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24 Ways to Get Fit for Less Than $25

Work Out on a Budget


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We even have a SparkTeam for BodyRockers:
Hope to see y'all there!!! Report
What a great list! My husband and I have debated about stopping our gym membership and this gave us a lot of ideas! We recently found a new walking trail that we can access by walking from our home! It ends up being about a 3 mile walk/hike with lots of hills!! I love it and it is FREE!! Report
You missed one suggestion regarding exercise videos - trade with your friends, neighbors, coworkers. When you're bored with a workout or have progressed beyond a basic one, check with others to see if they have any you could trade or borrow. I've been looking into getting the Zumba DVDs, and before I lay out all that money, I'm going to borrow my friend's set to see if it's something I like.

Also, check out ExerciseTV.TV and websites. There are lots of workouts there.
So many great ideas! I'm definitely going to add a resistance band and a few new DVDs to our home gym! Report
I found that Ocean state, big lots and the 5 dollar store has alot of these items for so much less. I bought the benderball a couple years ago for 20 dollars and i found the same ball at Ocean State for 5 dollars. Thats just one of my good finds...lots more out there. Report
Some of the things listed here like yoga/pilates and personal training are only less than $25 if you only do one session.

A one-off session isn't going to do much for your long-term fitness.

2/3 Report
I got a used aerobics step for free using Hosed it off in the back yard and it's good as new. Report
Thanks so much for including the public library in your list! I've found my library's DVD collection to be a great way to try-before-I-buy! Report
You forgot an important freebee - ask a friend to join you on a regular basis. You can motivate each other, and have "friend" time for free!

Also, as park of your "park" answer - your county parks commission may have free or low cost classes and rentals. Here in Cincy, you can rent a kayak or canoe for $10, take a kayaking class for $60, or just get an annual park pass for $5. Report
I was hoping to see hula hoop on the list. Mine was under $5 and so much fun to do. Loved the article!!! I have a fixed income and will definately use some of these ideas to switch up my routine. Thank you for the great ideas! Report
Great article. A reminder that you don't have to purchase an fitness machine to enjoy getting fit.
On exercise DVDs, I've had some success in used bookstores (like Half Price Books) that carry videos. You can also find a lot of exercise dvds on Netflix. I saved $40 when I realized that the hula exercise videos I had my eye on hurt my hips and that the belly dancing routines on another were hard to follow for beginners. Report
Very informative article. Just today I was at our local library and asked for exercise DVD's and was informed they are not available in any of the county libraries. And I live in Wake County, home to Raleigh, NC. That's okay, I will make use of ones on Spark People. Report
Leslie Sansone walking tapes are inexpensive and designed for all body types and fitness levels. The great thing about them is that you can invite your neighbors inside for a 1,2,3,4, or even a 5 mile walk, regardless of the weather. I have been using them for years and really find that they help me get motivated again when I start to slack off. Report
Well I wish i could have found a good pair of walking/running shoes for 0 bucks :) .. but typically I would opt for the on sale items. to my disappointment I was constantly suffering from shin splints and cramping in my calves. I would try arch supports, gel inserts, and nothing made it better. Then I FINALLY listened to the rumors about expensive sneakers.. and let me tell you I could have never justified 125 dollars for a pair of running sneakers that would get all muddy and beat up and worn out.. but the truth of the matter is that there was such a drastic difference for me.

I never would have believed it unless i tried it for myself.
I can walk for hours without shin splints. I can run and run, and I even tried a couple of times without really warming up, just to push the limits and no problems.

My ALL Gel sneakers have totally enhanced my fitness experience.

But hey! if you dont suffer I would go for less expensive. I'm just giving those who suffer an option of hope, there is hope for a better experience.

ENJOY! Keep fit! :) Report
Once you purchase a good pair of walking shoes, I believe walking is the best way to get started. I started with 30m minutes a day and worked up to an hour. It didn't cost anything. Where I lived before June, I was the only one walking. Where I live now there are hords of people walking every day. I am one block from the famous Central Park in New York City. There, I have no excuse. There I found 30 tennis courts. I plan to begin playing tennis as soon as I find a partner. Also, no fees. I already have a tennis racket from my younger days. Report

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