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How to Cheat Without Cheating

10 Smart Splurges That Won't Doom Your Diet


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Love the ideas! Thanks Report
Good information Report
This is a great article. Thanks for the ideas. Report
thank you Report
thank you Report
Moderation is key, and we all know our weaknesses. If it will set you off then choose something else! Report
Great choices Report
thank you Report
thank you Report
thank you Report
It's not a CHEAT if you plan for it. I don't like the idea of a diet cheat, because it carries the concept of doing something wrong. You are not doing anything bad or wrong if you incorporate treats into your diet plan.

There are not bad foods or good foods. You simply choose to eat your treats in moderation, without blowing your plan. The only time you're cheating is if you overeat - then, you're cheating yourself.

It isn't rocket science. Report
I've found small dark chocolate bars with 150 calories and 7 g of sugar, and I eat one every day. They don't give me cravings. Report
I spread a little peanut butter or almond butter on my Apple or banana Report
I love apple slices dipped in almond butter but this is an occasional "treat", not a "cheat." Report

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