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See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerNew...short hair don't care(4 comments)See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerWork(3 comments)See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerAnyone else ever have a day like this?!See this image largerA fake out... Usually not a big fan of fake out recipes. But, this one changed my mind. Alfredo sauce...made with cauliflower. No butter or cream! It was spot on and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Doing the happy Alfredo dance!See this image largerHoping everyone has a fabulous day filled with good choices, a bit of exercise and a whole lotta' love. Happy​Saturday ❤See this image largerWhat Are You Waiting For?? No better time than right now!See this image largerToday's ChallengeSee this image largerBeing extra thankful this morning. Wishing you all a day like no other❤See this image largerSo I didn't really do this, but it did make me smile. Haven't we all kinda been there? Life's little funnies.See this image largerNow, this really says a lot, don't you think?See this image largerIt's all about umm balance.... right?See this image largerI won't tell if you won't! Hoping your day is beautiful ❤See this image largerFriday Vibes 🍷See this image largerNo will never know if you never try.See this image largerDrive someone crazy today! Happy Sunday friends💕See this image largerMiracle In A Cup....hmmm just waiting for my miraculous powers to kick in. Think I will have another cup, strictly for good measure of course☕💕See this image largerHope everyone is enjoying their own view today. Happy Friday 💖See this image largerDoes anyone else think we need a day between Saturday and Sunday?? I think we need to petition for this. But until that happens...have a terrific week ahead💟See this image largerThought of the day!See this image largerWinner, winner chicken dinner ready for the oven!See this image largerKnocked the first two off the list...working on number 3...ha. Happy Monday friends❤See this image largerA little sassy but always classy...Happy Monday..let's do this!See this image largerDon't worry it is coffee☕ in my cup right now ....However, perhaps you might need to check in with me this afternoon 🍷 Hope your Friday is awesome no matter what is in your cup.❤See this image largerSunday...planning for the coming week...What are your goals?See this image largerI think I found my super power! What's yours?See this image largerRemember, no matter what this journey is YOURS!See this image largerAre you living your best life? And if your answer is no...then why not? Only you can make the changes. And you are worth it!See this image largerSmall things DO add up, remember that. Happy Tuesday♥️See this image largerAbsolutely THE thought for the day.See this image largerTrust in the process. Everything comes in it's own time. Having faith in yourself is key. Happy Friday friends💕See this image largerGetting psyched up for the coming week. Are YOU ready?❤See this image largerChanging bad habits in for good ones, is a win win all the way around.See this image largerWhy are you waiting until Monday? Today is the perfect day to start. Be brave 💕See this image largerJust in case no one told you this today..YOU are awesome!!See this image largerBecause some days you just have to have a sense of humor.See this image largerI hope you are talking to yourself kindly today 💖See this image largerNow, isn't this a thought provoking question? I thought it was. Happy Saturday friends 💕See this image largerThis week's thought...Happy Monday friends 💖See this image largerEvery tiny step counts! Happy Tuesday friends 💞See this image larger23 degrees below zero not counting the wind chill....More coffee please ☕See this image largerThere is no better time than right now to let your confidence shine!See this image largerIn the light of such tragedy this week, perhaps we need to hug those we love just A little tighter.❤See this image largerDoesn't seems so bad when you break it down like this.See this image largerI might be a bit late to this party..but oh how these little tuna packets have changed up my salad game. Better late than never!🍽See this image largerNew goals, old goals..doesn't matter. Just do it! Have a beautiful start to your week friends 💖See this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerLiving your best life no matter what life deals you. It's your choice...💖See this image largerAnother snowstorm coming...Spring please come find me soon🌼I am ready for you!See this image largerThank you coffee☕See this image largerPay your rent! Don't let the end of your weekend become the end of a "weak"end. Finish strong!💖See this image largerA positive attitude is absolutely key 💖See this image largerSome lessons come hard, but it becomes so much easier once you realize this. Remember no matter what, YOU have the power.