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See this image largerButterfly Morning(7 comments)See this image largerHome Town Court House, Ben Stands Watch(2 comments)See this image largerMissMissy Communes With HistorySee this image largerMonumental Cherry Blossoms(1 comments)See this image larger Remember This?(3 comments)See this image larger Sunrise or Sunset?(3 comments)See this image largerBluebird of Happiness, Mr. & Mrs.(6 comments)See this image largerZinnia?(1 comments)See this image largerJune '06See this image largerThe Sentry On Watch(4 comments)See this image largerLook At All The Buds!(1 comments)See this image largerLace In The Dark(5 comments)See this image largerCuppa One(2 comments)See this image largerA Little Glow And A Lot Of Heat From The...... FIRE!!!(4 comments)See this image largerDiminishing Perspective In Two Directions(2 comments)See this image largerCourthouse Reflected In Heritage Center Windows(3 comments)See this image largerReflection Of A Shadow or Shadow Of A Reflection?(1 comments)See this image largerThe Power Of Faith.(1 comments)See this image largerPeaceful Reflections, Downtown Sunday.(4 comments)See this image largerLasting Peace?(1 comments)See this image largerPine Babies(1 comments)See this image largerMountain LaurelSee this image largerFoxglove?(3 comments)See this image largerRhododendronSee this image largerCheck out the shadow under the one on the right.(1 comments)See this image largerPoison Berries?See this image largerPlayground Angles(1 comments)See this image largerRosey O'Grady(1 comments)See this image largerSSSSSS........(1 comments)See this image largerBuZZZZZZZZ....(1 comments)See this image largerMural across from old Yankee StadiumSee this image largerFrom Battery ParkSee this image largerA-Rod, Jeter, and Cano(1 comments)See this image largerAndy Pettitte(1 comments)See this image largerAnother Clock on Times SquareSee this image largerBright Fall Foliage(1 comments)See this image largerBeautiful half hour hike in the woods followed by a picnic with my sweetheart. Great day! See this image larger"Every song has to end, but there's no reason you can't enjoy the music right up to the final note."See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerThis is Romanesco. DW brought it home from the farmers market. From what I gather, it's a cross between cauliflower and broccoli. Very strange looking, but very tasty. 🙂See this image larger@KOSHIE1 'Scuse the noisy pic, but it's enlarged beyond where it should be in order to just get a look at the bird. It's the best shot I've been able to come up with as they are uncommon around here. Aside from the tuft and mask, the waxwing is pretty easy to tell from the cardinal, and yes, cardinal males are distinctly more colorful than females.(1 comments)See this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerSalamander eggs anyone? Went on a vernal pool hike today. Not very strenuous, but good activity and very interesting.(2 comments)See this image largerThese little Narcissus are only about an inch across. Everything is blooming here in Southern Pa which makes it a pleasure to take the camera for a long walk.See this image largerThere's a branch in the way, but still a good enough shot to identify the Eastern (Rufous) Towhee.See this image largerAzaleas abloom!See this image largerDogwoods in bloom on the Mason Dixon Line... See this image largerHere come the maples:See this image largerNow there are lilacs!See this image largerThe Honey Locust is a thorny proposition!(1 comments)See this image largerThe neighborhood is still blooming! Forty five minute walk.(1 comments)See this image largerPhoto walk cut short today due to raindrops fallin' on my head. Love the color of this tulip:(1 comments)See this image largerRediscovered a walking spot. They have several walks from a half to a mile and a half, but also outdoor workout stations like this:(1 comments)See this image largerSpotted on a walk, tulips along a church wall: (1 comments)See this image largerToday's walk... pink snow? ... or where cherry blossoms go when it's over.See this image largerSpotted a different kind of tulip on today's walk:(1 comments)See this image largerA tiny mushroom forest spotted on the walk today:See this image largerAzalea spotted on the walk today:(1 comments)See this image largerDuring a hike around the Mont Alto campus of Penn State last week, we spotted this lion lurking about. He roars after the campus clock sounds the hour and it scared the crap out of both of us the first time we heard it.See this image largerSeen on yesterday's walk. Anybody have an idea what they are? They're about an inch and a half to two inches across.