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My name is Ave. I joined this group but didn't realize it was more than just those 140 char updates. I get lost on Sparks so occasionally when I get an email link I try to catch up.

I am a retired artist and have had many jobs throughout the years, worked on Wall St, the WTC,home health attendant, red cross shelter manager, managed restaurants and catering halls as well as doing sign painting and murals. Pain has prevented me from being as creative as I was so haven't painted in a few years but focus on doing digital art touchups for printing and did some jewelry making but got into selling art prints and jewelry online from auctions.

My time online is usually doing work - recreating inventory that was lost last year in a computer crash after being hacked. I lost over 400K files and most were picture files needed to post sales and auctions with so things have backed up and sales are down to nearly zilch and I have a lot of merchandise, yet lost my groove so to speak. keeping busy online has been a way to deal with chronic pain however my attention span is somewhat off and narrowed. I get to doing one thing, dive in and next thing I know another week has passed.

I live in Pennsylvania but am from NYC so am very isolated here and since my accident cant walk well enough to get out except when I have to go to doctors but the pain has even pre-empted some office visits so I am basically a recluse.1 son lives with me but has health issues of his own that make it difficult for either of us to get much done but I try to keep enough going to survive and we do.God still provides for our needs and I trust Him, but do miss t he fellowship of a church and church friends as I have lived here for nearly 9 yrs now and have met no one.

I had weighed 375# in the late 90's but in early 2000's got down to about 325# and by 2004 was down to 250 or so before I got hit by a car and due to becoming sedentary gradually regained weight and was up to 321# by last March before starting to work on weight loss again.

I have 5 children and 20 grandchildren[1 is on the way!] 4 of my children were rainbow children as I have had 8 miscarriages throughout my life, now knowing it was due to my autoimmune issues with Lupus and Sarcoidosis.I am grateful for the children I do have but they all live cross country and I don't get out much anymore and they don't travel, so we facebook. I did take a farewell tour in late 2017 so I could at least meet all the grandkids and the trip took a few months as I flew and stayed with each one a while til Jan 2018 and have been home since then.

My husband and I were divorced before he died 10 yrs ago but we got along better online and by phone than we did in person. It was just one of those things - complicated but I miss him every day despite what happened.He was murdered by a woman he met online and married for security which he never got.She too is now dead as she developed cancer after getting away with killing him.
It haunts me though, as I divorced him to try and compel him to get help and instead he found a person who turned out to be a predator and he paid the ultimate price.
I feel guilty as he never would have left otherwise, but looking back, had he stayed, I might not be alive today. As I said, it was complicated however I always thought we'd be back together in the end, never suspecting he would die so soon. Sad he missed out on all our grandkids!

I research a lot online about nutrition, initially for natural pain relief [ no, not CBD or any of that pot stuff!] via vitamins minerals amino acids and other supplements like chicory root and acacia~ I needed to lower my cholesterol but Lipitor was a leg cramper and Neurotin was rotting my mind and most of the other prescriptions I had been on[16 a day] were all dealing with side effects of one another ! I now take only 3 prescriptions - for heart, muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory - the rest are now supplements I buy and control based on my blood panel. They haven't made me any worse and in a lot of ways have been making me better although losing weight is mandatory now as I need hip and back surgery and cant get either til after I reach 200#

I need a few other surgeries too, like 2 new knees but the hip and back are what bother me most and those will take a while.

I turned 65 in March and since then I have changed my diet menu and no longer drink soda or eat junk or pasta, breads, grains, rice, hi-carb veggies like potatoes corn carrots most beans~

I have gotten down to 261# a few weeks back but am currently at a stall after 5# came back on right after my last surgery[timing but had nothing to do with the surgery]
Turns out I haven't balanced fats with my diet as I ran out of olive oil, heavy cream and butter so even though I am doing everything else basically the same, the weight has been fluctuating between 261-263 for passed 2 weeks! GRRR Lost my momentum~!

I am now back to my original diet basics,[cauliflower, broccoli, eggs, dairy, beef and chicken] added in butter, cut carbs lower and will get olive or other good oil when I go shopping the beginning of the month as well as heavy cream for my coffee..Right now using powdered creamer but that messes up absorption and gut flora, as does most artificial sweeteners so weaning off those as well.

Bugs me how many commercial products say things like diet or carb friendly or keto friendly and so on but they don't actually help in losing weight with any sustainability! Most lie! Better to make things from scratch!

