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12/3/13 8:30 A

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Any talk of running a new contest starting in the new year? I need a nudge.

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11/1/13 1:24 P

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Shopping and preparing. I plan to be successful.

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7/11/13 12:07 P

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Were winners announced? Hadn't heard anything and just wanted to see :). Like to always send out my congratulations when I can :).

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6/20/13 3:28 P

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Printables and Resources for "The Spark Solution" Challenge

Here are some printables to make following the challenge a bit easier. Click the links for printable PDFs.
Daily Reflection, Shopping List Template, and NEAT Sheet

Shopping List for the 2-Week Program

NOTE: The above links are shared on Google Drive. To print, go to "File," then either download or print the file.

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How to Measure Food Using Your Hand

6 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

The 8 Habits of Super Successful Dieters

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emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
It has been almost two months since “The Spark Solution” came out, and we wanted to share a few observations I’ve made after reading your blogs, listening to your stories, and answering your questions.

“The Spark Solution” can be taken as written, or it can be taken piecemeal. We tested the program on people who followed it exactly, but we understand that life is what happens when we’re making other plans. The book assumes that you’re making breakfast, lunch and snacks for one but cooking dinner for four. We know this doesn’t apply to everyone’s lifestyle. That’s OK. You might end up with leftovers for another dinner or divide the recipe to suit your needs. Maybe you hate broccoli or need to swap tofu for chicken. That’s OK. We have heard that some readers can’t do all the exercises as written or are in training for a 5K so need to change the cardio a bit. That’s OK. Some of you are juggling the plan while traveling for business, recovering from surgery, or dealing with major life issues. You will need to make adjustments. That’s OK.

Whether you lose one pound or six during the first two weeks, whether you cook 14 dinners from the book or just four, whether you work out as the plan suggests or did your own thing, that’s OK. Neither “The Spark Solution” nor SparkPeople is about perfection. It’s about doing your best, finding some satisfaction with where you are now, and enjoying this journey.

When you focus on the mistakes, you can’t learn from them.
You are not dumb if you eat a cookie (or a whole box of them).
You are not a failure if you don’t cook dinner for yourself (no matter what you eat instead).
You are not a quitter if you sleep in instead of working out (even if you do no formal activity today).

The book aims to set an example, to show you what’s possible.
The #1 hurdle you face when trying to lose weight is not your body. It’s your mind.
These sections of the book are worth re-reading if you’re struggling with the motivation aspect:

On pages 11-12, we say (emphasis added):
we help you press the reset button. There’s no place for self-loathing or negative thoughts about your body or your potential. Your inner skeptic is silenced, and your inner believer is awakened. Starting now, you will believe in yourself, because you can and you will do this.
And knowing that makes all the difference in your long-term potential for success. We hear over and over from our members who tell each other, “If I can do it, anyone can do it!” Accepting a new mind-set about weight loss will allow you to slowly build back your confidence until nothing can stop you, with your health and in other areas of life.

Page 5:
Those who failed did so within the first two weeks, and we know what they did wrong. Those who succeeded were motivated from day one and even more motivated after two weeks on the program, thanks to the goals we helped them set. We’ll share what we learned from both groups. …

Like all of you, these members wanted to lose weight. Like many of you, they had tried to lose weight and quit, repeatedly. But when they came to SparkPeople, something changed.
Something clicked. They built momentum, changed their mind-set about weight loss, and boosted their metabolism through simple swaps and healthy habits. Rather than giving up on their goals, they stayed motivated until they reached them—and then set more.

If you didn’t lose as much as you expected to, take a look at page 8, “Six Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight Already.” Be honest with yourself as you read through that list. Do any of them apply to you?

We want to help you become your healthiest, happiest self. Maybe that started a little more than two weeks ago, or maybe you’re just not there yet. If you want a “do-over” because you've tried to lose weight in the past, this is it.

For added motivation, take advantage of the SparkCoach subscription you were gifted for ordering the book, which will help boost your motivation. Read through the book, and plan ahead. Anticipate your hurdles before they block your path.

Use the Nutrition Tracker to help you plan ahead for the next two weeks. Read a meal plan, modify as needed, and stick to it. The recipes in the book are available on your Nutrition Tracker, so you can easily swap them into your plan and see how they will fit into your calorie budget for the day.

If you want to add the recipes from "The Spark Solution" to your Nutrition Tracker, click on the tab marked "Recipes," then scroll down. You will see a drop-down list with all the recipes from the book. Add them as desired, but do not share them.

What if my problem isn't my body? If you are finding that your mind is your biggest hurdle, as it usually is for me, I invite you to read through these blog posts, written with the intent of calming that inner voice that prevents us from being our best self.

FAQS about "The Spark Solution" Summer Challenge
What if I already did the 14-day plan? Can I still win prizes?

Yes! If you have already done "The Spark Solution" 14-day program, we hope you're sticking with the healthy habits you built during those two weeks. You can still join the challenge and win prizes--just keep going with your program and check in at least once a week here on the official "Spark Solution" SparkTeam.

How do I join The Spark Solution Summer Challenge?
It's easy. You're already on the team, so just read the book along with the rest of us, and report back on how you're doing at least once a week. If you've already been on the program for a few weeks, please share your progress with the team. Offer encouragement to those who are just getting started, and tell us about your successes.

What can I win?
One lucky team member will receive a $250 Visa gift card, while five others will each receive a $25 gift certificate to the SparkPeople Store.

How will you select the winners? When will we find out?
We will choose the winners randomly from those who join "The Spark Solution" Summer Challenge. We will contact the winners on or around July 8, 2013.
NOTE: If you have questions about the program, please ask them in the forum rather than via SparkMail so that others can benefit from the answers.
Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I look forward to hearing more about your successes—and your struggles.
Spark Cheers,

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