(1 comments)See this image largerOutdoor walk got rained out today, but here's an Iris from yesterday: (1 comments)See this image largerSlow walking today, but quite a few pix. Why they call it a 'Bleeding Heart'.See this image largerFrom yesterday's walk because we had rain today. Don't know what this one is? See this image largerKind of stark looking from one of the graveyards we pass through on some of our walks(1 comments)See this image largerI thought my walk would get rained out today, but I made it almost two miles and it was very comfortable walking at about 50°. Here's an Iris all huddled up after the rain:(1 comments)See this image largerGot my walk in between the rain drops yesterday. The locusts are starting to blossom: (1 comments)See this image largerToo windy for flower pix on my walk today, but fortunately caught some wildlife. I interrupted his dinner: (1 comments)See this image largerRevisited an old walking trail and it was a great day for it. The 'Dames Rocket' is in full bloom and we spotted a Kingbird which is kind of unusual for this area:See this image largerWe seem to have fewer ducks this year and this was the first clutch of babies I've seen this year. I spotted these on Monday's walk. I count eleven: See this image largerWent to the mountains for today's walk. Found these tiny mushrooms in a stump. They're only about 3/4 of an inch in diameter: See this image largerAnother flower discovered on yesterday's hike. Anenome? See this image largerFifty minute walk today. Saw this on the way: (1 comments)See this image largerDidn't get to walk today, but the Gazelle got a workout. Here's a walk pic from a couple of days ago. The variety of Iris we've seen this year is stunning!See this image largerWe've been visiting all the local parks we can think of for walking and many have large open area surrounded by trees which is ideal Robin habitat. This was the first juvenile I spotted this year. Although I took it with a long telephoto, I think I could have walked right up to him as he showed no signs of flying away. I think that flying thing is a little new to him? See this image largerZigzagged through the raindrops on my walk today. Lots of tiny roses in this one: See this image largerI was Micky Mouse today on my walk, do you see him? Somebody put a bug in his ear. See this image largerOur walk ended at a small car show today: See this image largerChoke Cherry? See this image largerToured the yard when we finished our walk and the ants have abandoned the peonies for the milkweed. Now we're waiting for Monarchs.See this image largerLong walk tonight. Got over an hour in. White Campion Flower? See this image largerDid some greenhouse shopping and walking today. One had it's own pest control system: See this image largerThe walk was cut short by rain and I had to do most of it on the Gazelle. I did stay out long enough to play with my new macro lens a little bit and I learned that insects are not anxious to pose for you. I think you can tell what this one is. I does keep me watching the milkweed for butterfly eggs, but so far, only ants: See this image largerLast evening was beautiful walking weather. Saw this new flower along the way. Anybody know what it is? See this image largerA pleasant spot for hiking and a picnic: See this image largerSpent extra time on the step glider today to make up for the walk getting rained out. Here's a flower from yesterday that I really liked the color of: See this image largerGot a walk in without getting wet last evening. I found this one growing in a new storm water runoff system installed by our municipality. Very pretty but I can't identify it: (1 comments)See this image largerWell, photography has forced me to learn a lot and this year is no different. I have noticed the ants running on the peony buds since I was a child and earlier this month I discovered them on buds of the milkweed flower as well. I've also noticed them on the trumpet vine but for whatever reason this is the first I've ever noticed them on the buds? Camera walks are fun and educational in addition to being good exercise: (5 comments)See this image largerFound the Bluebird of Happiness on our walk this evening. It's not the sharpest due to long zoom and low light, but thanks to DW's sharp eye I got a shot: See this image largerExercised indoors last night, but did get out in the yard for some pics. From one of the hanging baskets: (1 comments)See this image largerFound on a recent walk, they might not be the biggest Hydrangea I ever saw, but they're in the top ten: See this image largerThe walk got a little sweaty this evening as it was still in the mid-eighties, but we got nearly two miles in. Spotted this odd lily along the way: See this image largerIt rained pretty heavily from about noon till two today and we thought we would end up exercising indoors. Well, the rain stopped and DW wanted to visit a greenhouse we had heard about but never visited. It was huge. We got our outdoor mile in by just walking around the perimeter twice. They even had an orchid room: (1 comments)See this image largerDid our exercise indoors today, but took a walk in the yard. I have a whole new source of pics after our trip to the greenhouse on Saturday.See this image largerI only did a mike outdoors today and took no pics, but still shooting the backyard. We don't know if this one is a weed or what. We'll see when it blooms: See this image largerAnother orchid from Saturday's greenhouse trip: See this image largerWe kept the exercise indoors today due to t-storms and temps, but I still played in the yard a bit. The Pollinator Box is being overrun by Sunflowers and Squash: See this image largerThe unidentified hairy lily has developed some kind of berries or seeds? See this image largerWent to a State Park for our walk this afternoon and found this guy among the wildflowers outside the Ranger Station. We actually saw two about the same size. They must be fairly new to the world as they were only about an inch and a half long. This shot isn't perfect as I had to use manual focus, but I was tickled with it: See this image largerFrom yesterday's hike, I see the Teasel will soon be blooming and the butterflies love them. We only got a one mile walk done, but then spent another two hours wandering around at a car show. Very warm both yesterday and today.See this image largerHere's a common one from a previous walk that I've know for most of my life... Chicory. My great uncle was a coffee salesman back in the day when there was such a thing and his main brand was Luzianne, which bragged that it contained Chicory.