I take about 25-30 health supplements each day along with my lo cal/carb high protein diet but think maybe my fats were too low and carbs a bit too high ratio wise so that may have caused the current stall.

Today the scale says 261.6# so still almost a little higher than my fasting weight [261.4#]before last surgery.

My next short term goal is 250# but its taking longer than I thought it would. :)

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More Low Carb Low Cal Veggies + Vitamins Minerals Amino Acids s & Chicory Root Powder = Healthier way to lose weight faster while sedentary!

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9/15/19 10:32 A

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I am 71 years old,
retired- Psychiatric - Sociology teacher
Grown family
Hobbies : research, logeveity & diseases, Bonsai's , cooking, creative hobbies, reading and writing

Bearly have enough time to be on any team, am an imperfect person, am glad to be alive, and am growing stronger in God always

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9/7/19 1:20 A

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Name: Jo Ann

Birthday: 6/25

State you live in: Texas

Hobbies: Piano, reading (when I get time)

Number of children: 2, 8 grandkids, and 15 great grands

Occupation: Music Director

Other information you wish to share

Jo Ann

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9/6/19 8:46 P

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Name: Judy

Birthday: July 5, 1945

State you live in: province of Ontario, Canada

Hobbies: sewing, knitting, jigsaw and crossword puzzles, reading, gardening

Number of children: 2 sons and 1 daughter; 4 granddaughters and 1 grandson

Occupation: retired secretary

Other information you wish to share: I volunteer at Hospice twice a week.

Judy A in Harrow, Ontario, Canada (Eastern Standard Time)

A year from now, you will wish you had started today.

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9/1/19 1:31 P

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Name: Terry

Birthday: Feb 17

State you live in: Pa

Hobbies: gardening, learning about herbal use and essential oils

Number of children: 3 grown....3 grandchildren

Occupation: retail

Other information you wish to share Hi...I've been down lately, not taking the proper care of myself as I a result....yup....weight gain...It's weird how your emotions play a big part of your overall welllbeing...well I'm ready to brush myself off again, and, get to work...
I have to say...the only one whose helped me through these difficult times is Our merciful....
I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and working with you...

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8/20/19 12:18 A

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Name: Anne
State: Oklahoma
Hobbies: Reading, working logic puzzles, card games, sports
Occupation: Retired

I have lived a blessed life! I had my own company for 30 years with 8 offices and over 500 employees. Have travelled the world and have met many famous people and got to have my picture taken with them. I was married to the love of my life for over 36 years, last Christmas night he got to go to Jesus’s birthday party. I miss him so much.

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8/15/19 10:11 P

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Name: Barney Five

Birthday: 1/7/45

State you live in: WV

Hobbies: Gardening, Reading, Puttering

Number of children: 3

Occupation: Retired, keeping our off-grid homestead functional

Other information you wish to share: I'm 74, which has given me time to study what God thinks about health. I have the heart of a teacher, and I would love to share what I have learned. I would like to periodically make available some thoughts on various subjects in the realm of health, and I welcome inquiries on specific questions or circumstances. I can not give personal instructions but I can point out what has worked for others and what info God has made available to us. I have been astonished at how far-reaching is God's ideal for us concerning our health, and I believe in all fairness I have a responsibility to make it available to anyone that will sit still and listen (read).

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8/11/19 1:41 A

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2 Sons
2 Grandkids
Hobbies: Golf, playing with grandkids, music, movies

405 Maintenance Weeks
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Della or Dell Jean
1 / 22
Children 3
Grandchildren 5 living 1 rainbow child
Hobbies: my garden; making soap, making things for my grandchildren.
I don't have time for many others due to the ministry God has called me to.

Jesus IS my Life! Recently, I received my 2nd High Security clearance NCIS clearance this time.
My children.are.the.most important thing on this Earth so I pray daily and quit playing God in their lives finally!
Hardest thing I've ever done is to give my kids and their family to my God! I trust God -
His ways are better than my own.

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Name: Trina

Birthday: September 7th

State you live in: North Carolina

Hobbies: Bible study, reading, violin, piano, fitness esp weight lifting and kettlebells.

Number of children: 2, one teen, if 10.

Occupation: homemaker and homeschool teacher, but degree in mathematics and molecular specialization.

Other information you wish to share: My husband is in bible college for the pastoral ministry.

