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Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 7 EVIE4NOW
10/28/20 12:44 A
Snack earlier. Greek yogurt, chia seeds, banana, m OPTICALXILLUSIO 19 BRUCELANGLEY
10/27/20 8:52 P
What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives o 1CRAZYDOG 10 EVIE4NOW
10/28/20 12:33 A
drank 8 glasses today. #h2whoa KITTYHAWK1949 11 BARBIEE52
10/28/20 12:47 A
The closer I get to goal the sillier I feel doing updates but this journey never ends. I will keep p DOUBLELSMOM 193 EVIE4NOW
10/28/20 12:31 A
Posted a goal BEBABY77 12 RACHAEL2020
10/27/20 11:39 P
Doing epic things together - every, single day! It J2002HEIDS 13 79PODGIRL
10/27/20 8:24 P
Dinner is brocolli and cheddar with some parmesan seared chicken yummm SHADELYNN 20 EVIE4NOW
10/28/20 12:11 A
400 calories of salad goodness. Threw in the kitchen sink, 3 cups of lettuce, a quarter avocado, 3o AMYINTHEWILD 25 ANNIEMAROO
10/27/20 10:05 P
Happiness is... GBOOMER 445 MCJULIEO
10/27/20 2:17 P
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 21028 PATRICIAANN46
10/28/20 12:14 A
What Emoticon Are You Today? FIT4BRIT 42490 MSKIZ69
10/27/20 9:54 P
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 63230 PRINGLE
10/27/20 5:03 P
Are you at peace and grateful right now? IAMJOYFUL2 17137 MCJULIEO
10/27/20 2:15 P
Are You Happy Right Now? SMYLEERED 43882 MCJULIEO
10/27/20 2:15 P
How many cups of water today (or yesterday)? SNARDEESNIFF 19893 MCJULIEO
10/27/20 2:14 P
Strawberry kiwi yogurt fresh banana and fresh strawberry. Finally something I can keep down. A littl DEFENDERDARKSUN 10 MSAAMAANDAA
10/26/20 9:33 P
Experimenting with fresh turmeric. Roasted chicken on herb salad mix, cucumbers, celery, scallions, MSMOSTIMPROVED 28 LINOVER
10/27/20 3:27 P
This says: A friend accepts us as we are and yet helps us be what we should. SISSYFEB48 11 LAH1222
10/26/20 10:13 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 FELICIA1963
10/26/20 7:57 P
Good day for soup! SISSYFEB48 13 FELICIA1963
10/26/20 7:56 P
You are important....please vote if you have not already done so. SISSYFEB48 17 TERMITEMOM
10/26/20 10:07 P
Good morning everyone been a while sense I came to chat. Happy to report I am officially down 104 lb LISAR421 169 FELICIA1963
10/26/20 7:56 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 FELICIA1963
10/26/20 7:56 P
Penguin Information anyone? Have an awesome Sunday. 🐧 DXTECH 17 ERIN_POSCH
10/26/20 11:21 A
I did what I was scared to do in all of 2020, I updated my weight in the SP app. I've gained 39 lbs WRITING_ZEBRA 40 PWILLOW1
10/25/20 2:58 P
Sunday Blessings, my little dog Tobi is in remission after going through chemotherapy for lymphoma KEEPITUP4LIFE 24 SLIMMERKIWI
10/26/20 12:03 A
Back at the continual cycle of this thing. I'm so motivated and determined and then something goes w GANDREATTA 4 MCJULIEO
10/25/20 12:48 P
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb Before I get into it here, if the calorie count is too high for you, the X-TINAKETOFIED 37 COOKWITHME65
10/26/20 9:57 P
A wonderful (and tough) mountain hike - 8 hours, 20.1 km, 32,988 steps and 229 flights of stairs cli GRAVITYFIGHTING 36 EVIE4NOW
10/26/20 12:03 A
Posted a photo BBURGESS76 13 MCBETH
10/25/20 2:14 P
Big difference in the last 10 months.. 30lbs goneπŸ’ͺπŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ BECCAA7742 29 MDOWER1
10/25/20 4:59 P
have a wonderful Sunday! Be kind to yourself and to others GREYGIN 24 LINDAMARIEZ1
10/25/20 2:16 P
After having cortisone shots in both knees... and being down 10 pounds... walking sure feels great. CECILY1969 14 MEYERMIRACLE1
10/26/20 12:13 A
Have not used my sparks much but doing great think this week will be a week to record calories and EPEDRO1 7 SNUZYQ2
10/25/20 3:08 A
Along my power walk today. The colors are brilliant KEEPITUP4LIFE 32 BLOND1E
10/25/20 7:42 A
Oh my...whole cauliflower cut into florets and cooked in the Instant Pot for 2 minutes....absolutely JMESSING 18 SNUZYQ2
