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9/24/20 9:03 A
9/24/20 10:17 A
Question of the Day SHIRLEYX 10306 TUTUNAN
9/24/20 1:12 P
Did you stay in your calorie range? Monthly goodie SHIRLEYX 41 SHIRLEYX
9/23/20 9:12 P
Planner & Updates ECOAGE 9709 ECOAGE
9/23/20 8:30 P
A favorite of mine . We all can use peaceful nights rest, and be read for a new day on SPARKFRAN514 15 ILOVEROSES
9/23/20 11:01 A
Today was a perfect crisp day for a 30 mile ride with a friend. Happy first day of Autumn, Friends! LORI-K 28 JAMER123
9/23/20 11:35 P
September sparkle challenge CVRONEK 84 CVRONEK
9/24/20 6:31 A
9/23/20 10:47 P
“You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.” – Unknown Never let anyone treat you like you’re regul SPARKFRAN514 15 NANHBH
9/22/20 6:12 P
Buzz Around the Airport - Coffee Chat KALISWALKER 266 NANASUEH
9/24/20 12:52 P
Good Morning Sparkers! Sending out positive vibes for an Awesome week! 8~) HAPPY-CATHE 22 7STIGGYMT
9/21/20 6:51 P
A memory from a Falls color trip to Colorado in 2018 made me smile to remember we will hav SPARKFRAN514 26 NANHBH
9/21/20 8:09 P
I have family friends and great fur baby the smoke from the fires is gone for now and we are SPARKFRAN514 19 GARDENSFORLIFE
9/20/20 8:39 P
Exercising 10 minutes every day helps me LEANJEAN6 34 PICKIE98
9/20/20 9:29 P
Hope you had a great day. It rained and we really needed it. Hopefully helped put out the fires. KURTZIE1998 10 WIZARDHOWL
9/19/20 9:10 P
SO thankful for rain at last--helped reduce the smoke from all the terrible fires! 2BDYNAMIC 34 JAMER123
9/19/20 11:38 P
I tagged along to support my husband on his first Century ride today. I rode with him for 41 of his LORI-K 31 JAMER123
9/20/20 9:22 P
No one gets to define you. Only you define who you are … by the way you think/feel about others. C 1CRAZYDOG 19 WALLAHALLA
9/20/20 7:02 P
Celebrating me today. Thankful to be alive after the health scare last month. RUTHIEBEAR 40 RAPTUROUSRITA
9/19/20 11:36 P
Hope everyone had a good day sleep well and enjoy Friday and remember to dance the happy dance. SPARKFRAN514 23 NANHBH
9/18/20 11:58 P
Rise up and attack the Day with ENTHUSIASM unknown Starting today I need to forget what is gone APPR SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
9/20/20 12:20 A
Charlie has the right plan good night to those going to bed and hope those getting followed C SPARKFRAN514 23 ILOVEROSES
9/17/20 11:31 A
Its my 66th Birthday today!!!! Staying home, staying safe, no get together...maybe next year. LOVE HOLLYBARKER1 274 JOANNEJI
9/18/20 12:16 A
Thinking of my Spark family and wishing everyone a great Day“The key to succeeding is to focus SPARKFRAN514 17 PATRICIA-CR
9/17/20 10:14 A
Hope your hump day is happy! 2BDYNAMIC 29 JAMER123
9/17/20 10:35 P
Worry is a total waste of time . It dose not change anything .Instead it steal your joy for SPARKFRAN514 28 ILOVEROSES
9/16/20 11:58 A
Harvest Your Health~Chit Chat KPACE7 107 MACRATDOLL
9/24/20 8:43 A
9/15/20 8:24 P
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 9 GABY1948
9/18/20 5:45 P
Good Morning 💕 Happy Tuesday! ALLYLIZZY 27 GINNABOOTS
9/16/20 7:12 A
Having a bad day, but still trying. ORTATK 10 SPEDED2
9/15/20 8:11 P
I think it is time to change me breakfast. I am the type that gets stuck on a breakfast food and jus SBLACKWELL93 8 KATHYJO56
9/15/20 3:34 P
Still to smokey to go out for to long and need to remind my self of past adventures and not SPARKFRAN514 22 ILOVEROSES
9/16/20 11:59 A
#PremiumWorkout SPARKFRAN514 11 75HEALTHYME
9/14/20 1:24 P
to all the sparky grandparents have a Great Day SPARKFRAN514 7 NANHBH
9/13/20 3:56 P
Have a good sleep and a sparky Sunday and a great week on our journey SPARKFRAN514 14 NANHBH
9/13/20 3:56 P
Hi Karen glad you had a sunny day here was out view out our window SPARKFRAN514 2 IAMBLESSED103
9/15/20 12:00 A