(1 comments)See this image largerThe threat of rain kept us from our photo walk today, but I still played in the yard. The person who answered "Tiger Lily" to that unknown plant last week was correct as it bloomed today: See this image largerDidn't spend much time outdoors due to temps in mid-nineties, but I did get a few pics while I was out. We've lived here for over twenty years and have never seen ants in the house, yet every year they're all over the peonies then move to the trumpet vine and now the milkweed. They have a nectar route:See this image largerI've only been visiting the outdoors for periods and most of my exercise has been confined to the indoors, but I still get my vitamin D and and a few pictures. DW found what I beleive to be a cicada 4th instar nymph exoskeleton. Prehistoric looking: See this image larger"Tiger Tiger burning bright, In the forests of the night:" Tried the onboard flash on a new small camera that arrived Saturday. We just had some storms and I think the temp is finally headed down a little, but it's still quite humid: See this image largerCompleted my first outdoor walk in a couple weeks and then got rained on. Temps were actually below eighty. Caught this bee having lunch and what I thought was interesting was the shadows on the petal: See this image largerWalking was sweaty work today, but got a couple good pics. I liked the sun coming through this Canna leaf:See this image largerStayed indoors yesterday as the temp neared ninety and stuck to the Gazelle, stretching, and resistance. This one is from Friday, by any other name:(1 comments)See this image largerToo hot to hike so I stuck to the backyard again for pictures and to get my vitamin D. This petunia is called Paint Splatter. With the pollen dust and the white dots it kinda looks like a night sky to me:See this image largerBetter weather today, so we got a walk completed outdoors and took a new route where we ran into this bush/tree. I never saw one before (that I can remember) and thought is was stunning. I believe it's a Scarlet Crepe Myrtle, but I could be wrong: See this image largerWent to a different park today and got a walk in spite of the heat. Glad I dis as I found this guy waiting to pose for me: See this image largerMade it to the yard for a pic or two and some vitamin D, but too hot and too buggy for an outdoor walk. Here's a bug with a full load of pollen: See this image larger...and a really colorful flower(1 comments)See this image largerStill hot in the valley (90°) so I headed for the mountains and found a swarm of butterflies on my hike: See this image largerLake scene from yesterday's hike... the reflected clouds look like ice floating in the lake. No danger of that as it was in the mid-eighties even in the mountains:See this image largerSpent the day at home and exercised indoors Tuesday, but here's a pic from my trip to the reservoir on Monday. As nearly as I can determine it's a Calico Pennant (Celithemis Elisa) DragonflySee this image largerSeen on this afternoon's walk. (Silver Spotted Skipper?)See this image largerWe found a great new place to walk today and our butts are draggin', but well worth the effort. Many new plants, bugs, and birds. I swear this guy said, "what you lookin' at?": See this image largerNo pictures on my walk today since it was around the perimeter of a local shopping center, but I did find Jeff Goldblum in my garden when I got home:See this image largerPetunias in the yard since it's too hot to walk:See this image largerHad company today so all my walking was on a machine, but I did forget to post a pic of rainbow from Saturday. It was a double one, but the second one was almost gone by the time I got the camera. You can just barely see it coming into the top of the smokestack: See this image largerAre your children eating my kale? See this image largerGot a walk around the Master Gardener Exhibition area this afternoon and encountered this guy: Worm delivery?See this image largerAnother from today's walk. Passion Flower:See this image largerAnother one from the Master Gardeners plot: See this image largerWent back to the Master Gardener's plot today and checked on the nest box. Turns out there are at least two of them (Sparrows, I think?) I wonder if they'll make it this late in the Summer? See this image largerVisited City Park in a nearby town where they have a nice county Fine Arts Museum. We got our walk done in very pleasant surroundings today. I imagine it was no picnic setting these sculptures in the lake. What a beautiful day here on the Mason-Dixon Line!See this image largerWe didn't see as many Monarchs this summer but starting to see both adults and caterpillars on our milkweed now. Saw this lady on my walk today. Very pleasant at 75°:See this image largerLooks like he's been