TV Anchor Blasts Viewer Who Calls Her 'Fat'

What did a TV news anchor do when a viewer called her fat? She didn't cry or ignore it--she took to the airwaves and used the hateful email as an opportunity to promote acceptance and fight bullying.
Jennifer Livingston is a role model for standing up for herself and not letting anyone bully people for their appearances! Need some motivation to love your body? Here are five ways to follow Jennifer's lead
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Member Comments

KATRENIAH 2/19/2020 1:43:57 PM
To those who say that this man was just pointing out something to her, I ask this: what was he expecting to get out of this? I guarantee you that most people not would look at an unsolicited negative opinion from a complete stranger as anything other than rude. Ask yourself this: would you go up to a heavy set person in the grocery store and say that you think that they should be a better role model by losing weight? How would that help that person in any way? She reacted with class and dignity to a person who either didn't think his message through or just wanted to push forward his opinion without regard to the person's feelings. I applaud her for using it as a way to empower others. We're allowed our opinions and thoughts, but that doesn't mean that we always have to share them when they are more about shoving our feelings onto others than about actually helping others, and that's the difference between a wonderful, safe, and ecouraging space like Sparkpeople and other sites that focus more on putting people down than empowering them. Report
KHALIA2 2/19/2020 7:53:24 AM
You told them off in a very nice way, Jennifer! Much better than I would have told them!!!! Report
KHALIA2 12/29/2019 9:59:36 AM
Guess you told them!!! Report
-POOKIE- 9/24/2019 7:14:44 AM
She dealt with this with grace and manners. Unlike the bully who instigated this all. Report
DIANEDOESSMILES 9/24/2019 12:02:35 AM
Years ago we had a news anchor who is large and she was IMHO totally humiliated by the STATION as she tried to lose weight PUBLICLY!!! For quite awhile they'd have her try this, try that, to lose, as they showed her progress. Well, nothing worked long term. Why? Only she really knows.

THANKFULLY she LEFT that station and joined another one, and WOOHOO she's a wonderful weatherwoman and we are HAPPY to have her. It's her brain, her skills, she's accurate and so yes, KUDO's to Sarah in Maine ! Report
REYNAJUST4KIX 4/2/2019 3:49:16 PM
Bullying takes on many different forms. Sometimes it is disguised very well. I think the station did well allowing her to use the email as an opportunity to teach. Report
KHALIA2 12/24/2018 12:35:28 PM
You were very kind in your comments. Report
MARYJOANNA 9/13/2018 8:38:30 AM
Way to go, Jennifer! Very well spoken! Report
JUDYAMK 7/13/2018 9:50:02 AM
to GOGETINBETR if someone walked up to you or sent an email telling you that you are the ugliest person they have ever seen,do not tell me you would not be offended, then they would suggest plastic surgery to you.
How can you say she should not be upset you are not in her skin?? Report
KHALIA2 6/22/2018 9:56:33 AM
You told that person "off" in a very nice way. Much nicer than he told you. Report
BARBEQUESUE 4/14/2018 8:56:44 PM
Great video and what a wonderful message that needs to be shared.
KHALIA2 3/23/2018 3:01:06 PM
Very inspiring! You go,girl! Report
CD3409143 11/17/2017 9:39:56 PM
Like it was really any of his business- don't parents bother to teach their kids MANNERS or decent behavior anymore? Report
CACUJIN 10/11/2017 1:33:47 PM
I feel that come of the comments on this board are rather shallow. If someone takes a different vantage, the care called names and told there is no room for bullying. Well, calling names is bullying.

The message was sent via email which is a personal message. His comments were inquisitive and respectful. Instead of address his views with him on a personal level, this woman choose to make it public by broadcasting it to the world. I am embarrassed for her, not because of her weight, but because of her attitude. If I were watching this broadcast, I would have turned the channel and possibly sent a message of my own to the station: This woman's personal issues do not belong on the broadcast.

Social media has created opportunity for people to be offended and to grandstand their personal issues. It is not okay to bully someone. This woman was deliberately bullying a person that was meaning to be discreet. She shamed them. She is a bully. Report
NANROCKS 9/23/2017 2:37:01 PM
I wonder if the man who wrote this email would have gone up to say that to her if he saw her somewhere?

I totally agree that we should teach kindness, it's too easy to criticize.

Most people usually have enough flaws of their own to take care of before have try to clean up other people's issues. Report