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I haven't been on Spark in a really long time. It has been a heartbreaking year. In February I had SKYDRAKE 19 JHADZHIA
10/21/20 9:26 P
Joke time: You can tell a lot about a woman by her hands. For instance, if they're around your throa TWIGBISKIT5 15 SILVAS7
8/26/20 7:49 A
Change A Letter 2BDYNAMIC 648 NEW-CAZ
10/24/20 5:42 P
Word Association 2BDYNAMIC 10496 SWEETNEEY
10/25/20 5:10 P
Fresh from the oven. VIBRANT4LIFE 16 29WINEGAL
5/6/20 9:53 P
Please be safe everyone and stay in. We’re working hard in NY to beat this pandemic. 123THERESA123 136 WIN2LIVE
3/28/20 11:24 P
Names A-Z Boys or Girls 2BDYNAMIC 2930 2BDYNAMIC
10/25/20 12:50 P
Change one Word 2BDYNAMIC 14892 2BDYNAMIC
10/25/20 6:45 P
A big ol' "raspberry" for team points and work stress this week :( :( :( RASPBERRY56 4 JER-BER
1/23/20 6:55 A
How You Perceive 👀Your Wellness Journey has much to do with how you RECEIVE your Wellness Journey � STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 AMYINTHEWILD
1/21/20 11:20 P
"The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more impo J2002HEIDS 15 GEORGE815
1/20/20 10:47 P
A-Z Occupations 2BDYNAMIC 5202 79PODGIRL
10/25/20 4:12 P
Household items A to Z 52BINCE 6284 79PODGIRL
10/25/20 4:11 P
Here come a new week on our journey lets make Great . have a good sleep to get that h SPARKFRAN514 21 _RAMONA
1/21/20 1:24 A
Happy Monday spark friends! January 20, 2011 I quit smoking. I smoked for 30 yrs. If I can quit, CARLOSLAKELAND 185 MHUMBERS1950
1/20/20 9:30 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 16 NANASUEH
1/20/20 9:52 A
Good Morning Sparkers! 8~) HAPPY-CATHE 44 7STIGGYMT
1/21/20 8:48 P
Our deep thoughts for the new week. I hope we can all “dig deep” and have a fantastically successfu PAMBROWN62 21 _RAMONA
1/21/20 1:22 A
I am trying to navigate the building tension around DHs planned surgery on Tuesday afternoon. He ha MIMAWELIZABETH 27 DEE107
1/20/20 9:22 P
Have a great weekend, Spark friends. Enjoy your Saturday and... PAMBROWN62 27 WOMANOFLOVE
1/19/20 12:18 A
-Bonus Points- 2BDYNAMIC 372 2BDYNAMIC
10/21/20 3:55 P
A to Z USA Locations 2BDYNAMIC 4306 NAVYMOM133
9/11/20 12:59 P
July Birthdays 2BDYNAMIC 364 MSMAXPAX2
7/17/20 9:05 A
Please note the start date on my post is wrong. It should be May 29, 2018 not 2019. I don't know w BEAGLEGIRL79 308 _RAMONA
1/14/20 4:10 A
I have had an ear ache most of the day..Feels like a knife is stuck in it! Grrrrrr NOLAHORSERIDER 11 1CRAZYDOG
1/13/20 5:49 P
I am not having a good day. The worst migraine I have had in a long time. I stayed in bed most of POOBUS 4 MJ7DM33
1/12/20 11:33 P
Hello all! I have used SparkPeople before and was happy with the success. 🙂 I just had a baby boy i POSTBABY8419 88 GEORGE815
1/12/20 3:18 P
Framers market trip yesterday and found some nice fruits and vegetables. Hope everyone has a fantast 1BLAZER282005 42 GEORGE815
1/10/20 3:07 P
Posted a photo -POOKIE- 102 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/13/20 6:46 P
Glad to be back to Spark People. Been gone a few yrs. it’s nice to know that there is a community of GRANNYGOOSE4 9 GRAMMYBEL
1/10/20 6:30 A
I have a dear Spark friend in hospital right now with possible liver failure. Please pray for her wi TREKPURRSON 24 SPEDED2
1/11/20 10:34 A
Posted a photo PAMBROWN62 43 OHMEMEME
1/10/20 9:34 P
Message Removed CD24632345 9 MRSMICHELLEMARI
1/8/20 2:12 P
I'm asking for good thoughts and prayers as my boyfriend and I embark on the "cancer" journey. He w DGFOWLER 39 1CRAZYDOG
1/8/20 3:29 P
Posted a photo GRAMMY065 16 GABY1948
1/12/20 3:48 P
Transformation Tuesday! I’ve learned over the past decade that the scale is just a tool to help us MIAMI_LILLY 17 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/9/20 12:38 P
feeling overwhelmed and defeated by constant dieting? wishing you knew how to have more balance in y SHINEFROMWITHIN 11 DWROBERGE
1/7/20 6:55 A
Me and some of my handwoven scarves. Me 60 pounds THE_FAE 30 PURPLEMOON1
1/2/20 11:39 P
What are your new year's eve plans? SARAH-AGAIN 6 GEORGE815
12/31/19 4:42 P
When i used SparkPeople before they had a place for body measurements. I cant find it now. Am i blin NIKKILIESAWAKE 2 VIBRANT4LIFE