Post your progress here SPADABEK 20748 ECOAGE
9/22/20 6:57 P
OH HOW TRUE this is!! Would you like support around building good habits? I belong to the 2020 Fall DIANEDOESSMILES 10 SPARKFRAN514
9/12/20 1:46 P
3 of my favorites in one pic..! A bike ride and beautiful sunset with my BFF. ❤️ This is how we roll LORI-K 27 CATWMNCAT
9/13/20 11:18 A
In remembrance KURTZIE1998 14 ISNESS
9/16/20 11:19 P
I need to remind me to watch what i put in my mouth when I get stressed and want to eat sil SPARKFRAN514 24 WIZARDHOWL
9/12/20 8:49 P
9/12/20 6:26 P
WOOHOO the 2020 Summer 5% Challenge I had so much success with!! Was it EASY? Not really, yet it wa DIANEDOESSMILES 17 PATRICIA-CR
9/11/20 6:17 P
Maine Memories. A gloomy day here so I have to make my own sunshine! I am wearing a smile.😁Let's a RUTHIEBEAR 20 TERMITEMOM
9/11/20 10:08 P
Rest well so you can enjoy Friday ! SPARKFRAN514 18 PATRICIA-CR
9/11/20 5:54 P
LORI-K thanks for the idea of sharing a through back picture today. a trip to Yellowstone 2018 SPARKFRAN514 14 WIZARDHOWL
9/12/20 8:52 P
@allylizzy Thank you for the idea of posting a throwback Thursday pic of free-er times. This was tak LORI-K 23 STILLSPARKLEIGH
9/11/20 1:32 P
9/24/20 12:00 A
Celebrated my 11 year Sparkversary with lots of yard work and a lovely sunset stroll. I’m so glad to LORI-K 42 SPARKFRAN514
9/9/20 11:35 P
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 8 75HEALTHYME
9/10/20 3:19 P
Hope everyone is ready for a second Monday Tomorrow :) stay safe everyone from the fires SPARKFRAN514 10 NANHBH
9/8/20 8:48 P
9/24/20 11:25 A
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 15 PATRICIA-CR
9/7/20 3:08 P
\we also need to remember so fun time too SPARKFRAN514 14 75HEALTHYME
9/6/20 9:23 P
I have to agree with these two good night SPARKFRAN514 35 75HEALTHYME
9/5/20 10:19 P
lets dance a little then head to bed SPARKFRAN514 13 NANHBH
9/4/20 2:48 P
How many of us had started to lose to just regain again or we get discouraged and that's it, we are DIANEDOESSMILES 8 SPARKFRAN514
9/3/20 9:36 P
We have a choice. Life can and does get hard, stay on our journey or stop. To eat emotionally or f DIANEDOESSMILES 10 AALLEY2
9/4/20 12:30 P
Went on a beautiful walk this evening and had a little bit of scary excitement. 🐍😱🐍 I’m sure I bu LORI-K 54 CHUBBYNOMORE3
9/8/20 12:42 A
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 18 NANHBH
9/3/20 7:18 A
Memories of Maine. SInce coming home from hospital, I find myself going more slowly about my day. RUTHIEBEAR 26 WALLAHALLA
9/2/20 9:02 A
Hope the first day of Sept was a great day and we have 29 more days to make it a great month SPARKFRAN514 17 TREKPURRSON
9/2/20 1:51 P
The Four Seasons September 2020 Challenge ECOAGE 11 1CRAZYDOG
9/14/20 8:51 P
Day 1!! It’s an overwhelming feeling. I have been here so many times before, and I know I can do th KATLADY66 11 ALLYLIZZY
8/31/20 2:40 P
Happy last day of Aug. spark on we are doing it one day at time . SPARKFRAN514 12 NANHBH
9/2/20 1:40 P
Happy Monday Y'all! Jumping into a new week with Joy in my heart, & excitement 4 new opportunity's HAPPY-CATHE 26 PATRICIA-CR
9/1/20 4:09 P
From my neck of woods I know so sparkers are up and dealing with the last day of Aug . SPARKFRAN514 20 75HEALTHYME
8/31/20 6:44 P
Pre-Challenge Tracking Thread: 7 Wonders DETERMINEDJANET 129 NEHAHKOO
9/2/20 12:24 A
9/22/20 3:02 P
Really having a rough couple of days. It seems like everything I've said or done has been the wrong ALASKAPSYCH 5 DEBBRALE
8/30/20 1:39 P
Very disgusted with myself. Fell out my spark people diet multiple times last week. New week I will DOGLADY53 8 DEBBRALE
8/30/20 1:38 P
This reminds me I am not old until feel old. Remember age is a number Have a great Sunday SPARKFRAN514 30 75HEALTHYME
8/30/20 7:19 P
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 15 NANHBH
8/30/20 2:39 P