rolling in the pollen: See this image largerStayed indoors on the step glider today since it was pushing ninety again. Here's one from a previous walk. He may not be the prettiest bird, but it must be important one because it's got a band on each leg and struts when it walks. Top of the pecking order? See this image largerHere's one from last month that I forgot to put up that I wanted to share: See this image largerIt was the first day of nice walking weather in a while. About fifteen degrees lower temps and overcast skies and I got close to an hour. As the days grow shorter new flowers grow scarce: See this image largerGot nearly an hour of walking in today. Beautiful weather for it. Saw this guy along the way (Muddy Turtle):See this image largerGot nearly an hour of walking in today. Beautiful weather for it. Saw this guy along the way (Muddy Turtle):See this image largerSunflower seeds in the original packaging:See this image larger@CECELW - You'd love it here then, sunflowers everywhere:See this image largerMy walk took me to a college campus today where I found this fat little fellow getting ready for hibernation:See this image largerAnother shot from my campus walk yesterday. I was tickled with this one because I thought he was moving too fast and that I had missed the shot:See this image largerUp the crick without a paddle.See this image largerGot forty minutes of walking in between rain showers. The leaves are coming down:See this image largerOur walk today was productive for pics, both flora and fauna. Identified this guy pretty fast as a 'Locust Borer' using the Bing visual search (doesn't always work, but it's great when it does).(1 comments)See this image largerOne from yesterday's walk, I think it's called "Fried Egg Plant" or "Gordonia"? Whatever it's name, it's another one the ants like:See this image largerStayed near home for my walk today as it was back into the high eighties. Saw this little lady flitting about and and accused her children of eating my cabbage. She ignored me.See this image largerVisited a historic site for my walk today and found more teasel with added color around it:(1 comments)See this image largerI took the new camera for a walk today and tricked myself into some 'extra' exercise. Part of it was in escaping this highly trained attack duck. Okay, not really. He was just mooching food: See this image largerHike around the Penn State and Master Gardener's display area again. Still some butterflies and many flowers. Aster?See this image largerSee this image largerHere's a Bee and Butterfly from Friday's visit to the greenhouse. We got out today, but not much over a mile as it was pretty hot again. Made up for it on the step glider:See this image largerAll my exercise was indoors, but I did get my vitamin D doing some errands. It's mum time:See this image largerAll my exercise was indoors today because the plumbers were here all day. I had do dig up some busy work and decided to do some housekeeping on my picture files. Found this one of some white stuff laying on a dead Queen Anne's Lace from about fifteen years ago in the dark ('cause it was getting dark around 5pm). Coming soon for a neighborhood near you!See this image largerStretched the walk to over an hour today while playing with a different lens on my camera. Here's some fall bird food that I imagine will fast disappear so it will soon be time to start feeding them again.(1 comments)See this image largerNo hike today but the Gazelle got an extra workout. The garden is still popping out flowers: (1 comments)See this image largerKept the exercise indoors today as it was 90° and sunny. Call this a 'warm' Autumn day:See this image largerTook our daily hike in a small memorial park with lots of trees. Less about flowers and much more about leaves and seeds today:See this image largerI get kind of stuck on a theme, but I really liked this one from today. My walk to the Post Office stretched into forty five minutes, so I did a little sweating too.See this image largerSpotted on today's walk. Seeds of the Evodia or 'Bee Tree', I think.See this image largerWhat a beautiful day for walking... 64° and sunny. Kept me going almost an hour. I'm still finding flowers to shoot. I didn't have to go far for these, in the backyard:See this image largerSpotted on yesterday's walk. Changing: See this image largerBeautiful walking weather today. Still some balloon flowers blooming:See this image largerEach day I begin my walk thinking the flowers are about over and yet, they keep popping up:See this image largerVisited an old church, an Autumn Color Festival, and a car show. I might hit 18k steps! Here's something different. I forgot to look at the window tag, but my guess is a 1947 Diamond T: See this image largerEnding a day at the lake, plenty of steps:See this image largerBack to a different lake today and we got lots of steps. My first eagle pic in the wild that you can tell it's an eagle. Many nice scenic shots. Here's one that shows the colors are changing, but not at peak yet in south central PA: See this image largerFrom Tuesday's walk as Wednesday was rainy. An overlook I've been visiting for decades affords a beautiful view of our side of the Tuscarora Mountain and has as long as I can remember. Some time since I was last there they've done some logging and now I can see the other direction for the first