12/29/19 10:29 A
Hello Spark Friends. Final weekend before the new year. Did you make any resolutions for 2020? I PAMBROWN62 18 CSEGUIN2
12/28/19 11:37 A
I've gained 20lbs in the last year thanks to bad food choices and not making exercise a priority. It XSUZANNEX 7 CSEGUIN2
12/28/19 11:24 A
Have a Great Start to your week! What is the oldest decoration that you have? LITTLEREDHEN8 14 LORI-K
12/16/19 12:04 P
Asking all of my prayer warrior Spark Friends to join me in praying for a good outcome for my mom Ne TREKPURRSON 31 SPARKFRAN514
12/3/19 9:19 P
3/10/20 7:31 P
Good morning! I've got a lot to do this morning... But 1st Coffee & Prayer 💖 CINDY247 12 AMYINTHEWILD
11/28/19 9:13 A
Today is pie day. I am making the pies for my' families' dinner tomorrow. I am attempting an apple ORTATK 14 CONNIET88
11/27/19 9:46 A
Sitting in an ER room waiting for my husband to get back from a CAT scan. We don’t have cats, so I’ KPINAZ 18 VIBRANT4LIFE
11/23/19 6:53 P
My laptop motherboard is fried...😟😢 TREKPURRSON 10 TREKPURRSON
11/25/19 1:45 A
Christmas Tree solution #3! MIMAWELIZABETH 33 PATRICIA-CR
11/24/19 12:41 P
Cheryl....thanks for putting this together, it has REALLY motivated me! Happy Saturday! SIZE8NOTSOMUCH 2 VIBRANT4LIFE
11/23/19 6:38 P
Another new week folks. We are not robots. Therefore we are not perfect. However, if we are consis PAMBROWN62 20 GEORGE815
11/17/19 2:27 P
It has been a difficult week with several family members sick and things not going as planned. Have VIBRANT4LIFE 1 VIBRANT4LIFE
11/17/19 7:13 A
First day on here and first post as well. What a day to start, it is pouring outside so bad even my LUVADUCK2007 9 GEORGE815
11/15/19 5:28 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 30 PATRICIA-CR
11/15/19 9:29 P
65 pounds gone! I'm past the halfway point to my goal and I feel great. Ready to tackle another 5 po KNITTINGKITTY 111 THINKFLOWERS
11/22/19 10:49 A
Snowing in Vermont this morning, but the "real" snow is coming later today through Wednesday...they SIZE8NOTSOMUCH 2 VIBRANT4LIFE
11/11/19 11:09 A
Food for thought. LALAP1012 12 WOMANOFLOVE
11/11/19 12:31 P
Beautiful weather today, going for a walk then stretching. VIBRANT4LIFE 1 VIBRANT4LIFE
11/10/19 11:14 A
From a size 24 to a 14! 100 + lbs lost in a little over a year. Pants are lined up by their zippers. HEAT730 51 PEGJW111
11/10/19 7:22 A
Motivation moment... RHOOK20047 28 SURFIE
11/10/19 8:18 A
Morning stretching routine done ✅... got to it early this morning. I am not feeling well, but I find LESLIELENORE 11 CHERIRIDDELL
11/11/19 1:24 A
Pre-D Share a Goodie (game) 2019 KRYS210 501 MDSCOORD
12/25/19 3:33 P
Feeling grateful. Together at home. It's been stressful with the fire, evacuation, and dog injury. PCK12J 15 EVIE4NOW
11/7/19 10:38 P
Time to wade in the snow to run errands. TWEETYKC00 6 PICKIE98
11/8/19 3:14 P
The best feeling ever! Final goal reached! 🥳 MRSDANIELAL 26 ALLYLIZZY
11/7/19 12:29 P
Pretty much a rest day today, just walking. VIBRANT4LIFE 1 VIBRANT4LIFE
11/6/19 6:13 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! 🎉 Guess what today is???? IT’S MY TWO YEAR SPARK-A-V TEXASHSMOMOF3 247 POGIRL17
11/6/19 11:47 A
Exercise goals met today,feels good to stick to my plan! VIBRANT4LIFE 10 RETAT60
11/3/19 3:26 P
Good morning to me!! Even if the number on the scale isnt going down... my blood sugar numbers are g ANIMAI27 35 EVIE4NOW
11/3/19 3:35 P
Lots of walking yesterday while at an Art Crawl. Planning a walk with my dog today, stretching and a VIBRANT4LIFE 1 VIBRANT4LIFE
11/3/19 8:24 A
Welcome all! My fitness plan for today is mowing the lawn/yardwork and stretching. Thankful for a co VIBRANT4LIFE 1 VIBRANT4LIFE
11/1/19 8:16 A
Looking to start the holiday season with good exercise habits? Please join me in my VIBRANT4LIFE's VIBRANT4LIFE 1 VIBRANT4LIFE
10/31/19 2:58 P
Day 30 of doing workout videos or going for a walk every day for the month of October🚶‍♀️🙂 ST3PH 18 GMACAMI
10/31/19 6:37 P
Today's breakfast was quick I had to get my triplets out of school because they're sick again one wa CD24115281 11 EO4WELLNESS
10/30/19 7:03 P