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I'm sitting here kinda sorta wishing I had my own personal coach. I need focus! SUSANSKI 5 AQUAGIRL08
10/20/20 4:11 P
I haven't been on Spark in a really long time. It has been a heartbreaking year. In February I had SKYDRAKE 19 JHADZHIA
10/21/20 9:26 P
On Saturday, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I live, we got our first covering of snow. I ALLENJOSEPH 17 RAERAERAE62
10/23/20 11:19 A
A little funny photo for today. This is actually what I would be like just a few short months ago.. JAMESCL2 18 ERIN_POSCH
10/20/20 11:09 A
Ready for some encouragement! My days have been so busy (sitting-busy mostly), I'm having a hard tim SUSANSKI 8 SUSANSKI
10/18/20 9:32 P
I did it. I went to the gym today without any proding, pushing or anyone waiting to meet me. It felt LHEMENWAYGA1 6 GEORGE815
10/5/20 11:49 A
LOL I have a box in each vehicle. Take my cloth ones with me as I go out the door. Have a cloth one DXTECH 29 DXTECH
8/17/20 9:40 P
Message Removed CD25388307 25 GEORGE815
8/17/20 5:33 P
Today is my 36th Birthday AMYMBUNCH 258 ALBERTA119
8/17/20 9:05 P
I've been in the mood for amusement parks, but then....I don't really cedar point... Haha. You migh SUSANSKI 9 LORIANNA62
6/25/20 11:44 A
A lovely robin got in the parking deck stairwell and couldn't find her way out. I found a way to pro OBIESMOM2 19 1DAY-ATA-TIME
6/23/20 7:51 A
6/23/20 12:06 P
Boy did I screw May up! I got off-track with my exercise because I made a new home-schooling schedul SUSANSKI 4 NITEMAN3D
6/1/20 3:10 A
Happy SonDay to all! :) SUSANSKI 8 BOOKNUT52
4/12/20 5:07 A
Message Removed CD24291603 237 PRADAGIRL93036
4/20/20 12:12 P
Message Removed CD25870137 19 TKBROOKS29
4/22/20 5:55 A
hey I'm new here and I dont know how to use this but I need encouragement #BeforeAndAfter RONIEMIEC16 63 KAITMARIIE
4/26/20 1:19 P
Hubby and I took a stroll to the corner store today. It was a lovely gentle walk- beautiful sunshine SUSANSKI 15 NENEBFIT
4/7/20 8:07 A
Hope things are going well for everyone . This Furlough life isn't so bad . My hair changed blue . I ASHELYLADY 11 -POOKIE-
4/7/20 3:36 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 12 CD4114015
4/8/20 9:21 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 23 JUDYD207
4/7/20 10:26 P
Day 1. Not enough sleep, exercise, or good nutrition. Losing the job I loved and worked so hard fo ARTTHERAPY4LIFE 24 DIANEDOESSMILES
4/7/20 1:06 A
Just saw a flashback pic of my face from this day BRAZENRAINBOW 61 ROCKYCATSMAMMA
4/7/20 10:47 A
4/8/20 1:00 P
4/11/20 11:25 A
Gotta love this: My three teen daughters here at home, have been face-timing with my daughter and a SUSANSKI 3 GEORGE815
4/3/20 7:48 P
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 39 CD4114015
4/5/20 1:13 P
Pro-Life Links and Articles SUSANSKI 28 SALTYCHOCOLATE
4/6/20 4:53 P
Helped my husband do some work on the place today, then had a bad fall in the gravels. Didn't get in MARYGOLD5 14 CD4114015
4/4/20 12:50 P
This new job is going pretty well so far. Tired and body aches, but loving it. Should help with weig JEWELRYLOVER 13 SHOAPIE
4/3/20 11:35 A
Don't understand why I can't seem to eat enough calories! DBEAU57 4 MJ7DM33
4/2/20 11:06 P
Happy International Childrens Literature Day!! Happy Birthday Hans Christian Andersen!! CALAFIA 12 _RAMONA
4/3/20 2:05 A
LOL This is how I feel. MAMAOFTWINS 22 TMP0418
4/3/20 7:47 A
Message Removed CD10676776 26 CD10676776
4/4/20 11:46 P
Bit of a cheat meal tonight KIMMYP420 16 KIMMYP420
4/3/20 12:19 P
Soooo, I'm a hard-of-hearing, stay-at-home, home-schooling mother. Today at the table, my 17 yr old SUSANSKI 4 LIZZYMITCH
4/1/20 11:09 A
What do Sparkers say on the first day of April? "April Goals!!!!!!" SUSANSKI 2 DAIZYSTARLITE
4/1/20 12:12 A
Can I Pour You a Cup?..Let's Talk!Our Daily Thread SUSANSKI 1782 JEANKNEE
2/28/21 11:49 A
Daily Chat CD7793680 4285 F8CONE8