time in all those years:(2 comments)See this image largerMet on my walk today. It turned into a run!See this image largerWe're having beautiful weather and I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a short walk this afternoon. On the way back into the house I noticed one of our Gerbera Daisies has decided to bloom again:See this image largerMy walk often takes me to a nearby church and every time I walk through this churchyard I expect that all the flower beds will be cleaned out and finally most of them are except for a couple of tiny tea roses. This about an inch in diameter:See this image largerStationary bike? See this image largerI don't know what kind, but I noticed the leaves on this tree while walking this afternoon. I thought the changing colors mixed with the sun and shadow made an interesting shot:See this image largerHad a nice walk yesterday. Still finding flowers here and there:See this image largerBeautiful walk today in near perfect weather, but that will end late Thursday when the cold reaches Pennsylvania. Just short of two miles today and another forty five minutes on the Gazelle. Roses spotted on the walk, they just keep blooming:See this image largerEver have one of those days when you just can't get all your ducks in a row? I did manage a forty-five minute walk and forty-five on the Gazelle.See this image largerFrom Friday's walk, I think an Eastern Phoebe?See this image largerPerfect weather for a walk today and I got in over an hour, but no real photo ops so I'll give you a shot of something that can empty a bird feeder in mere hours... the flying pigs: See this image largerFinished about a forty-five minute walk and when I passed the feeders on the way into the house I thought I spotted something different, so I went in and waited and sure enough, a Carolina Wren showed up.See this image largerSince I did all my exercise indoors yesterday (no walk due to pretty heavy rain) I'm posting one I forgot from Monday. This guy was hiding from me. He eventually figured it out: See this image largerDaily reflection from our walk:See this image largerLazy day for me today. I just barely hit 10k steps. With the leaves gone, you can now see the nasty thorns on the locust trees again:See this image largerToo cold to walk today, but this guy is from yesterday's walk... AFLAC?(2 comments)See this image largerStayed inside today, but here's another from a previous walk. Duck... Duck!See this image largerGot in a one hour walk this afternoon and on the way out the door, I noticed the sparrows engaged in their favorite pastime, fighting: See this image largerWalking weather was perfect today and I stayed out for an hour. Some leaves still cling to life:(2 comments)See this image largerFinally got a shot of the Great Blue Heron today that I've been chasing for a couple months. I knew he was there, but he always flew into or behind something before I could catch him. It was in the high thirties and windy, but I still got my walk done:See this image largerAll my steps were indoors today thanks to a cold December rain. Still made it over 11k. This from last week since I didn't see anything out the window today. All they do is eat and plot ways to break into my attic or rob the bird feeders:(1 comments)See this image largeris TestingSee this image largerOur first outdoor walk in over two weeks very felt good (finally a sunny day with temps in the forties). It's been too wet or cold and I was getting cabin fever. I like to get way over 10k steps a day and the outdoor walk makes it easy. We spotted this in our travels so to all those who observe, Happy Hanukkah! (1 comments)See this image largerBetter weather again today so I got another walk in with well over 11k steps for the day. Spotted this fellow being vane. See this image largerSaw Saint Nick in a downtown shop window on our very chilly and short Christmas eve walk. Merry Christmas to all! See this image largerGot in a walk today, but did something stupid by leaving my SD card sticking in the computer, so no pics today. We got our steps in and did it a little faster than usual with no dawdling for photos. Here's a perky crest from a couple days ago:(1 comments)See this image largerNo walk today, but still got over 11k steps. Here's a quack from a couple of days ago:See this image largerGreat day for a walk except a little sloppy from the melting snow. Mostly sunny and in the high forties. I made it over two miles and finally got some pics. Here's another 'daily reflection':See this image largerI liked this one too:See this image largerMy photo hike was cut short by me forgetting my SD card again. I just missed a shot at a Great Blue Heron in flight and that's when I discovered the card was missing. I only got a little over a mile so I went home and finished on the Gazelle. Here's one from the day before. This guy couldn't decide whether to run away from me to toward me. Preservation won over hunger and up the tree he went:See this image largerWalk lasted over an hour today and I totaled over 17k for steps in total for the day. There still seems to be a scarcity of wildlife, but I caught this guy in a pose. Looks like he's saying, "Okay, so I'm different. I think that means I'm king of the ducks, right?"See this image largerGot my weekend exercise on a hotel treadmill so I kept up with my step goal. Took this in New York