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1/4/13 1:19 P

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You are doing a great job continuing to breastfeed as much as you possibly can. Congrats on your success this time. Frankly breastfeeding is is truly challenging. I honestly think that pushing out the baby was a cake walk comparitively! Add in the challenge of losing weight and maintaining your sanity along with juggling home, other children and partners, it's no wonder why you might feel stressed. I am just starting to focus on weight loss and I am almost 6 months postpartum. I feel similarly frustrated and disappointed with the current state of my body. Breastfeeding comes with amixture of positive and negative feelings, all just as valid. I hope you are finding some success. I second the strategy of making your calories count! Choose good fats, not empty calories, when you splurge on snacks and treats.

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12/26/12 10:00 A

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Congrats on 6 months, most people I know are lucky to make it to 1 month. *pat on the back*

I know this is late! Shoot at this point you have either stopped already or decided to keep on. I just wanted to add my 2 cents. ;)

At 6 months they start eating foods. They still need milk and formula, but at around 8 months most of that comes from the food. So, you won't have to worry about how filling your supply is as much. You can supplement with formula too if you feel you need to. Breastfeed at minimal to give the advantages of BFing while also allowing yourself to cut your calories without affecting your child's diet. There are options mama, it doesn't have to be all or none. ;)

You do what is best for you and your child and do not let anyone make you feel bad about you for it! If you emotionally need to wean then do it! If you emotionally can't, then don't. If you want to bit of both World's find the right way to compromise between them both. GL!

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11/19/12 4:33 P

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You received a lot of great advice. You aren't being selfish, breastfeeding is tough! It doesn't have to be all or nothing. If you supply suffers, supplement with formula. That dip may in supply may be temporary.

You are leading a healthier lifestyle. Even though you aren't seeing the benefits immediately, you are making choices for the long term. I hope you find some peace soon!

11/14/12 10:13 A

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Congratulations on making it to six months - that's great!

I definitely feel that it's worth playing around to find the right balance. Moderation is really key. The good news is, moderation is perfect for mamas!

What works for me:
* Lots of small, healthy snacks.
* Lots of protein and nutrient-rich foods - make your calories count!
* Lots of liquid! That makes a huge difference in my supply.
* Managing stress - if you get stressed (whether about life or diet) your supply will suffer.

Oh yeah, and not eating my daughters' leftovers, even the tasty-looking ones :)
Hope this helps!

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11/13/12 4:34 P

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First off-good for you for bfing for 6 mos!

It sounds like you need to find a happy medium. Instead of adding in 500 cal, try 250 or 300 and see how that goes for 2 weeks. You may have to adjust up/down a little.

Also, I think consistency is key-not just hard core working out. Try doing moderate exercise 5x a week? Not sure what you're doing now but change it up a little. I was doing cardio 6x a week but plateaued weight wise. I added in 2 days of light weights and lost a few lbs right away. I went down to cardio 3x a week and weights 3x a week (only for about 25 min tops) and dropped the rest of my weight. I just had to find the right balance which took me a awhile.

Hang in there and good luck!

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11/13/12 2:11 P

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No judging here. I have a love hate relationship too. I've worked very hard to keep BFing, but feel a little enslaved. I went to a wedding and drank so I couldn't feed DD that night-I felt horrible, almost guilty because I couldn't feed her and all she wanted was me...(I think she really just wanted comfort, she also slept in her crib that night because I wouldn't let DH put her in bed with me-which is where she really wants to be).
I have lost the weight and honestly haven't paid much attention to calorie intake, so I can't really help you there...but thought I'd let you know you aren't alone in feeling this way.

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11/13/12 10:58 A

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(Please don't judge me or be mean)
I'm really struggling emotionally. Since losing the initial weight right after baby, I've just stopped. I can't seem to lose any more. If I work out too much or restrict calories, my supply suffers and if I just add 500 calories to my daily total, I don't lose at all.

I've breast fed for 6 months so far and he's my 3rd child and the first I've successfully breastfed. I have never been so proud of myself for anything else in my life.
My self esteem is really taking a beating though. I just want to lose the weight and feel pretty again and I know that sounds so incredibly selfish. It is selfish.

I can't justify stopping when I've worked so hard to breastfeed and I love love it, but I hate that it's keeping me from feeling good about myself.

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