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9/8/13 3:20 P

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Check out - it looks like the 2000-ish calories are appropriate. I have a fear of going that high, too, but I will try. Before I got pregnant, I was in too much of a deficit and when I added 300-500 more calories a day to compensate for an aggressive workout regimine I saw more weight loss. I would imagine it could be the same with breastfeeding.

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3/12/13 12:21 A

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I have both sp and babyfit accounts. I routinely use sp and not babyfit. I started using sp and it's not possible to transfer all of my stored foods/exercises into babyfit. Babyfit is great for information though I also feel the calorie ranges are too high. I've done lots of research about pregnancy and breastfeeding with respect to calorie needs. Basically it breaks down to adding 100 cal in your first trimester, 200 cal in your second trimester, 300 cal in your third trimester and then 500 cal while breastfeeding (aka 4th trimester). Use this as your guide and adjust your calorie range in sp accordingly. Once you add 500 cal, eat as you normally would and see where your calories are after a week or two. Some people need all 500 extra calories for their milk production and some need a little less or a little more.

Babyfit is part of sp because you're not suppose to be trying to lose weight when you're pregnant/breastfeeding. You're focus is suppose to be nourishing your baby. With both of my girls I used sp and added the calories for each trimester.

Remember it took 9 months to put on the weight and it will take 9 months to lose the weight. Since you have 20 lbs to lose I would think you could lose the weight in less than 9 months but with breastfeeding the recommended amount of weight loss is 1lb per week.

I hope this helps. If not ask me more questions and I'll try to answer them :)

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3/3/13 5:24 P

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I am trying to lose 20 pounds post my second baby.
I came to spark people and was using range of 1200-1550 calories and working out.
I have been so hungry and new you needed 300-500 more calories due to breastfeeding.
I then found out about babyfit.
It says I can have between 2080-2380 calories a day. I don't trust it because it is not letting me do a full set up and that seems like a lot of calories. Not sure if website works. Does anybody know. Why is there this resource center on SP if people could use babyfit
I am now afraid I am eating too little and messing with my metabolism. I thought If I didn't count breastfeeding calories I could lose weight quicker than I read this article basics of weight loss while breastfedding

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