3/4/21 11:27 A
General Discussion Chit Chat DRITTIMANN 4566 LECATES
3/5/21 7:34 A
General Discussion Thread II YATMAMA 4407 GRALLEN
3/4/21 3:58 P
Me thinks I'm going to start a Jane Austen marathon. Curling up with a beautiful book sounds like JU SUSANSKI 6 SUSANSKI
3/31/20 8:37 P
Decision to social distance myself since 3/5... Set goal of 1200 a day moderate spinning cons GAILANNC 5 SUSANSKI
3/30/20 3:21 A
Hello, I’m back after being MIA for about 4 years. I’m so excited to be back! I’m excited to meet ne RAPTUROUSRITA 10 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
3/31/20 10:27 A
Today my 15 yr old daughter accidentally said something funny. We were driving along a mini-mall try SUSANSKI 4 JOYCEHARRIS3
3/30/20 6:34 A
I have completed 1/4 of my health and fitness journey. I am very proud of myself. SUSANSKI 7 ZRIE014
3/30/20 12:30 A
My baby made dinner. Tryna get that protein in! WANDERLUST577 13 ALLYLIZZY
3/29/20 2:36 P
You gotta laugh in these times... NANHBH 34 JULIEISA
3/27/20 7:47 A
The sunset in California this evening. 💕 ALLYLIZZY 20 STILLSPARKLEIGH
3/27/20 11:00 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 17 CD4114015
3/29/20 5:36 P
🤷‍♀️🤔So according to the internet chocolate is a vegetable and popcorn is a fruit 🤔🤷‍♀️ Go figur ST3PH 15 LANLEIMEE
3/27/20 3:32 A
Posted a photo NOLALIJE11 16 PEGJW111
3/27/20 3:15 A
In total, I have lost 117 lbs. since July of 2018!!! STREICH3UROUT 41 NIKO27
3/27/20 2:03 P
Two years ago tonight when I went to bed I did not know that when I woke up in the morning my world CATWMNCAT 19 CATWMNCAT
3/27/20 7:59 P
Took a nice walk with my daughter and our dog Handsome. Then we came home and had dinner. Gonna call ANTMAID81 6 L_DROUIN
3/27/20 8:26 A
Got busy with my sister forgot to post my steps on Thursday. Here they are. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 17 CD4114015
3/29/20 5:36 P
I am down 90 pounds since June 1st 2019 MICHAELORR775 31 NIKO27
3/27/20 2:03 P
Nice article: resource/motivation_articles.asp?id=2600 SUSANSKI 1 SUSANSKI
3/26/20 10:55 P
No excuses for not working out because my boyfriend made me a box to keep a few things at his house. ANGFAR 17 SUSANSKI
3/26/20 12:30 P
3/26/20 4:05 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 12 CD4114015
3/28/20 6:44 P
Finished a baby blanket last night! It's not your typical progress/goal photo, but hey, a completed STEPGEEK 18 STEPGEEK
3/26/20 1:37 P
Happy Thursday everyone. Been working out, stretching, drinking more water and gained 4 lbs. Not the MAMAOFTWINS 17 CHERRYZMB60
3/26/20 7:57 P
Great news! I have had FIVE days in a row of a downward trend! And even better- I'm really super clo SUSANSKI 4 GERRYH2
3/26/20 3:04 P
My scale went down again today. Last Feb. 260. Today 232. I couldn't be more pleased, because I kno SUSANSKI 10 CATWMNCAT
3/26/20 11:23 A
Let's Talk! (an everyday ongoing chat) :) SUSANSKI 22 SUSANSKI
3/26/20 12:40 A
I did it! I broke through the extra 'mom and dad died' weight gain from 2017! That was THE HARDEST s SUSANSKI 7 CATWMNCAT
3/24/20 5:44 P
Record breaking stats!!! Never done this much before and it's safe to say that I'm not moving anothe DEDICATED2ME32 27 L1VEL1FE
3/25/20 7:58 A
3/24/20 1:37 A
Today I took my bike for a ride around the farm and my little dog Sami ran along side of me. I can't NOLAHORSERIDER 12 LIZZYMITCH
3/24/20 4:14 P
"I think most importantly, enjoy your life. There's a fine line between today and tomorrow and I thi SUSANSKI 4 HOBBESIS49
3/24/20 12:29 A
The Songs Game OKANOG 25601 EDWARDS1411
2/23/21 11:29 A
Feeling .....done... Started strong but now totally want to veg. Got chicken coop cleaned out and a DEFENDERDARKSUN 4 GEORGE815
3/23/20 9:25 P
Local piece of sculpture in town. MOEBNORM 12 KMMR87
3/24/20 5:33 A
Watching the numbers on my new digital scale go up and down continues to AMAZE and INTRIGUE me. And SUSANSKI 4 GEORGE815
3/22/20 4:51 P