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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

My Exercise: 120 + 120+ 120+ 120 = 480
My Awesome: 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 40
My Fiber: 18 + 17 + 17= 52

Team Exercise 480
Team Awesome 40
Team Fiber 52

Each day is a new day! Remember to breath and relax!

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This is for information only. PLEASE POST YOUR RESULTS ON YOUR CHALLENGE TEAM PAGE. And post questions and comments on the discussion thread. Thanks!
emoticon Challenge #4 Saturday, July 21 - Friday, July 27 emoticon
emoticon DESTINATION - Maui, Hawaii U.S.A. 11,473 Miles - Out of Sight Out of Mind (0S0M) & Fiber & Exercise

The challenge begins Saturday morning. Exercise & Out of Sight Out of Mind (0S0M) & Fiber done prior to SATURDAY DOES NOT COUNT!!!!!

emoticon Maui is an island in the Central Pacific, part of the Hawaiian archipelago. Maui has 30 miles of beaches for breathtaking sunrises and sunsets!

Aloha! Enjoy the friendly greeting at the airport as we are bestowed with orchid leis and big smiles from mayor Alan Arakawa. A lei is a wreath of flowers presented upon arrival as a symbol of affection. There is an amazing park and undeveloped beach specially setup for our glamping. Please choose your accommodation in advance so it is ready upon arrival. Choose lessons in hula dancing, yukele playing or surfing! Please dress in colorful swimsuits, Hawaiian muumuus or shirts or grass skirts. Day time enjoy the beach or hop on a tour bus. Evenings there will be luaus on the beach; a traditional Hawaiian party and a Spark feast accompanied by traditional Hawaiian entertainment with music and hula. Maui has gone all out for us!

Glamping Choicies

Beautiful Beaches

1 minute of exercise = 1 air mile

DAILY MAXIMUM 120 exercise minutes/air miles.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Living the Good Life 'Awesome' Out of Sight Out of Mind (0S0M) & Fiber

40% of everyday activity happens automatically, yes by habit. If we have good habits, we are likely to be healthier, happier and more productive.

This week, let's test a maxim: if you do not see something frequently, you will forget about it. Let's focus on making a healthy new habit, Out of Sight Out of Mind aka 0S0M (pronounced awesome - some poetic license here).

We have naughty foods in our kitchens or other places around the house, at work, in our vehicles, and we know we should not have it. Maybe it's leftover Valentine chocolates lingering on the counter, a candy dish at the office, an open bag of chips in the pantry, peanuts by the sofa, ice cream treats in the fridge, a cookie jar on the counter, etc.

This week keep your kitchen counters tidy with NO visible food. If others in your household have junk foods, sweets, chips, crackers, etc. within your sight and easy reach, find a new place for them to find it, so you do not see it and get tempted to nibble. In the fridge place foods like this on lower shelves, in the pantry stash it out of sight (behind something else), and in the freezer bury the ice creams and frozen treats under the frozen vegetables and other healthier foods. Make a conscious effort to NOT have calorie dense (empty calorie) foods within easy reach or in your line of sight. And in general keep the counters tidy of food so you are not tempted to have unplanned meals/snacks. Also it helps to stay out of the kitchen between meals.

Each day you keep naughty foods (you know what they are!) out of sight and DO NOT go looking for them, give yourself 10 points - all or nothing!

emoticon Summary

Record all exercise minutes. It's 11,473 Miles Exercise Minutes/Air miles. DAILY MAXIMUM 120 exercise minutes/miles.

Scoring: 1 minute of exercise = 1 air mile

Living the Good Life - 'Awesome'

Awesome' Out of Sight Out of Mind, OSOM - keep naughty foods (you know what they are!) out of sight and DO NOT go looking for them = 10 points per day - all or nothing. Daily MAXIMUM 10 points

1 gram of fiber = 1 point. Daily maximum 35 grams/points to record.

You can record this on one thread. (example)

My Exercise: 20
My Awesome: 10
My Fiber: 15

(Challengers please note: If your device isn't compatible to copy/paste please simply enter your points/numbers as shown above, and the team total can be picked up by the next person to post or one of the Challenge Leaders.)

This new rule is not meant to say the totals didn't have to be added at all. The purpose of the new rule was to make it easier for those using mobile devices to post because of the difficulty of copy/paste.

The person following a post with no total is asked to add that total along with their own in order to keep up the running total.

Team Exercise: 130 + 20 = 150
Team Awesome: 40 + 10 = 50
Team Fiber: 60 + 15 = 75

****Remember if for any reason your health does not allow you to participate in a challenge please does not attempt it. Always follow your doctor's orders.

****Please participate to the best of your ability and accept healthy challenges to nudge you into trying new things. It`s intended to be all inclusive so we can enjoy the challenges together. Let your team leaders know if you have any questions or suggestions to adapt physical challenges.

RECORDING THE TEAM SCORES - After the first three teams arrive, ALL teams will continue to add points until MIDNIGHT Friday. This will give the other teams a chance to make it to the destination and do a little exploring. Those that don't make it will be flown in and begin the next leg of the race with the other teams.

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