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How to Think Yourself Happy


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NENEBFIT 4/16/2020 7:29:17 AM
Our mind is one of our most powerful tools for success. Thanks so much for the reminder!
KHALIA2 3/8/2020 9:10:49 AM
Awesome video!!!!!!!!
KHALIA2 9/13/2019 12:42:02 PM
Great advice!
KHALIA2 5/31/2019 4:08:23 PM
Very well stated!
KHALIA2 4/19/2019 10:43:52 AM
KHALIA2 4/7/2019 8:25:14 AM
A great video!
KHALIA2 1/6/2019 8:55:13 AM
Total truth! Thanks!
KHALIA2 10/7/2018 5:18:04 PM
An "eye opener!"
CKOUDSI617 7/31/2018 10:35:28 AM
I've had people say to me (all different approaches): "You can't just 'turn it on and off', like a light switch!", to which I reply, "Actually, yes. Yes you can!" I'm still practicing...!
KHALIA2 7/2/2018 10:44:40 AM
So true! Thanks!
MBORZOI 6/22/2018 12:52:06 PM
I have seen this work in my life. Its when I shut down & stop connecting that things go dark. A little bravery can lead to a lot of good.
KHALIA2 3/20/2018 3:10:30 PM
Thank you for this one!
GOINGFORSKINNY 2/27/2018 9:42:53 AM
Great video
TBRYAN-LU 1/5/2018 4:48:11 PM
Positive thinking & attitude can only be good for us! Liked what it heard!
JSTETSER 12/9/2017 7:07:45 AM
I'm thinking big! You're awesome Jason!

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