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Challenge #7 Leh India 8,634 Mi & Bedtime Routine

This is for information only. PLEASE POST YOUR RESULTS ON YOUR CHALLENGE TEAM PAGE. And post questions and comments on the discussion thread. Thanks!
emoticon Challenge #7 Aug 11 - Aug 17 emoticon
emoticon DESTINATION - Leh, Ladakh India 8,634 Miles - Bedtime Routine & 20 Minute Meal

The challenge begins Saturday morning. Bedtime Routine & 20 Minute Meal & Exercise done prior to SATURDAY DOES NOT COUNT!!!!!

Far north in India, high up in the majestic Himalayan mountains, sits Leh a high-desert city at 11,562 feet! For centuries it was an important stopover on ancient trade routes between India and China. This area is known for its incredible scenery and Buddhist temples. The exotic Leh Palace, built in the 1600’s is in the style of the then Dalai Lama’s home in Tibet. It overlooks the old town’s bazaar and mazelike lanes. Leh is a favorite destination for trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts. Participate in the festival season and cultural elements - monuments, monasteries, literature, art, and fairs. Also enjoy polo and archery lessons in scenic locations, have a camel ride or raft on the Indus River, and stop for a delicious picnic lunch. Simplicity is the way of life as modernity has not touched the town.

Now off to the tent resort, with a dazzling 360 degree view. Challengers can enjoy the remote natural environment and be ensconced in luxury. You will stay in a large luxury climate-controlled tent furnished with a chandelier, four-poster bed, bathroom, hot shower and a private deck, complete with a library and a personal butler. Chefs will prepare food you will love; all made to order with fresh ingredients to create Spark friendly Indian and international dishes to your personal taste. Enjoy glamping in the beautiful mountains of Ladakh!


Race - You must exercise to earn air miles to get your team to the destination.

1 minute of exercise = 1 air mile

DAILY MAXIMUM 120 exercise minutes/air miles.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Living the Good Life – Bedtime Routine & 20 Minute Meal emoticon

A good evening routine promotes relaxation and a better sleep. Creating and maintaining a night time schedule provides a sense of routine, and in some cases, something to look forward to. Some sort of regularity eases day-to-day stresses.

As adults we may be lax at what time we go to bed, but having a set bedtime is beneficial to our health and quality of sleep. Consider your evening routine as starting after dinner. What do you routinely do in the evening? Do you have set times to accomplish these things? This week make a bedtime countdown schedule for yourself. Start with setting your bedtime, then backing up from there. What things do you need to accomplish before so you are in bed by that time? Be realistic there are times you will be going to bed later and that is ok, still have some structure in your timing so there is a sense of importance about going to bed and having a great sleep.

Some parts of your evening routine can be done earlier in the evening so there is less to do in the last few minutes before bedtime. For instance brushing your teeth can be done any time after dinner. If you are not going out, you can give yourself permission to get into your pyjamas earlier. Doing these tasks can start the process of relaxation and make the transition into a great sleep much easier.

What are things in your evening routine – walking the dog, supervising homework, putting the kids to bed, laundry, phone calls, TV, making lunches, exercise, soaking in the tub, medications, Sparking, household chores, etc. Can you set a time to start and finish these tasks?

Include a time to turn off tech. With all the online buzz Spark, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, etc. and all the pop-up notifications on the phones and computers, it is hard to turn off. But Spark will still be here tomorrow.

Keeping a regular sleep schedule—even on weekends—maintains the timing of the body's internal clock and can help you fall asleep and wake up more easily.

While it is suggested you have a pre-determined evening routine, what you are really aiming for is having a set bedtime. One way to make sure you stick to a schedule is to set an alarm for bedtime just like you set an alarm for waking up. Set it 30 minutes to an hour before you want to go to bed to remind yourself it's time to wind down. Have some sense of urgency about getting to bed on time.

To score points set a reasonable bedtime and get into bed by YOUR pre-determined bedtime. If you are in bed by YOUR bedtime score 10 points. If you dawdle and distract yourself and do not get to bed on time, score zero points.

emoticon Summary

Record all exercise minutes. It's 8,634 Minutes/Air miles. DAILY MAXIMUM 120 exercise minutes/miles.

Scoring: 1 minute of exercise = 1 air mile

Living the Good Life

Get to Bed On Time = 10 points - all or nothing

20 Minute Meal = 5 points per meal all or nothing. If you eat in less than 20 minutes, no points for that meal. Daily MAXIMUM 15 points

You can record this on one thread. (example)

My Exercise: 120
My Get to Bed: 10
My 20 Minute Meal: 15

Team Exercise: 1655 + 120 = 1775
Team Get to Bed: 100 + 10 = 110
Team 20 Minute Meal: 60 + 15 = 75

****Remember if for any reason your health does not allow you to participate in a challenge please do not attempt it. Always follow your doctor's orders.

****Please participate to the best of your ability and accept healthy challenges to nudge you into trying new things. It`s intended to be all inclusive so we can enjoy the Challenges together. Let your Team Leaders know if you have any questions or suggestions to adapt for your personal issues.

RECORDING THE TEAM SCORES - After the first three teams arrive, ALL teams will continue to add points until MIDNIGHT Friday. This will give the other teams a chance to make it to the destination and do a little exploring. Those that don't make it will be flown in and begin the next leg of the race with the other teams.

(((Hugs))) CULighter, Ceri Central PA EST
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