weeks the firs SAWNYLASS 12 QUARTERMASTER3
1/27/20 4:51 P
Posted a photo STEPH6377 9 _RAMONA
1/28/20 2:04 A
As of today I have lost 50 pounds! FIFTY POUNDS! That felt like an impossibility a few months ago an FASHIONROADKILL 104 _RAMONA
1/28/20 2:06 A
Having a hard time this week. Not seeing much progress in the last 2 weeks. These pics are 2 weeks NESSA5210 183 LDB122012
1/27/20 6:24 P
#BeforeAndAfter 2 week progression!!! ME_CHALLENGE 140 NIKO27
1/26/20 7:19 P
Oh man. I went to the gym today and forgot my headphones. I love zoning out to the music while worki LOVEBUZZED 6 CHARLYSUE
1/22/20 11:23 P
Stats from last week on fitbit. I didn't hit my 97,000 step goal, but 78,000 steps still isn't bad! STEPGEEK 6 GMACAMI
1/20/20 4:53 P
I’m trying to lose a good bit of weight I have put on TRUSSELLJENNY 14 CHERRYZMB60
1/20/20 5:05 P
#BeforeAndAfter #9months #TrustTheProcess MSNIKKILMT 45 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/26/20 7:27 A
Trying to EVOLVE over here! I have lost track of what day it is, I'm thinking DAY 19. Still on keto SWEETTEANFRUIT 19 _RAMONA
1/16/20 11:38 P
1/16/20 7:26 P
Hello everyone, from my last post I 2as 185 even went to a 160 to 150, but while on My weight loss j TIFFANII587 4 TIFFANII587
1/16/20 12:20 P
Getting healthy and in shape is always slower than I’d like it to be, but it is certainly worth all LOVEBUZZED 9 KAREN_EDMONDS
1/16/20 9:35 A
Just reminding myself how far I’ve come and trying to stay excited about how much I can achieve in 2 SHAKTI816 39 MIRDARYA
1/14/20 3:02 P
I FINALLY DID IT!!!! 😭 I finally got in the 310's! I worked so hard to get to this point and now I DEDICATED2ME32 174 FAIRVIEWBONNIE
1/10/20 8:02 P
I had an epic food fail today *sniff* :( wish I could have a re-do :) KRISTYREGIRA 6 KRISTYREGIRA
1/16/20 11:44 P
Recently diagnosed as diabetic, and with hypertension. Being healthy is crazy important now. I look KASHSMOMMY 10 LOVEBUZZED
1/9/20 2:15 P
Dr. gave me ultimatum yesterday. Either I get on board with this losing weight thing or she will no TORRESG24 43 MIRDARYA
1/14/20 2:27 P
Throwback Thursday... I’m still all hips. I got a lot of junk in my trunk. But the beautiful part MIAMI_LILLY 194 APEG202
1/12/20 5:04 P
I just got my scale here is my weight I've lost 13 pounds from when I started MCATLEDGE 22 _RAMONA
1/8/20 2:16 A
I am needing the reminder of how far I have come. The whole month of December was not great. Thank BEAGLEGIRL79 222 FITWITHIN
1/9/20 3:17 A
My birthday today. My goal for this year is to really get healthy. I've already made some steps, kee JESS0000 286 EVIE4NOW
1/7/20 12:28 A
new to this team..... .intoduce yourself here!!! CD1570300 1051 CD12788227
12/30/16 6:25 P