Want to Get Up Earlier to Work Out? Here's All the Motivation You'll Need.

Watch this video before your morning workout for an instant boost of motivation. (We swear, it's better than coffee!)
Need even more motivation? Check out these inspirational quotes to get you moving.
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Member Comments

RACHAEL2020 9/7/2020 10:47:41 AM
Love this video because it asks, "Do you want to go by life doing things the easy way out?" Report
KHALIA2 1/28/2020 8:45:07 AM
Great video!!! And I might add very competitive!!!! Report
SWEETENUFGILL 1/15/2020 2:36:01 AM
argh @FRENCHPETALS thanks for pointing that out..........

and, yes, I'm trying to relate this to my smaller goals of doing my exercises, eating right, drinking water
#RiseAndShine! Report
FRENCHPETALS 11/16/2019 11:11:49 AM
I have issues with this - for all of the same reasons mentioned before, but also with representation. Mostly men, mostly white. When the narrator said "devil on your shoulder" it was a black man reaching out to touch the shoulder of the white man who was passing him on the track. Did you know that African-Americans were called the devil throughout early and recent American history? The editorial staff either made a huge faux paus, or knowingly did this. Hmmm??? Report
KHALIA2 7/22/2019 5:26:53 PM
Very inspiring! Report
NIGHTGLOW 4/23/2019 12:28:42 PM
I'm so glad this video motivates a lot of people. I found it hard to take seriously - way over the top and hitting all the fighting, gritty, manly man competition metaphors. Seemed like I was in boot camp and I just wanted it to stop.

But hey: yay to SparkPeople for always having a variety of tools and approaches for our diverse membership! Report
KHALIA2 4/16/2019 10:50:38 AM
Do what you have to do to keep your body in shape. You only have one chance. You will never have another you. So do it NOW! Report
KHALIA2 4/2/2019 10:46:43 AM
Great video! Report
CD1218475 1/8/2019 11:25:27 PM
All I saw in this video is that everyone had quite possibly lifelong athletes, not striving for fitness. Not very helpful. Report
KHALIA2 11/14/2018 12:00:53 PM
Very inspirational! Report
XENA4LIFE 9/28/2018 9:17:55 PM
This is way over the top ... do not like. I can motivate myself without chiding myself or making it seem like I'm the enemy. Report
KHALIA2 9/13/2018 4:40:17 PM
Very encouraging! Report
CD23699881 9/13/2018 2:26:58 PM
Very good. Report
KHALIA2 9/6/2018 12:06:01 PM
True motivation! Report
PEGGY-BEE 7/20/2018 1:12:29 PM
I love morning exercise but I ease into my day, so this is my not thing, my AM exercise is more therapeutic and calming than most of this. I tend to work out issues and deep think in the early AM rather than excite, more of a late afternoon, early evening activity for me. Everybody is different. Report