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BLC Purple Phoenix Spring
X-Weighted Phoenix
5% Challenge Casual Traveler
Beck Diet Solution, Co-Leader

1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

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8/3/19 7:55 P

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Name: Ravyna

Birthday: April 29

State you live in: Texas

Hobbies: puzzles, jigsaw and puzzle magazines, adult coloring books, reading, sparking, Bible study

Number of children: 3 adult children, 6 grandchildren 4 by birth 2 step children

Occupation: homemaker, although back in the day I was a computer programmer before I became a mother

Other information you wish to share married 39 years in November to my awesome husband.

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Central time zone - North Texas
Sparkversary 6/15/2011

2019 Spring 5% Challenge ~ Cloverleaf
2019 summer 5% Challenge ~ Cloverleaf
2019 fall 5% challenge ~ Shooting Star

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Name: I go by my middle name, Karri, but my nickname CrouchingFlea can be shortened to just Flea emoticon

Birthday: April!

State you live in: Georgia, the peach state!

Hobbies: I crochet, love to bake bread and am learning to bake other things, I make a mean spice cake! I can knit some, but am really slow at it. I bead, but have not in a while. I'm learning to sew and want to get really good at it and make it more than an hobby.

Number of children: 2, both girls, teen and preteen. 2 furbabies, Pickles is a rescue and is now 7. Hope is a Golden and I'm owner training her to be a service dog for me, though we are having to put her training on hold to work through some fear issues. I'm not sure if she will be able to work through them or not. We'll see.

Occupation: Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)

Other information you wish to share: I was in the Air Force for 8 years, joined when I was 20, mainly to get away from the small town I lived in and my family, I saw it as my only way out. I met my husband in the Air Force in 2004 and we married in 2006. I have CPTSD (not military related), and several other mental health issues. I have had migraines since 2002, but last year I started having seizures and my migraines increased, to almost all the time. The first neurologist I went to just wanted to sell me Botox, and I did it 3 times, it stopped working after a month this last time, and the neurologist didn't pay any attention to my seizures. So, I'm getting a 2nd opinion. Can't get in till December, but I'm on the cancellation list.

~ Karri
"I am full of mistakes and imperfections and therefore I am real." - Shaun Hick
"Fear doesn't have to control you. It is okay to be afraid, but it is not okay not to try" - Ruth Soukup

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8/1/19 8:42 A

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Name: Dolores

Birthday: November 9th

State you live in: Ohio

Hobbies: Crocheting, hiking, reading, crafts

Number of children: 2 biological, 2 step, 2 daughter-in-laws

Occupation: School Director

Other information you wish to share: Engaged to a wonderful man who supports everything I do. Love life.


Stay focused on the end goal and all will be achieved.

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7/31/19 11:09 P

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Name:Pick one-- I go by Kathleen in regular life but I write under Kate

Birthday: 04/28/69

State you live in: KY

Hobbies: reading Christian Non-fiction, writing blogs, crocheting, word searches, Netflix

Number of children: 1

Occupation: Community Liaison for my church (just got hired this summer)

Other information you wish to share My 22 y/o son lives with me in a one bedroom apartment. He just got a job for the first time in a year so some stress should be lifting. He has Bipolar 2, OCD, HIGH anxiety and I have Bipolar 1 with major depression and anxiety. When we butt heads it is intense and upsetting. But for now he needs assistance to get by and function. My dream is that he will get medicated and be stabilized so he can live on his own by being able to take care of all his responsibilities. I just tell you this because I might talk about us frequently and some may wonder why I just dont ask him to leave. Its very complicated when someone has mental difficulties that impair their quality of life and functioning.

looking for friends to connect with, get to know, and encourage each other along this journey. :-)

Kentucky - EST

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7/30/19 5:09 P
Online Now  • ))
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Name: Gregory

Birthday: 01Jan

State you live in: TX

Hobbies: study, reading, theology, sewing, music, cooking, bbq

Number of children: 1

Occupation: Trainer/instructor, disabled by brain stem lesion in 2018

Other information you wish to share: Church of Nigeria member; Herself is disabled with fibromyalgia.

I'm not even near perfect, but I know someone who is.

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7/30/19 1:15 P

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Name: Susan (spatten20010

Birthday: 09-04-1948

State you live in: Texas

Hobbies: make my own greeting cards, counted cross-stitch, knitting, reading, trying to teach myself to quilt

Number of children: blended family: 1 stepson (2 grands), 1 stepdaughter (2 grands), daughter (3 fur-babies)

Occupation: failed at retirement planning so working to pay off bad money decisions from earlier in life

Other information you wish to share: I am a follower of Jesus Christ and seek His path for me daily

God never ignores knee-mail!