on the way home from Connecticut to PA and I'm glad it wasn't as bad as predicted. It's pretty, but I still don't like it:See this image largerThis is from Friday... they'll probably all be melted by tomorrow as it's supposed to hit 60° today. Finally some good walking weather.See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerNo walk yesterday due to rain, but we took a short one Tuesday and saw these. I'm betting they'll have to bloom a second time this yearSee this image largerA very short walk today due to cold and wind, but I'm betting these guys from Tuesday got their butts frozen last night or tonight. Hope they bloom again. I still got my steps in using the glider and wandering around the house.See this image largerWe finally got back to the flower patch from last Tuesday after wondering if they would survive 14° weather and apparently they fared well. We did pretty well today on our walk as the temps were up in the mid-forties. We've decided the yellow is Winter Aconite (Eranthis) and Snow Drops (Galanthus) are the white ones?See this image largerCold again today so I stayed in the house and just barely got my 10k steps. I got out yesterday and I started out to take a picture of a jet liner overhead and ended up with this. I'm easily distracted:See this image largerStayed inside today, but still got my steps in. Not very sharp, but it was through a dirty window. This brave little guy sneaks in when the sparrows take off now and then:(1 comments)See this image largerFinally got in a nice walk this afternoon. It was nearing sixty degrees. Signs of Sprint!See this image largerThe walk lasted nearly an hour today and I topped 12k for steps. Flowers are really starting to pop:See this image largerSpring is coming... memories of walks from last Summer:See this image largerGot in a mile and a half of walking before the rain started yesterday. Let the blooming begin:See this image largerWalked outside today as it reached 55°. Seeing more flowers with each outing:(1 comments)See this image largerNice weather today in the high forties and sunny, so I got a good walk completed. I ran into this territorial goose. Notice how he's standing on tip-toes to make himself as big and scary as possible:See this image largerI may have to get my steps indoors tomorrow as they're calling for rain, but that will bring more flowers and the next three days are to be warmer and sunny. Crocus everywhere here in south central PA:See this image largerFinished a walk right before the rain this afternoon. Got in 12k steps today. This guy was going through all sorts of contortions in grooming. I don't have time to post all of his wacky poses:See this image largerGot over an hour in today with walking and near the end of our walk I came upon some ducks (as usual) and a couple days ago I had posted a shot of one behaving oddly by becoming hyper active, grooming and preening for several minutes as if he were showing off. Well, the same thing happened today and we're about convinced it was the same duck and he really got into it today. I'm wondering if it's now me or my camera that sets him off? We've dubbed him Daffy Duck: See this image largerStarted my walk and about half a mile in realized I had no SD card in the camera, so I went home and got one so I still got some pics. I ended up just shy of 14k steps yesterday. Spring is really starting to spring! See this image larger... and another:See this image largerDidn't get a hike in due to clouds and drizzle, but still managed well over 13k steps with the step glider and shopping trips. Had a different visitor to the suet feeders yesterday:See this image largerBack pain is giving me a fit, but walking seems to help? Just short of 13k steps today. Many little signs of Spring. Persian Speedwell (Veronica) is a weed/wildflower with a dainty little flower about a quarter inch in diameter:See this image largerOur walk was shorter yesterday and I just barely hit 10k steps, but it was a beautiful day and we spotted a lot of distractions along the way. Here's a Lenten Rose we found in bloom: See this image largerWell, we're listening to the doctors and avoiding public places as much as possible and additionally, it's a lot cooler today, so no outdoor walking. Glad for the Gazelle as I may still hit 10k steps. Didn't have to go far for this shot since our own back yard is finally starting to bloom. Crocus, daffodils and bluebells so far:See this image largerWe're still allowed outside, so we got in a mile and a half plus a lot of other steps... should hit 15k by midnight. Some south central PA cherry blossoms spotted along the way:See this image largerJust barely made my 10k steps yesterday puttering around the house and a few trips to the Gazelle. This is from Thursday... a lot of things starting to bloom around here: See this image largerI got in over an hour outdoor walk and three visits to the Gazelle, but still barely made it over 10k steps because the rest of the day was parked in the potato position. We even watched church on TV and we usually walk there and also no grocery store visits which usually happens on Sunday. Saw a lot of people out walking and quite a few birds either heard or seen. This guy spent the day singing. I think he's happy for Spring: See this image largerDidn't leave the house yesterday due to the rain, but still got my 10k steps on the Gazelle and running around the house. This one is from Friday. I took it amidst the hyacinths so you could see how small it is, about an inch across. Miniature daffodils?