93-Year-Old Man Serenades His Dying Wife

Meet Howard and Laura, a couple that will restore your faith in life-long, true love. Howard sings Laura their favorite song as she lays in bed at a hospice facility. Sometimes a song is the only way to express an emotion that words fail.
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Member Comments

NENEBFIT 3/31/2020 9:42:53 PM
I barely made it through this one, I was ugly crying. So much love right there! Report
TLABBOTT 9/27/2018 10:37:58 AM
This is so touching heartwarming to see true love. A love that has stood the test of time. Report
BARBEQUESUE 5/18/2018 6:46:40 AM
Where is my box of tissues?
That was so sweet.
Imagine the love they shared Report
CD3409143 5/29/2017 9:44:50 PM
very touching, they probably knew each other for over three quarters of a century (they were married for 73). I really don't care for the song as they used to use it in an ad up here for the telephone companies my employer was a rival to. But its nice that he serenaded her - its sad that he ended up passing first.
I can't help but think that most people nowadays wouldn't tough it out and would pull the plug long ago. Report
GOYOLIE 5/29/2017 7:58:17 PM
This is what true love looks like❤️ Report
KHALIA2 5/29/2017 8:30:01 AM
This one brought tears to my eyes. Too sweet! Report
VEGGIEPAT 10/4/2016 1:46:02 PM
I cried like a baby! That was so touching. Report
IRINAG25 4/9/2016 6:53:33 AM
What a beautiful moment. I am a nurse who works with the elderly population and had the privilege to witness something similar before. Such a moment always worms my hearth and leaves me with a lasting impression. Report
MSMITH1486 4/2/2016 12:47:47 PM
I really could not talk right now. That was the sweetest video between two humans inlove I have ever seen. So touching. My throat is hurting it was so beautiful. Report
IMAVISION 3/30/2016 3:56:37 PM
I feel utterly blessed to have witnessed that moment in time for two strangers. With tears rolling down my cheeks, all I could think was how I hope that they have both made a decision for Christ, so they will spend eternity together. Also, so I will be able to meet them both in the presence of our Creator God one day. Report
LOULOUWLG403 1/6/2016 1:40:17 PM
SENANG if anyone's tasteless it's you! I thought this was a beautiful video and I'm sitting here blubbering and my makeup is running down my face! Have a Wonderful & Blessed
Wednesday! Report
PURPLESKYWARD 12/30/2015 8:57:55 AM
Reminds me of my parents. Dad used to sing to mum and dance with her to old time music when he visited from his hostel to her nursing home twice a week. Ive lost them both, but watching this made it all flood back. Report
DIANEDOESSMILES 10/22/2015 12:19:48 AM
This is true love. It's what we all want,,,deserve. I hate death, it steals our love ones from our loving eyes, hearts and soul. If one believes death is natural, think of this moment. If it was, he'd want her to be happier, and he'd be all for it. Report
NATALIA_123 10/21/2015 7:11:34 AM
Beautiful! Report
ANNELROETTGER 10/17/2015 3:10:22 PM
sweetheart Report