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10 Ways to Get 10,000 Steps a Day

Big Ways to Boost Your Daily Activity


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SOME really good suggestions Thanks Report
Thanks Report
Thank goodness for my pup Miss Lilly. She keeps me on my feet.
I have a walking buddy. My dog Report
Good article; great tips!!! Report
I use Leslie Santone’s 3 mile walk video on YouTube and easily get 6000 steps out of it! Look it up on YouTube. It’s a Walk Away The Pounds video. Really gets you moving. Report
I like the one that says "Be Inefficient" works in every way!!! Report
I do a virtual hike so my daily goal is to walk 4-5 miles. If I don't get my walking done outside, I walk in place while watching TV. Report
great article Report
10,000 steps is not an absolute. Current 2019 research shows no benefit past 7500 steps. Also none if the fitness devices are accurate. On labs they wire people & use other means like measuring breaths etc to figure it out.
Currently I am sedentary when not out for my daily walk so need to work on that. Need a headset for my phone & goal is to have a fitness room in my next home. We are relocating very soon, I'm excited. Report
These are great tips and are very doable. Thank you. Report
Good article; great tips!!! Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
Thank You...………. Report

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