Killeen TX

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7/30/19 12:08 A

Community Team Member

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Name: Judy (jae)

Birthday: january 18, 1950

State you live in:Wichita Kansas

Hobbies: reading, writing. listening music, art

Number of children: I son, 1 daughter both grown..4 grandchildren and 1 great-grand daughter

Occupation: retired

Other information you wish to share: I suffer with depression, anxiety and have for years..I am learning to lean on Jesus daily

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The pain passes ~ only the beauty remains...

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7/29/19 11:24 P

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Name: Hi, Alison Redford here.

Birthday: In late August.

State you live in: Kansas.

Hobbies: I love to power-walk, hike, care for animals, care for children, cook, bake, and read. I've been thinking about taking up painting; I haven't done it for over 40 years, so I don't quite have my back up yet, but I have some ideas in my head.

Number of children: My husband and I have 1 child, who's an adult now with his own place. We still care for his dog, who has lived here all her life. She's 17 years old, so she deserves to stay here! :-)

Occupation: I used to be a paralegal, but have served as a para-educator since 2006, mostly in the after school program.

Other information you wish to share: I'll add it when I think of it! :-)

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7/29/19 11:12 P

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Name: Barbara, aka Barbie

Birthday: May 11th

State you live in: Oregon

Hobbies: Walking, card making, scrapbooking, knitting, yoga, reading, sewing/quilting

Number of children: 3 - one died 2 months before his 16th birthday in 1993; one adult daughter and one adult son

Occupation: retired from legal assistant/secretary

Other information you wish to share I have one granddaughter, Katlyn Marie, who will be 27 in November, a grandson, Jerry Lee, who is 22, and a grandson, Zachary Lee, who is 20. I also have one great grandchild, Harley Elizabeth who will turn one on August 31st.

Barbara (Oregon/Pacific Time)
A & I March Strong Sisters
Spring 2020 5% Challenge Shooting Stars

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7/29/19 9:55 P

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Name: GAIL

Birthday: 9-25

State you live in: VA


Number of children: 0

Occupation: CNA

Other information you wish to share I HAVE A SISTER.


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7/28/19 4:36 P

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My name is Renee’.

My birthday is March 10th.

I live in Arkansas.

Hobbies I enjoy are reading, watching movies, drawing, keeping a planner (aka my glorified adult sticker book) and journaling.

I have 4 grown children, 2 boys (28 & 23) and 2 girls (25 & 18-almost 19), no grandkids.

I am the chief district court clerk in my county.

~ Renee ~

Turn your magic on.

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7/28/19 4:02 P

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Name: Angela

Birthday: June 26

State you live in: Sacatepequez, Guatemala
born and raised in Michigan/Indiana

Hobbies: cooking, knitting, gardening, trying to sew

Number of children: 4 (2 in heaven)

Occupation: homeschool mom

Other information you wish to share: Our family moved to Guatemala two years ago in answer to the call of missions for my husband. My life is quite different from the normal life that I had planned. I struggle with binge eating when I feel low and I fight anxiety and depression on a regular basis. I'm currently in a "good" place to put myself on the "to take care of" list again.

Blessings from the highlands of Guatemala!

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7/27/19 10:58 P

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Name: Judy and nope, not Judith

Birthday: 11/13/52

State you live in: Illinois/Nevada/Arizona (I am a full-timer in a motorhome and travel the Southwest in winters and stay in Illinois summers to be with our grandchildren.

Hobbies: Traveling and playing

Number of children: 3

Occupation: Retired but was the voice for Automated Attendants. Coined the phrase: "Thank you for calling XYZ company, press 1 for sales, press 2 for _____"

Other information you wish to share: Happy to already have lost 9lbs in 2 weeks!

7/17/19 5:41 P

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Name: Donald (Don)

Birthday: July 1959

State you live in: Virginia

Hobbies: I love to read and walk. Crossword puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles.

Number of children: 2 Both adults now.

Occupation: Production worker.

Other information you wish to share I am a numbers geek.

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7/16/19 5:45 P

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Name: Donna


State you live in: Pennsylvania

Hobbies: I like to read , I don't have hobbies that I so all the time

Number of children: 2

Occupation: looking

Other information you wish to share I love to walk, I love animals, I am semi retired but I am looking for something as I need to pay down things after our move here.