(1 comments)See this image largerGot over 12k steps yesterday. Went to the small county park that has a nature trail and also connects to the Penn State Master Gardener's plot. Lots of birds and blooms. This little fellow is the only one that posed for me. We're 90% sure we saw a red-winged blackbird, but not certain: (2 comments)See this image largerDid another combination outdoor walk and Gazelle workout today and my lonely little viola volunteer from last year has some new buds to go along with him. Will hopefully hit 10k steps tonight as I'm pretty close. Stay well! See this image largerForgot to put this up Sunday... the Lenten Roses were still in bloom. They must keep going for quite a while. Only got out for short walks today, but got in over 11k steps. We are blessed to have a lot of areas for longish walks where avoiding people is easy, but it looked like rain yesterday.See this image largerForgot to put this up Sunday... the Lenten Roses were still in bloom. They must keep going for quite a while. Only got out for short walks today, but got in over 11k steps. We are blessed to have a lot of areas for longish walks where avoiding people is easy, but it looked like rain yesterday.See this image largerGot over 12k steps today and on one of my short outdoor walks I saw this guy going about business as usual:See this image largerGot some outdoor walking done again and saw our first tulip of the year. I need another 2k to get to 10k steps, so I should make it:(1 comments)See this image largerNiteman's first official selfie in history. Stay healthy!:See this image largerMade it over 13k steps without leaving the back yard today. The last time I was out I saw this big fella. This is a hand held using a 600mm equivalent lens and a 115% crop with a little bit of sharpening. I was pretty happy with it. Stay safe!See this image largerDidn't make it much past the back gate yesterday, but still got over 12k steps. Our old hanging baskets from last year are sitting around waiting for some attention and in the meantime several are sprouting volunteers like this viola:See this image largerWalked outdoors for a bit and got over 11k steps total. Here's a Redbud bud. How fitting the Judas tree blooms today....(1 comments)See this image largerHad to walk between the breezes and the rain drops, but I got in an outdoor walk and over 12k steps yesterday. Saw some new blossoms and got pics despite the tornado watch:(2 comments)See this image largerIt's been chilly, rainy, or both in our area so I haven't been out much. I still made it over 11k steps walking around the house and on the step glider today, so daily goal complete. This on is from Wednesday and I'm anxious to get back and see if these Dogwood blossoms have changed to white or if the tree is a mutation with green blossoms? The trees on either side of it were already normal color. Hope the wind and rain left some for me to see:See this image largerFinally got to walk outside for a couple of miles today. The tulips are going wild this year: See this image largerLove these little tulips (from the 19th). They're only about an inch and a half across in full bloom. Didn't get out today but did manage to get over 10k steps around the house and on the Gazelle.(1 comments)See this image largerFirst outdoor walk in five days. Only a mile and a half, but it helped me get over 12k steps. I didn't see much to shoot. Even this guy wouldn't sit still for a portrait:See this image largerSheltered in place again today, but still managed over 11k steps with the Gazelle and tours around the perimeter. This on is from Saturday:See this image largerGot to walk about a mile and a half outdoors yesterday which helped push me over 13k steps for the day. Got a couple pics in my travels. This guy wouldn't show his face completely, but kept peeking over the stem while he worked:(2 comments)See this image largerGot almost an hour of outdoor walking in this afternoon and should be close to 13k steps by days end. We have some new flowers blooming on our route... lilies of the valley and this Iris: See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerNo outdoor walk on Monday as it was too windy, but I still managed over 11k steps. This shot is from Sunday. I haven't seen one of these sneaky devils for a while. The female Brown Headed Cowbird lays eggs in the nests of other birds to be hatched and raised by the other bird (brood parasite). No Mother's Day for her. I saw one hatched by a sparrow some years ago and watching that sparrow trying to feed her 'baby' that was already way bigger than she was got some good laughs out of us.See this image largerNo outdoor walk on Monday as it was too windy, but I still managed over 11k steps. This shot is from Sunday. I haven't seen one of these sneaky devils for a while. The female Brown Headed Cowbird lays eggs in the nests of other birds to be hatched and raised by the other bird (brood parasite). No Mother's Day for her. I saw one hatched by a sparrow some years ago and watching that sparrow trying to feed her 'baby' that was already way bigger than she was got some good laughs out of us.See this image largerI'm going up to the Gazelle to try for my 10k steps, but