10/25/20 3:10 A
Planning on trying to can. I've never done it before so it's a little intimidating. My end goal is t KITNKABOODLE89 5 SNUZYQ2
10/25/20 3:06 A
Outing to the track with my husband and the littles this morning. Got a 2 mile run in! KITNKABOODLE89 9 _RAMONA
10/26/20 1:21 A
Happy Sunday everyone! TWEETYKC00 11 GARDENSFORLIFE
10/25/20 5:29 P
Bedtime Snack🍎🍫πŸ₯› Pleasant Dreams🌠 CATWMNCAT 15 SPEDED2
10/25/20 5:59 P
End of day results......Good night Spark Family. πŸ’—πŸ˜΄ LKASOFF 22 _RAMONA
10/26/20 1:20 A
Enjoyed my 5 #eattherainbow BARBIEE52 14 JAMER123
10/25/20 11:16 P
My view out one of my kitchen windows this morning. It snowed all yesterday during the day and all VERNAJ3 40 JOYINKY
10/25/20 11:18 A
What are you doing to avoid Halloween candy? L92616 9 ALLYLIZZY
10/24/20 12:12 P
Enjoy a giggle on me! I've spent the afternoon waiting for Corky at the vet for a bad cough that ca RREDFORD5 27 1CRAZYDOG
10/25/20 6:39 P
Dinner tonight - chicken, garlicky quinoa and asparagus. KDEBORDA 17 EVIE4NOW
10/23/20 11:22 P
Vote - it’s important! DESERTDREAMERS 19 WALLAHALLA
10/24/20 11:17 P
Happy Friday #goalfeats SUNQUEE 3 STILLSPARKLEIGH
10/23/20 9:05 P
Today's results . . . JAMESEVER 12 EVIE4NOW
10/23/20 11:20 P
Out on my afternoon walk of hope! GCWILLI1 12 ELSCO55
10/23/20 8:57 P
Posted a photo CRINKLEDHALO1 22 TARATARA47
10/25/20 12:25 P
Sauteed Red Cabbage w/ Shrimp, Corn on the Cob, Avocado and Wine🍷 followed by Coffeeβ˜•... Life is Go CATWMNCAT 25 EVIE4NOW
10/23/20 11:19 P
Anyone for tea ? You guessed it ... tea time with E ! Have a blessed evening ! SILVAS7 33 GODS-PRINCESS
10/25/20 2:14 P
Drank 16 cups of water today...this weight has to go! #nevergiveupketo AMYCALHOUN55 21 EVIE4NOW
10/23/20 11:19 P
Restarted today with Spark. So happy to be here and looking forward to losing my first 10 lbs! Had a ANNETTEYB 29 ANNETTEYB
10/27/20 12:57 A
A beautiful fall day for a walk along the Allegheny River. TOCONNER 34 HAZEL2278
10/24/20 2:12 A
I'm dripping sweat and loving every minute of it! 😊 Pushed myself today and it feels so good. πŸ‹πŸΎβ€ LADYJLUVLIFE 16 HAZEL2278
10/24/20 2:16 A
πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€dinner RDM121312 11 SUMMERTIME20
10/22/20 10:43 P
..::Maybe try honey' instead. 2BDYNAMIC 33 CORRIEC2
10/26/20 2:29 A
So excited today. My good jeans were dirty. I grabbed one off the top shelf in the closet, to see ho PEABODY04 17 HAZEL2278
10/22/20 11:28 P
10/22/20 6:46 P
Dinner soup I did have 3 ritz crackers w/cookie butter... ENNAZUS176 10 EOWYN2424
10/22/20 7:52 P
First the snow shovel did him wrong. He was gonna kicks it's ass and almost took me down in the proc J2002HEIDS 16 79PODGIRL
10/23/20 11:39 A
Posted a goal BEBABY77 13 7STIGGYMT
10/22/20 9:20 P
Dinner tonight MAGICDOLL 23 EEJAA70
10/22/20 9:30 P
Today I decided to hike until I was done. At the 12KM point I hit the wall and was done. Which would TIKITAMI 39 GMACAMI
10/23/20 1:14 P
LOVE my Bitmoji!! It sums up my life so well!! I've been at this for over 10 (YES TEN) YEARS!! In DIANEDOESSMILES 16 RYDESKS
10/24/20 12:05 A
Looking forward to what will probably be my last camping trip. 45 degree low this weekend and 31 as HMKITTEN 13 GMACAMI
10/22/20 1:53 P
For the day: potatoes, banana, Bibb lettuce, kiwi, pear, mushrooms #eattherainbow KATHRYNGC 7 PHATPAT18
10/22/20 9:41 A
Posted a goal LAINEY8564 17 RYCGIRL
10/22/20 7:36 A
Back to continue been ill, evacuated, two close fires and unable to exercise causing stress and a re KRISTIZEMAS8 15 HAZEL2278
10/22/20 1:06 A
My very challenging workout had me talking to myself!!😊 Feels amazing! I was dripping sweat! πŸ’§πŸ‹πŸΎ LADYJLUVLIFE 26 BARBIEE52
10/22/20 7:26 P
Garlic Butter Crockpot Chicken Tenderloins with a little homemade gravy over cauliflower rice with b IMAJUSKEEPMOVN 15 MOMOF4JDRS
10/21/20 10:56 P
This is Arrow. I really like her. Today she was a total brat. First she looked me in the eye as she JEWELRYLOVER 32 SHOAPIE
10/22/20 6:47 P