Lehighton, Pa
BLC 27-to-42
Powerful Prism Panther team

Focus....Eat right & keep moving!!
Eastern time

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7/16/19 9:35 A

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Name: Dreama

Birthday: May 21, 1970

State you live in: Wyoming

Hobbies: I like to crochet

Number of children: Five

Occupation: I clean houses for a living. Not sure what the official title would be. I'm self-employed

Other information you wish to share: I'm not sure right now. Morning brain. :)


Consistency is Key
Always be kind

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7/12/19 11:06 A

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Name: My name is Chris Greenwood aka mommy5321

Birthday: October 5, 1960

State you live in: I live in a state of confusion a lot... But my state that I live in is Indiana

Hobbies: Sewing, diamond painting, playing games on my phone and PC, reading,

Number of children: I have 5 children (3boys, 2girls) but I lost one girl to death just a year ago. I have 7 grandchildren (3boys,4girls) and three great-grandchildren (1boy, 2girls)

Occupation: retired housewife... I am retire with my husband for about 3 years now. I am not retired from the housework but my hubby helps do a lot of the cooking, and cleaning since he retire. So I am a tired housewife.

Other information you wish to share: I have been married for 28 years this July 20, 2019. As I have said before I lost my oldest girl of 35 to a heart attack just a year ago. In fact the first anniversary was July 1, 2019. My oldest son is in prison and so is his wife. They have approx.7 years left to serve.

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7/11/19 7:13 A

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Name: Kara Beth Thompson (I go by Kara Beth :) )

Birthday: November 30th

State you live in: Kentucky (Go Wildcats!)

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, reading, singing, piano, going to church, choir

Number of children: 1 very adventurous four year old :)

Occupation: I work as an event coordinator for a grant through Partners for Education in the public school system

Other information you wish to share: I am working very hard and trying to make slow, progressive changes to a lifestyle change. I understand it will be difficult to break habits I have formed for the majority of my life, but I am hopeful with dedication I can do it.

CD23904298 Posts: 1,680
7/10/19 12:31 P

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7/10/19 10:14 A

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Name: Jennifer but go by Jenny

Birthday: 3/29/80

State you live in: Wisconsin

Hobbies: writing reading knitting crocheting cross stitching

Number of children: none

Occupation: n/a

Other information you wish to share I am in recovery from both materialism aka compulsive spending and compulsive overeating I also am a leader of a lay ministry as well

My name is Jenny. Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

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7/10/19 12:48 A

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Name: Mya

Birthday: 8/17/54

State you live in: Texas

Hobbies: Reading and coloring

Number of children: 2

Occupation: retired

Other information you wish to share enjoy 2 dogs and my husband for 44 yrs.

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7/9/19 10:58 P

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Name: Laura Strnad

Birthday: 5-14-1957

State you live in: Wisconsin

Hobbies: Reading books, cooking, puzzles, board games, games on computer, writing, cooking, baking

Number of children: 1

Occupation: Retired for now

Other information you wish to share I have been a Christian since 1997. I took a course with the Institute for Children's Literature to learn how to write for kids.I worked at Bible camp before cooking for kids. I have one cat named Aphrodite. I was married for 28 years to my belated husband Myron who passed away in 2006.

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My name is Laura and I live in Wisconsin. I am a Powerful Prism Panther.

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Name: Linda

Birthday: January 19, 1949

State you live in: West Virginia close to Elkins, WV

Hobbies: Arts & Crafts, Spark, reading biographies, mission stories, etc., computer work, bird watching

Number of children: 3 daughters, 1 grandson

Occupations I've had: artist, secretary, nurse's aid, housewife (this being the last & best)

Other information you wish to share:
• I've loved Jesus all my life, was baptized at 9 yrs. old, came into a close, healing relationship with God in 1990
• was married on July 10, 1977 so I've been married for 42 yrs. this year :-)
• Love animals: have owned & loved horses, dogs & cats. Our latest is a kitty named Misty.

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7/9/19 7:38 A

Name: Ruthann emoticon but first name is really Lois

Birthday: March 19th

State you live in: Tennessee

Hobbies: Play Piano, Read Non-Fiction Books

Number of children: 3 (2 living)

Occupation: retired teacher

Other information you wish to share: I gave my life to Jesus as a young child,
I have been married to my one and only DH for 49 years, I have 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild to be born in November. I love meeting people and form friendships quickly.

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CD24510184 Posts: 3,972
7/9/19 7:31 A

Highlight by left click on the mouse,
Hit the CTRL button and the Letter C at the same time
Click on the Reply button at the top.
(It takes you to an empty box, RIGHT CLICK ON YOUR MOUSE AND POST MESSAGE.)



State you live in:


Number of children:


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