This Is What Happens When Engineers Own Dogs

One dog owner has invented a machine to help his adorable Dachshund get some serious exercise. So fun to watch this little dog having a ball!
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Member Comments

GRITTYBEAR 6/7/2020 10:03:52 PM
This was so cute. I love it! Report
GABY1948 2/9/2020 11:27:18 AM
Great Report
KHALIA2 12/27/2019 9:17:22 AM
Cute and lovable! Report
FRAN0426 12/26/2019 10:22:45 PM
Dreat exercise for the dog, whether your home or not Report
GREEN_EYES2 8/23/2019 12:33:42 PM
Cute ... great exercise for doggies. Report
TOUGHLIKEOX 3/6/2018 12:46:34 PM
Wish I had one of these for my black lab during the cold winter months. Report
CKOUDSI617 2/14/2018 2:42:38 PM
Neat, but I'd be a bit nervous about leaving the machine unattended around children and pets! (Guess I've heard about too many things go wrong in such situations...) I'd have to be there. Report
CD22562937 2/14/2018 8:45:52 AM
What a sweet video. Love that little dog. Report
LOVELY*LADY 7/31/2017 3:13:37 AM
cool Report
LOSER05 4/15/2017 5:39:08 PM
great idea. Report
GRAM39MY 9/18/2016 5:08:15 PM
I need one of these to make exercise fun! I can see my husband laughing when I run to get the ball. Report
KEN94110 7/4/2016 12:18:48 AM
That's very cute & hilarious. Thanks for posting it. Report
CECELW 2/20/2016 11:12:11 AM
Cutest video ever!!! Report
PEGGY-BEE 12/15/2015 5:46:04 PM
My Wiley would so enjoy this, he would no longer have to throw the ball in the air himself to play when I'm too tired. Report
CD8643915 8/13/2015 7:36:07 AM
Fantastic entertainment for your puppy while you are gone. Report