💕See this image largerI am taking the stairs today ( literally and figuratively)... How about you? See you at the top♥️See this image largerNO day should ever be viewed as ordinary! 💕See this image largerRemember...even broken crayons can color beautifully 🖍❤See this image largerSometimes all you need is coffee and a positive attitude ☕ I am ready for you Thursday, let's do this❤See this image largerBelieve, in the process. But mostly believe in YOU. Beautiful you💕See this image largerWhile it may be entirely up to us alone to start...remember as you journey down the path you are never alone. Hope to see you all along the way 💖See this image largerPositive thoughts💞See this image largerToday is the day to make the right decision. What are you waiting for? 💖See this image largerAnd sometimes the middle is hard too, but remember you are worth all the work you are putting in. Have a beautiful Saturday friends ❤See this image largerBeing kind always wins💖See this image largerI love a big baked potato but miss the sour cream. Well this gives me my fix. Blend in a food processor non fat cottage cheese with chives or green onion. Add seasoning of your choice. Thin with a splash of milk. Viola...perfect topper. Now excuse me, I have a date with this lovely potato🥔See this image largerHappy Weekend, remember..YOU. ARE. AWESOME!♥️See this image largerYou, yes YOU are beautiful..... today I hope you look in the mirror and see the " perfectly imperfect " person smiling back at you. You are trying and that is everything!♥️See this image largerAnother foot of snow❄ and still coming down....I will be out when it's over. How about some more coffee?☕See this image largerTell me it's not only me?See this image largerRuse and shine...I hope your cup is full and your day is filled to the brim with healthy choices sprinkled with a little bit of joy♥️See this image largerOver thinking can destroy many things..remember you are in charge!💖See this image largerToday is the perfect day to try something new...what will you be trying?See this image largerStocking up on more adult fuel, winter storm bringing another 24 inches of snow starting tomorrow. I have to say I am not quite feeling Mother Nature's humor right now. Oh, well everyone is welcome to come on over and build snowmen with me.⛸⛷See this image largerSaturday mood..watching the blizzard rage on. not so much. Happy Saturday 💖See this image largerCurrent view, 18 inches and still piling up. Does anyone have Mother Nature's e-mail address by chance? 🎄See this image largerNever miss a Monday to commit again to your healthy plan. Happy day friends💖See this image largerThis is true, right??? Umm asking for a friend.See this image largerBest laid plans.... Remember ...if your plan today didn't quite turn out like you wanted..just have a good laugh and make a new plan for tomorrow.♥️See this image largerPretty much any answer to life Dr. Seuss has you covered. Today find your inner child and delight in the small stuff. Happy Thursday friends 💖See this image largerRemember there is only one you...and that in itself is reason to be proud. You are perfectly imperfect and that is beautiful. Happy Saturday friends ♥️See this image largerFallen in love with these. 1.5 g fat, 11g of fiber, low carb and only 50 calories vs a reg tortilla for about 140 calories. Nice and soft and not cardboard like. Doing the mexican hat dance!See this image largerHappy Monday friends, I hope your day is on fire! Well not literally of course!💖See this image largerDon't ever let someone else determine your worth. Happy Wednesday friends 💖See this image largerHappy Sunday friends☕♥️See this image largerNew week to crush some goals. A fresh start, a day to embrace the possibilities. Hope you grab this day with all you have. ♥️See this image largerHappiest wishes to all of the Mom's and Mom role models too. You are all very special💖💖See this image largerEvery second is precious, and I refuse to waste even one! How are you planning to use yours? Make them count💖See this image largerTruth! Happy Wednesday friends💖See this image largerAlways room for second chances. It is all possible. 💖See this image larger'Nuff said.....Hello Monday....make it count.