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10 Ways to Get 10,000 Steps a Day

Big Ways to Boost Your Daily Activity


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These are great tips and are very doable. Thank you. Report
Good article; great tips!!! Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
Thank You...………. Report
I wear a Garmin. I like to work on my steps while I watch recorded television. Report
I walk while watching TV--either in place, or riding my pedal-cycle. I walk while the movie/TV show is playing, then take a small break at commercial time for bathroom and hydration. Sometimes, I choose a half-hour program and walk/pedal the entire time, before breaking. It may sound too easy for some, but each individual can determine how hard/fast they want to walk or cycle, or to push yourself an extra 10 minutes. Steps add up quickly!! Report
I set a timer on my phone to walk every hour. Report
Good to move every hour. Report
Thanks. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I have a fitbit and walk while watching a movie on TV - first hour of movie for 24 minutes and second hour 24 minutes - no less than that and sometimes more! Report
Great article! Report
I'm a pacer. It helps. Report

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