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SPARKPEOPLE shutting down is a real bummer and let down for millions of us…I still cannot believe “SPARKGUY” Chris is abandoning all of us across the world…especially all our friends living outside the U.S. The old expression “Pulling the rug out from under your feet” rings loud and clear. What a shock!! Where can we go now to find the same community support, motivation, and inspiration that all of us SparkFriends willingly and gladly shared with each other as we all made our daily journey to live our healthy lifestyle???

SPARK360 or SparkAmerica may serve some but for me there is no feel of our SparkPeople community. No groups of like minded friends, no blogs, no “social” feeling. My main thoughts are SparkPeople “died” because chasing* the holy $$$$ and bowing down to big corporate interests became more important than all of SparkPeople “little people” who actually are a little group of “millions”!! Whoever had the bright idea of cities competing against each other at Spark360 as an incentive to exercise & lose weight just does not understand that the real competition is within the individual. The SparkPeople platform could have continued with a monthly subscription that many would have gladly paid but that opportunity was never given to all of. What a shame and loss!!!



Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a wonderful day filled with good nutrition and exercise. I’m so happy I found SparkPeople and all the wonderful Spark support that motivated me to lose 90 pounds and start living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you SparkPeople!!

Here's my story. I have had weight fluctuations ever since I was a teenager and have struggled over the years as a “Yo-Yo” with my weight going up and down while trying to stay on a “diet” to lose weight and get healthy. My Spark story begins back in 2007 when I joined SparkPeople. Over the years I’ve struggled to lose weight as I have come and gone from the community. But, I kept coming back and hoping I would finally be successful. It finally worked for me in 2016 and I lost weight! Here’s a record of my journey to get and stay healthy. My older history is at the end under “Old History”.

October 6, 2016: I've gained weight again and continue to struggle with my weight problem. I'm back at 240 lbs and trying to get motivated to get healthy again. Due to health problems of high blood pressure and high cholesterol my doctor put me on medicine that I've been taking for over a year. I want to not only lose the weight but get off the medications. I also just found out I'm pre-diabetic. My doctor told me to lose 20 pounds and start exercising at least 30 minutes a day and my health problems should improve. He sent me to a class for diabetics and it scared me so much to hear them talking about daily insulin injections and how their daily lives evolved around what they ate and when they ate and monitoring their blood sugar as well as serious side effects from their diabetes, I knew I needed to take action immediately to prevent that happening to me. I was super motivated to change. I joined the 50+ Members With 50-99 Pounds to Lose Team for motivation and accountability. I did weekly weigh-ins with that group during the Fall into the Holidays Challenge with my goal to lose 1 pound a week from Oct-Dec 2016.
Result: Yeah!!! I lost 25 pounds and feel pretty good with lots more energy. Health problems are getting better and my doctor was super pleased with my weight loss results. He patted me on the shoulder, smiled, and said he wished all of his patients took his advice so seriously and acted on it. After this good start at losing weight, now I need to keep going and get below 200 pounds.

January 2017: I've just joined a 5% Winter Challenge (Starfish team) that runs Jan-Mar 2017 and I want to lose at least 1 pound a week. Please wish me luck!! Result: Yeah!!! I lost 15 more pounds and really feel lighter!

March 2017: Yeah!!! I made it to ONEderland!!! At March 11 weigh in, I finally got below 200 lbs...this is the first time I've been below 200 lbs. in 20 years! On the Breaking 200 Team I was added to their “ONE"DERLAND HALL OF FAME for breaking the 200 pound barrier and entering Onederland!!!

Since Oct 2016 I'm down 43 lbs. My basic diet plan has been eat less and exercise more. I've cut down on portion sizes, drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, cut out all junk food and carry out food from my diet, and try to exercise at least 30 minutes or more every day. And, of course, logging my food and exercise daily to Spark which helps keep me accountable. These things have worked for me and helped me keep my focus.

April 2017: I've joined a 5% Spring Challenge (Starfish team again) that runs April 8-June 3. I plan to keep following my new healthy habits and want to lose more pounds. Wish me luck!
Result: I lost 10 pounds.

June 2017: Since I started my current journey to get healthy in October 2016, I've lost 57 pounds and I'm feeling great. I am no longer pre-diabetic, my blood pressure and cholesterol are both at normal levels. My doctor is happy with my progress. He doesn't want to stop the blood pressure and cholesterol medicines, but we are lowering the doses. There is no end to my “diet” this time. There is no end to my current journey to get healthy. No big "reward" at the "end". The journey IS the reward. Learning to make healthy choices by eating healthy and exercising daily will continue to show results over time. The changes in my daily routine from following “Living the Good Life” are really helping me. Started “Callanetics” muscle toning exercises. When I lose 2 more pounds, my BMI leaves obese and moves to the overweight category. Yeah!!!