💖See this image largerThat "hangry" moment strikesSee this image largerToday's goal...Happy Wednesday friends ♥️See this image largerFeeling incredibly grateful and blessed today. I hope you are too🇱🇷♥️See this image largerCurrent mood..I refuse to adult today!See this image largerThe magic of New that thought. Hope you all find your own magic today 💖See this image largerJust asking for a friend! (Happy Monday)💖See this image largerWhile this made me laugh..there is an underlying truth here. Sometimes life seems unfair, and some days things don't go as you planned. Hang in there, adjust the plan and keep going. And remember you can always find another pair of shoes 👠See this image largerNever miss a Monday....set the tone for your week. But first one more cup of coffee 🍵💖See this image largerRead this, feel it, know it. You are perfectly imperfect. A one of a kind sparkling gem. Shine brightly today friends 💖See this image largerHappy Friday ☕See this image largerSometimes I don't mind a little white lie....Happy day friends, make it beautiful💖See this image largerI think I will take all three!!! Happy Monday friends...let's show this day who's boss!!!🌞See this image largerHope we are all making good decisions today 🌞See this image larger"I carried a watermelon"See this image largerThose commercials should be called craving enhancers. Happy Friday friends, make it a great day💖See this image largerOne of the best things you can do! Happy, healthy Tuesday friends💖See this image largerJust in case no one said this to you...I am! Believe in the power of YOU! You matter...remember that. Happy day friends 💖See this image largerTake a deep just be in the moment🌸See this image largerA little humor for today.....🌷See this image largerCurrent view...thank you Mother Nature for providing the perfect place to re-center and just breathe. Happy Sunday friends 🚤See this image largerActually I love Monday's...fresh start..hoping your Monday is kind to you🌞See this image largerSome days are better than others, but only fail if your not trying. Don't give up, all your efforts big and small count! Happy Tuesday friends ♥️See this image largerAlways choose happy.....and remember how beautiful YOU are! ♥️See this image largerCoffee goals...Rise and grind...Yay for Monday's ☕🍵See this image largerIF you answered this question with.."I can't remember ", then it's about time! I am feeling the need to live a bit on the edge today...sooo let's go. I will if you will!!!♥️See this image largerSome days are exactly like you take a deep and just dive in. Happy day friends♥️See this image largerEndless possibilities ♥️ But it is all up to you. Believe!See this image largerWhen everything seems to be falling apart around you...more coffee can sometimes make it seem a bit better. Wishing you all a glass or cup half full kinda day ♥️☕See this image largerA change in perception can sometimes make a huge difference. Rather than viewing the struggles as a bad thing...view them as part of your overall story. A story playing out every day as you move towards living your best life. ♥️See this image largerWell, hello there and I are ready for you! Are you ready for us???☕ Make today count friends ♥️See this image largerSometimes we give that number on the scale a little too much power. I think this is a great way to look at things♥️See this image largerIsn't it all about perspective? You make your own happiness. Happy day friends 💟See this image largerSee this image largerDon't wait ....Today is YOUR day. I believe in you♥️See this image largerIt's important how we talk to ourselves, remember you are always listening. 💖See this image largerHappy Monday friends, hope your day is fantastic. 💖 Oh, and remember to check the pants thing, kinda important 👖See this image largerEverything we say, hear or do impacts us in a million ways. Be mindful of it all. Happy Saturday friends 💖See this image largerHappy Monday...c'mere you magical cup of wonder☕♥️See this image largerYou CAN do this..repeat after me...."I can, I will!" Happy day Spark friends 💖See this image largerSometimes you may not feel it. Sometimes you might even have to pretend. But just know you are infinitely braver than you know. 💖See this image largerI think we are worthy of the best investments. Happy Tuesday friends 💖See this image largerHere's to a weekend filled with calm for you all. Breathe......💟See this image larger(1 comments)See this image larger5 inches of snow and more coming. Really Mother Nature? Come have coffee with me instead.☕❄See this image largerToday's exercise will be indoors, courtesy of Mother Nature! ❄See this image largerThis is a difficult one for me. How about you? It takes practice.See this image largerGratitude, for this day, this life. For you..💖See this image largerEvery ounce of progress is a victory! You are beautiful 💖See this image largerIf your cooking or not...if your celebrating or not...the wishes are all the same...May your heart be filled with abundant gratitude today and every day.❤See this image largerSometimes we all need a little reminder. Have a beautiful Monday friends♥️See this image largerWhen life gets a little too "lifey"....☕See this image largerAre you trying? If your answer is yes.....then you have done the hard part. Remember to speak kindly to yourself because YOU are always listening. Happy Tuesday friends ♥️See this image largerDon't just go through it...GROW through it.