This Enthusiastic Cockatoo Will Brighten Your Day in 25 Seconds

Looks like this bird just made two new best friends. Can't help but smile while watching this!
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Member Comments

GRAMLOCK77 8/26/2019 3:41:57 PM
Cute Report
GREEN_EYES2 8/24/2019 8:39:44 PM
Cute! Report
KHALIA2 8/24/2019 8:07:39 AM
Smart bird! Report
KHALIA2 6/15/2019 11:21:57 AM
Hillarious! Report
DARCY-B 5/8/2019 7:15:16 AM
Awesome! Report
KHALIA2 11/29/2018 9:02:08 AM
So funny! Report
KHALIA2 5/26/2018 2:14:38 PM
Smart bird! Report
GRANDMASUSAN13 5/26/2018 1:43:09 PM
Happy dogs Report
CD17376174 12/26/2016 5:18:49 AM
LOL .. I hope he knows everything about portion control.. LOL.Thank you for the video. It brightened up my day Report
LOULOU1790 5/14/2016 11:04:56 AM
LOL! This video is so funny! A cockatoo feeding dog biscuits to the dogs! It's too funny!
I hope everyone has a Super & Blessed Saturday! Report
BETHSNOW61 6/26/2015 10:56:33 PM
I bet my puppies would love to have a bird like that one around our house. Report
LOULOUWLG40 5/3/2015 11:05:16 PM
lol It's so cute! It's amazing how ya' all come up with all these funny things! Have a blessed day! Report
CD8643915 5/3/2015 7:21:07 AM
Cute - cute! Thanks for sharing a smile! Report
MAKEWEE 5/3/2015 12:33:11 AM
Dumb animals??? I don't think so !! Still laughing... Report
CHERRIET 3/29/2015 11:28:21 PM
Makes me think of the book by Susan Clothier, "If a Dog's Prayers Were Answered, Bones Would Rain from the Sky" Report