June 24, 2017: My BMI left obese category and moved down to overweight category. Continuing with Callanetics muscle toning exercises and seeing some improvement after about 3 weeks. Getting ready to start a new 5% Challenge July 1. I'm thinking about slowing down the weight loss to give my body a chance to adjust and if I do this I may be more of a 1-2% weight loss or maybe a weight maintainer during the challenge. But it is a little scary thinking about taking my focus off losing weight because doing this could be a way for me to get off track again (as has happened to me in the past) and go back to previous unhealthy habits. Starting to think about what “maintenance” looks like after I reach my weight loss goal. Going to start reading more information on the At Goal and Maintaining Weight team and see what others have been doing.

July 2017: Joined a 5% Summer Challenge that runs from July 1-August 26 (Starfish Team again).
Result: I lost 3 pounds mid way during this challenge, but by the end I gained them back to my challenge starting weight.

September-December 2017: Did not join any challenge team because of illness and injuries.
Result: Gained back 10 pounds.

January 2018: Joined a new 5% Challenge that runs January-March 2018. Since I was late signing up, Starfish team was full and I got assigned to Rowdy Rebels. From the team member posts, it looks like this team has a super high energy level and lots of enthusiasm. Hope I’m up for this challenge. I need to stay well and healthy! Finished the challenge March 3, met my 5% goal, and lost 14 more pounds. Getting closer to my original goal I set in October 2016 of reaching 160 pounds.
Result: Lost 14 pounds

April 2018: Joined another 5% Challenge with Rowdy Rebels that runs April-June 2018. Goal is to lose 9 pounds by end of challenge. Did really well and lost 11 pounds. Since I’m just 3 pounds away from my original goal weight, set a new lower goal weight of 140 pounds.
Result: lost 11 pounds

June-August 2018: Joined 2 teams. Joined The Biggest Loser Summer 2018 Challenge with the Beautiful Amethyst Butterflies Team that runs June 6-August 15, 2018. This challenge runs for 10 weeks. Lost 13 pounds during this challenge. Also, joined the Summer 2018 5% Challenge with the Rowdy Rebels Team that runs June 30-August 25, 2018. Lost 9 pounds during the challenge. So, during this 3-month period, June-August 2018, I lost 13 pounds and now weigh 150 pounds. Total pounds lost to date: 240 less 150 = 90 pounds!!

August-September 2018: I’m starting to notice I have 3-4 weeks where I do not lose pounds while following my same nutrition and exercise plan. I’m thinking I may be at my maintenance weight of 150. I’ll see what happens next challenge.

October 2018: Joined the Fall 2018 5% Challenge with the Rowdy Rebels Team. This challenge runs October 6-December 1. This will be my first time as a 5% Challenge team member who is a “maintainer” instead of a “loser” of weight. My goal is to stay within 3% of my center weight of 150 (range of 146.5 - 154.5 pounds). I’m curious to see what happens. I’m planning on continuing with my healthy nutrition, 120 exercise minutes a day, and all the healthy lifestyle habits I’ve built into my daily routine.
Result: Stayed within my maintenance range.

October 10, 2018: Joined the At Goal & Maintaining Team’s “Holidays Upon Us Maintenance Challenge” that runs from October 24-December 25. It will focus on healthy habits and weight maintenance. Holidays are always a problem for me so I’m hoping to stay on track during the challenge.
Result: Stayed within the 3% range

January 2019: Joined the Winter 2019 5% Challenge with the Rowdy Rebels Team. This challenge runs January 5-March 2. My goal is to maintain my weight loss and stay within 3% of my center weight of 150 (range of 146.5 - 154.5
Result: Stayed within my maintenance range.
Note: 3 of the 8 weeks I went above the 3%, but got back into range.

April 2019: Joined the Spring 2019 5% Challenge with the Rowdy Rebels Team. This challenge runs April 6-June 1. My goal is to maintain my weight loss and stay within 3% of my new center weight of 152 with a Range +/- 3% = 147.5 - 156.5.
Result: Stayed within my maintenance range.
Note: 1 of the 8 weeks I went above the 3%, but got back into range.

July 2019: Joined the Summer 2019 5% Challenge with the Rowdy Rebels Team. This challenge runs July 6-August 31. Gained weight since last challenge. Want to lose 8 pounds but am thinking 150 pounds may be too low a maintainable and sustainable weight since I am always hungry and don’t feel as strong as I want to be.
Result: Difficult challenge, too many stressful problems interfered, did not lose 3%, gained 2 pounds.

October 2019: Joined the Fall 2019 5% Challenge with the Rowdy Rebels Team. This challenge runs October 5-November 30. Gained another 1 pound since last challenge. Want to lose 8 pounds this challenge.
Result: Lost a few pounds during challenge, but final weight was same as starting weight.

January 2020: Joined the Winter 2020 5% Challenge with the Rowdy Rebels Team. This challenge runs January 11-March 7. Gained another 1 pound since last challenge. Seem to be maintaining my weight around 160 pounds.
Result: Lost 1 pound.

April 2020: Joined the Spring 2020 5% Challenge with the Rowdy Rebels Team. This challenge runs April 4-May 30. Joined as a “maintainer” again with a center weight of 160.
Result: Maintained within my maintenance range.