💙See this image largerTiny sparks turn into giant flames. Remember we all start somewhere. Happy Thursday friends🔥See this image largerYou are uniquely you! Don't compare..Be the 'star' in your life story! Happy day friends 🌟See this image largerRemember to take care of you too♥️See this image largerThis can be a challenging time of year for many of us. Do the best you can and let the rest go. Happy Friday friends♥️☃️See this image largerMy wish for you all. And remember, if you are alone or missing loved is always Christmas in our hearts with those we love.♥️See this image largerA day to reflect, to plan and renew. And mostly to be grateful. Wishing you all the best in the new year friends ♥️See this image largerHappy Wednesday friends💙See this image largerKeep in mind it is also important to treat yourself kindly as well. Remember, YOU are always listening. Have a beautiful day friends ♥️See this image largerSounds simple doesn't it? But in a world of stress and hurry it can be easy to forget. Remember a smile can start it all. Happy day friends 💟See this image largerHope is everything!♥️See this image largerToday is YOUR day. Remember there is no elevator to the top, you have to take the stairs! 💟See this image largerSometimes all the effort you are putting in takes time to outwardly show itself. It all counts and YOU are doing it day by day. Have a beautiful day friends 💟See this image largerHappy Monday friends☕♥️See this image largerAlways my first choice every day! How about yours?See this image largerNew day, new goals, new attitude! Happy Wednesday friends 💟See this image largerThat also means....Be kind to yourself! Speak gently, remember that you are always listening ♥️See this image largerI plan on perfecting this today. Saturday goals friends☕See this image largerFor anyone watching those carbs, I will just leave this here. Happy Sunday friends👠♥️See this image largerWhy not today? What's stopping you? Today IS your day! Have a fabulous Monday friends ♥️See this image largerBe kind to yourself too!♥️See this image largerMaybe another cup is not a good idea after all....Joyous Thursday friends ☕♥️See this image largerLet's go friends..we CAN do this♥️See this image largerI actually think I have ENOUGH joy right now! Can we please turn off the snow machine now?☃️See this image largerI hope you all "feel " the love today. You will definitely find it here! And remember to give love you must first love yourself. You my friends are all beautiful ♥️♥️See this image largerThis guy was looking at me today and I am pretty sure he was asking when this snow is going to end! Sorry buddy not anytime soon I'm afraid.See this image largerWhen the snow is halfway over your window, you just have to tip your hat to Mother Nature. Okay, okay you WIN! 20 in. of snow fell in the past 48 hours, on top of 45in. on the ground. Now a blizzard warning. Ummm if you don't hear from me again soon, please send a snowplow, thank you. Happy Sunday friends☃️See this image largerNever limit yourself. Always remember how perfectly imperfect we all are. ♥️See this image largerTighten up that life jacket because the sea can be bumpy, but calmer waters will be there waiting for you. ♥️See this image largerLife can hold many kinds of storms. In the end no matter what kind they might be, remember you are stronger than you think you are ♥️See this image largerWe are often our own toughest critics. Learning to love ourselves and our imperfections is not always easy. Remember there is only one you. And you are perfectly imperfect. When you begin to love yourself, that is when the magic starts to happen ♥️See this image largerAlas coffee needs no explanation. Happy Monday friends ☕💟See this image largerSpark people are DEFINITELY my people! Happy Monday friends ♥️See this image largerSelf care can be difficult for so many of us. But it is vitally important to make yourself a priority too. Don't lose yourself while taking care of everyone else. Wishing you a lovely day friends ♥️See this image largerBut, at times your only opinion is to stand on the shore. Let these times bring you peace until crossing those waters becomes your reality.♥️See this image largerAlways remember that you are the author of your story. Don't give that power away to anyone or anything. Oh, and by the way, YOU are awesome ♥️See this image largerI believe in longterm relationships. Happy Monday friends ☕♥️See this image largerYOU are are so much stronger than you know! And if no one told you today....You are awesome!!♥️See this image largerYou have to believe, especially when you think you can't. That's when it's most important. 