7-Minute Hip-Opener Routine

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Stretch, strengthen and open your hips with this feel-good routine!

Member Comments

Straight into Lizard?!? Hmmm,.......... Report
Good morning! thanks for sharing great workout! Report
Now I know how bad I am at not having flexibility. Report
These are great stretches! Report
This is apparently for people who have hips that already can open to be stretch. Guess need to search some more for something more suitable to my abilities. Report
I agree with DOLPHIN225. I would only attempt 2 of these stretches. Report
Great stretches! I love the lizard pose! Report
Great stretches... I should get better with time! Report
a challenging workout Report
I agree with the people who say this is not for everyone or anyone with joint issues. I bet that I'm not the only one here who would appreciate more stretching exercises for people with artificial joints. I have no desire to go through the surgery again. Report
Thanks for these stretches, I am going to add them to my stretching routine. Report
I probably need these. I am too "stiff" to sit cross-legged and have been unable to sit on my heels for years now. (Might be too late?) I can't use age as an excuse because many ladies much older than me (I'm almost 60) are able to assume these positions. "Use it or LOSE it!", I guess... :) Report
I truly surprised myself by being able to get into a couple of these positions.
I hope I can do them all one day. Report
These exercises really did open up my hips and give me a greater range of motion Report
Agree with CHRISHARP and DOLPHIN225. PLEASE, SparrkPeople, can't you offer a selection of videos for typical Sparkers who are twice this woman's size and a tenth as flexible??? Are you listening, Coach Nicole? Report

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