July 2020: Joined the Summer 2020 5% Challenge with the Rowdy Rebels Team. This challenge runs July 4-August 29. Gained weight again and want to lose that 8 pounds.
Result: Lost 5 pounds and back in range of +/- 3% of 160 center weight (155.2 - 164.8 pounds).

September 2020: Doing a lot of thinking about what is a maintainable and sustainable healthy weight for me. Will write a blog soon.

October 2020: Joined the Fall 2020 5% Challenge with the Rowdy Rebels Team. This challenge runs October 3-November 28. Working on understanding my “Happy/Healthy/Maintainable/Sustainable Weight” number. I don’t think 150 is a realistic goal weight for me. It seems to be a central weight of 160.

At Goal & Maintaining Challenges Completed:
Holidays Upon Us
Polar Bear Day
International Jazz Day
May Day
Skyscraper Day
Saxophone Day
Old Rock Day
Landline Day
Limerick Day
Barbershop Music Appreciation Day
International Dot Day
Take a Hike Day (just started)

July 2007: I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life at 240 pounds. I had health problems and my doctor wanted me to start taking medicine for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I don't like to take medicine! I also knew that once you start taking those two medicines you are on them the rest of your life. So, he told me that if I lost 20 pounds in 3 months, lowered both blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, he would re-evaluate and decide what to do. I joined SparkPeople in July 2007 after it had been recommended by my Nutritionist I was seeing. Result: With Spark support and motivation, I lost 30 pounds in 3 months, lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol. So, I didn't have to start take any medicine! I want to continue on and get healthier. I truly hope the support at SparkPeople will help keep me motivated so I can lose more weight.

January 2008: Since I had lost some motivation, I joined a 12-week challenge group to try and get me focused to eat healthier and exercise more every day. Result: This effort fizzled out and I returned to unhealthy habits and left Spark.

February 2009: So, I had been away from Spark for over 1 year, gone back to my old habits of eating whatever I wanted and no exercise. I gained back all the weight I lost. I didn’t feel energetic anymore and I was really beating up on myself. But, today I started over again at 236 lbs!! I wanted to try really hard to commit and make me Number 1 so I could take better care of my health. I considered writing a daily blog and joining support groups again. But at that time, I felt I just needed to concentrate on eating healthy and getting exercise in my routine every day. Result: I lost 12 pounds before I got off track again.

March 2010: Gained back weight again to 235 pounds!! New start again! I just love to "eat". Need to find replacement activities that give more satisfaction than eating and gaining pounds!!!! Result: Quit again after a month.

May 2011: I've come back to Spark because I've regained the weight I had lost (a number of times). Am feeling upset with myself and trying to get strength to get back to a healthy diet I had in the past where I felt better. Have some health problems now that are forcing me to change my lifestyle. I need lots of support and encouragement. Result: Lost focus and quit trying.

Notes on my experiences written above:
As I go back and read and re-read these notes and comments, all I can say is “Wow”!!! That story really sounds like a broken record. I can hardly believe that I’ve kept repeating the same pattern time and time again.

But something changed in October 2016. I finally got on a healthy track and stayed there! “Thank You, SparkPeople, SparkTeams, and SparkFriends”!!!

Member Since: 7/23/2007

Fitness Minutes: 84,644

My Goals:
1. Eat healthy food
2. Exercise every day
3. Reach goal weight of 160...changed to 140

My Program:
1. Track all food eaten.
2. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday.
3. Walk 1 mile each day...changed to 2 miles.

Personal Information:
I love my family, my little 7-year old girl pug and 11-year old boy pug, flower gardening, butterflies & birds, angels, music, photography, playing video and computer games with my Grandson and making and sewing baby doll clothes for my Granddaughter's baby dolls.

Other Information:
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

When you change your thinking, you change your life.

You become what you think about most of the time.

All things work together for good for those who know and love the Lord.

Even this, too, shall pass.

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  • v JIBBIE49
    I joined sparks in Oct. '07 at 214# and got to 186# and stayed in that range until 2016 as I had night cravings and I just blew the diet everyday. A Navy doctor told me "At your AGE you can't expect to lose wt as you have Metabolic Syndrome." Duh. So I asked for a blood sugar test and he called me and said "It is 115 and diabetes starts at 126 so you don't need to be on Meformin. I found my doctor who said "You are close enough." I dropped 50# in 3 months and have kept it off 4 yrs and I'm 71. Find a doctor to help. I stopped having cravings.

    This is my doctor on Youtube with an interview;

    9 days ago
  • v LPORTER2015
    "Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling." -Deborah Day
    20 days ago
  • v LPORTER2015
    You've got what it takes, but it will take everything you've got.
    27 days ago
  • v LPORTER2015
    emoticon Thank you for being on the Rowdy Rebels Team for the FINAL 5% Challenge! Let's plan to do our best throughout the challenge. Don't settle. Be a rebel.
    48 days ago
  • v no profile image MARILYNSRETIRED
    Thanks for a wonderful email and for adding me to your sparkpage as a friend. Look forward to keeping in touch with you and see what life brings us

    from one Marilyn to another Marilyn emoticon
    85 days ago
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