🌈See this image largerIsn't it about time to step outside our comfort zone? It will be ok I promise, we will be here for you♥️See this image largerYou can do all the planning you want, but in the end you sometimes have to realize that you are exactly where you are meant to be for this moment. Now, the question is..what are you going to do? 💕See this image largerLet's all join the treasure hunt. It all starts within. I love a good adventure don't you?♥️See this image largerAs we recharge and renew today for the week ahead...remember how amazing your body is. Now, get your mindset ready too for the week, remember to speak gently with yourself because you are always listening ♥️See this image largerOne of those days where you just don't want to adult. Coffee to the rescue ☕♥️ Hoping your own day of "adulting " goes well!See this image largerOkay I understand this might not work in the real world, but it did make you smile didn't it? ♥️See this image largerSuddenly I am craving some eggs! Happy Saturday friends 🥚🍳♥️See this image largerAlways my first choice. ♥️See this image largerIf you can't remember, maybe it is time to revisit your goals. Happy Friday friends ♥️See this image largerYour time WILL come💕See this image largerIt never gets easier, you just get stronger. 💕See this image largerIt won't be easy, but it WILL be worth it. ♥️See this image largerNever underestimate the power of these words. For anyone who needs this today, we are with you.♥️See this image larger♥️See this image largerIt all begins right where you are now. Not next Right now in this very moment. You CAN do this.💕See this image largerLooking ahead to the weekend, just keep focused. Don't let this holiday weekend be you "weak"end. ♥️See this image largerThis is speaking loudly today to me. Keep remembering you are stronger than you know♥️See this image largerAnd don't let the person who knows you best..YOU....say anything different either. Remember, speak kindly to yourself because you are always listening ♥️See this image largerPractice and patience! 💟See this image largerHard to see but this is what I see right now, Mama and her babies. A reminder that today is a fresh start.See this image largerNever lose hope, cling to it with all you have. Happy Friday friends ♥️See this image largerThat moment you realize Sunday is slipping by and June is all but gone. Sigh..please time slow down!♥️See this image largerYou are perfectly imperfect, a stunning original. Never let anyone (including yourself) tell you different. Have a beautiful day friends ♥️See this image largerFriday giggle. Have a beautiful day friends 💕See this image largerNow this makes "gravy' fit perfectly in any healthy lifestyle. Remember that gratitude is totally calorie free!♥️See this image largerCome share a cup of your favorite drink, and tell me something good about you today. And remember how awesome YOU are!♥️See this image largerA reminder that we are all carrying something. Never give up and NEVER lose hope. ♥️See this image largerDefinitely a good idea! Happy day friends♥️See this image largerWishing is good, but DOING is better. Have a beautiful Sunday friends 💕See this image largerNot always easy to do, but embracing those struggles frees us to accept the strength. Wishing you a "struggle free' day friends ♥️See this image largerYour dreams are not out of reach. The key comes when we stop dreaming and start doing. I believe in you, now you have to believe in you too.💕See this image largerAren't clean slates a thing of beauty? Wishing you all a wonderful start to new beginnings 💟See this image largerMotivation is high right now. But be careful not to dive in the deep end too fast. That only sets you up for failure. Small changes add up. Slow and steady...🐢See this image largerOn this path the choice is totally yours. Choose wisely. Wishing you a peaceful Sunday friends 💟See this image largerHappy Monday.....Remember you are awesome💝See this image largerSetting up those positive vibes for the week ahead. Wishing you a peaceful day friends♥️See this image largerBecause somedays you need to hear this. You are perfectly imperfect, you are you and that IS enough. Happy day friends ♥️See this image largerLiving in a snow cave! Have a wonderful day friends ❄♥️See this image largerWe must choose mindfully. Happy day friends ♥️See this image largerHere's to a new month, a new day and fresh starts. ♥️See this image largerNot that I ever do this! Happy Saturday friends ♥️See this image largerChange is inevitable.....embrace it in all it's glory. YOU are awesome.♥️See this image largerHappy Monday friends, take a moment to just be kind today in some way. Guaranteed you will impact someone in a way you never imagined. ♥️See this image largerThere are days! Happy day friends ♥️See this image largerRemember you are enough and worth everything. Speak kindly to yourself because YOU are always listening. Happy Saturday friends ♥️

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