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This is for information only. PLEASE POST YOUR RESULTS ON YOUR CHALLENGE TEAM PAGE. And post questions and comments on the discussion thread. Thanks!
emoticon Challenge #5 Saturday, July 28 - Friday, Aug 3 emoticon
emoticon DESTINATION - Victoria, Seychelles 10,023 Miles - 9" Plate & Awesome = Out of Sight Out of Mind (0S0M) & Exercise

The challenge begins Saturday morning. Exercise & 9" Plate & Awesome = Out of Sight Out of Mind (0S0M) done prior to SATURDAY DOES NOT COUNT!!!!!

The stunning and unspoiled Seychelles, a small island nation, is an archipelago of 115 of granite and coral islands (most uninhabited) in the Indian Ocean, 994 miles off the east coast of Africa. The capital city Victoria, is one of the smallest capitals in the world with 70,000 people, almost the whole nation’s population! It is on Mahé, the largest island, about 17 miles long by 5 miles wide. At city center sits Victoria Clocktower, a national monument reminiscent of London's "Big Ben". Visit the local art galleries and craft markets to soak up the city's friendly charm. Enjoy the Natural History Museum and Seychelles National Botanical Garden that showcases rare palms and native orchids, the special Jellyfish tree and carnivorous Seychelles Pitcher plant. Next stop Sir Selwyn Clarke Market which sells spices, fruit, and souvenirs. A day on foot is ample time to see the city, so lots of time to see the mountain rainforests of Morne Seychellois National Park and experience a wide range of activities at the beautiful beaches - swimming, diving, snorkeling, surfing, and sailing .

Also we must visit the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Praslin Island. The unusually beautiful flora and fauna draws thousands of visitors to the only place in the world where you will find the rare coco de mer palm, which produces the largest nut in the world. The reserve is also home to rare birds such as the Seychelles bulbul, fruit pigeon, and the black parrot.



Race - You must exercise to earn air miles to get your team to the destination.

1 minute of exercise = 1 air mile

DAILY MAXIMUM 120 exercise minutes/air miles.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Living the Good Life – The 9 Inch Plate & Awesome - Out of Sight Out of Mind (OSOM)

Size matters! We use visual cues to determine how much to eat and if you have a bigger plate, you will likely want to fill it up. When we are dieting, or just trying to eat healthier we have to consider portion control (avoiding oversized amounts). A 9 inch plate has less space to cover than a 12 inch.

Alex Bogusky a co-author of the book "The 9-Inch Diet" got his idea for this book when he purchased a house from the 1940s. Upon moving in, he found that his standard-sized dinner plates could not fit into the 1940s cabinets. Over the decades, dinner plates dramatically increased in size, from 8.5 inches to 12 inches in diameter. He correlates this expansion in plate size with Americans' expansion in waistlines.

We tend to eat with our eyes and not our stomachs. Many restaurants use large plates and bowls for serving meals so consider - ordering from the child's menu, ordering an appetizer for your meal or immediately bagging up half of the entrée for another meal later.

The Small Plate Movement is a way to reduce over-consumption of food and the problems associated with this wasteful practice. A two inch difference in plate diameter - from 12" to 10" plates - would result in 22% fewer calories being consumed. If a typical dinner has 800 calories, a smaller plate would lead to a weight loss of around 18 pounds per year for an average size adult.

Smaller plates + smaller, more balanced servings = smaller waistlines

This week replace your regular plate with a 9" plate. Measure your plates to find a 9”, and if needed buy a plate at the $1 Store or use a 9" paper plate. If you must use a regular sized plate, be sure to leave a clean border of at least an inch around.

Okinawans eat fewer calories than the average person due to a cultural practice of eating until you are only 80 percent full called Hara Hachi Bu.

Note - Simply replace the regular plate most people use with a 9" inch plate (or smaller), NOT heaped up and NO seconds. We are not specifying about what goes on the plate or anything about what else is served, it's just the plate. You can still use a bowl for cereal, salads, soup, etc.

Score 10 points for each day that you use The 9 Inch Plate for all your meals with the exception of bowl foods like soup, salad and cereal.

emoticon Summary 9" Plate & Awesome = Out of Sight Out of Mind (OSOM)

Record all exercise minutes. Its 10,023 Exercise Minutes/Air miles. DAILY MAXIMUM 120 exercise minutes/miles.

Scoring: 1 minute of exercise = 1 air mile

Living the Good Life - 9 Inch Plate For All Meals!

Use a 9 Inch Plate for all your meals for the day = 10 points

Daily maximum 10 points or 0 No part score, all or nothing.

'Awesome' Out of Sight Out of Mind, OSOM - keep naughty foods (you know what they are!) out of sight and DO NOT go looking for them = 10 points per day - all or nothing.

You can record this on one thread. (example)

My Exercise: 45
My 9" Plate: 10
My Awesome: 10

Team Exercise 85 (total from last post) + 45 = 130
Team 9" Plate 50 + 10 = 60
Team Awesome: 40 + 10 = 50

(Challengers please note: If your device isn't compatible to copy/paste please simply enter your points/numbers as shown above, and the team total can be picked up by the next person to post or one of the Challenge Leaders.)

This new rule is not meant to say the totals didn't have to be added at all. The purpose of the new rule was to make it easier for those using mobile devices to post because of the difficulty of copy/paste.

The person following a post with no total is asked to add that total along with their own in order to keep up the running total.

****Remember if for any reason your health does not allow you to participate in a challenge please does not attempt it. Always follow your doctor's orders.

****Please participate to the best of your ability and accept healthy challenges to nudge you into trying new things. It`s intended to be all inclusive so we can enjoy the challenges together. Let your team leaders know if you have any questions or suggestions to adapt physical challenges.

RECORDING THE TEAM SCORES - After the first three teams arrive, ALL teams will continue to add points until MIDNIGHT Friday. This will give the other teams a chance to make it to the destination and do a little exploring. Those that don't make it will be flown in and begin the next leg of the race with the other teams.

Happy Sparker Lynn 'A good girl with bad habits'

Greater Vancouver, BC Canada
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