I'll be pushing to get them. A lazy rainy day. This from yesterday's walk I think is "Star of Bethlehem" which seems right as it's all around a local graveyard:See this image largerI made it over 12k steps yesterday so will be happy with ten or more today, but I need to get started. Probably no outdoor walk today due to chilly windy conditions, but here's a shot from yesterday's walk: See this image largerDidn't go far from home today but still managed well over 11k steps. The ants sure do love our Peony buds:See this image largerNo walk yesterday but I got over 13k steps with puttering around the house and riding the Gazelle. I found these on Wednesday's walk along the sidewalk beside a parochial school:See this image largerGot well over 11k steps yesterday with an outdoor walk in the mix. Lots of birds, flowers, and insects posing for pictures:See this image largerBetween the machine and walking around the house I make it over 12k steps yesterday. Now outdoor walk (looked like rain), so no pics, but here's one I captioned from the day before. There were a couple of his buddies sitting nearby ignoring him and he was in a fix:See this image largerBetween the step glider and puttering around the house I got over 13k today, but not as much fun doing my walking in front of a TV as it is taking pictures on a hike outdoors, so gotta get out! Here's some goslings from last week:(1 comments)See this image largerIf I get my butt up and walk around the house one more time I'll hit 15k steps. Not much outdoor time today but here's a pic from a couple of days ago. I wonder if Tommy James' song, Crimson and Clover came from this flower, Crimson Clover?See this image largerMade it over 11k steps today and never left the yard. Our ants are still dutifully slurping up the nectar from the peony buds. No flowers yet, but lots of buds. Our irises are about to bloom which, as usual, is about two weeks after everybody else around here. Stay well everyone!See this image largerClosing in on getting over 10k steps for the day. Here's Iris bud from yesterday and the flower it turned into today. What a difference a day makes:See this image larger(3 comments)See this image largerGot over 13k steps which included a trip to the greenhouse. Boy, are plant prices ever up! A shot of a faded Allium blossom from a local garden:See this image largerAlmost 11k steps today. We picked up some new flowers Thursday. I believe this one is an African Daisy?See this image largerMade it just over 14k steps for Saturday. Our rose bush made it back and is suddenly covered with flowers:See this image largerDidn't get to walk today but I did get over 11k steps between the machine and walking around the house and yard. Here are some more African Daisies from that yard.See this image largerI should still hit 10k steps today with the Gazelle and chores to give me a boost, but I never made it out of the yard as the temp hit 90° today. Here's a flower pic from our yard:See this image largerI will just barely hit 12k steps today as we didn't get a photo walk completed, but here is one from yesterday. I think it's Wild Blue Indigo:See this image larger“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”— Aesop Well, I sheltered in place again today. It wasn't because the governor ordered it, it was because that's what I enjoy doing. I did mange to squeak over 13k steps mixed in with all my relaxing. Here's a shot from the weekend. Beware the Deadly Nightshade!(2 comments)See this image largerAnother day above 10k steps hanging around the house. I got a few shots in the back yard today. Our 'hens & chicks' are blooming: See this image largerWe got in a mile and a half outdoors today and my step total was over 13k, so it was a pretty good day. I spotted this one in a local garden, but can't ID it. Anybody know, assuming the conversion to the feed shows enough detail?See this image largerWith time on the Gazelle and some yard work I made it to over 13k steps without a walk today. This pic was from Sunday... an oyster plant seed head, I wish I had seen the flower. That's about four inches across:(1 comments)See this image largerFinally got to walk outside and saw some new flowers. Will be well over 11k steps by day's end:See this image largerDW works for the state and got a paid day off for Juneteenth, so we had a walk and a picnic today. I just made it over 11k steps for the day. The bugs had to entertain themselves since I was slathered in Deet and they couldn't use me as their pincushion:See this image largerI might hit 11k steps, but am well over 10, so still okay for a Sunday. I finished an hour on the Gazelle and we got in a short walk outdoors. We're starting to see some butterflies:(1 comments)See this image largerI stayed home yesterday due to showers and thunderstorms but still make it over 13k steps. Here's a bee I liked from Sunday:(1 comments)See this image largerRain showers kept me around the house but still got in well over 12k steps. I liked this Clematis bud about to open on our back fence:See this image largerI'm closing in on 10k steps and haven't left the house, but I did see these:See this image largerMade it over 13k steps for Sunday. Played with the camera in the yard. Plenty of pollen here:(1 comments)See this image largerOver 13k steps today. Dill, anyone?(1 comments)See this image largerMade it over 10k steps today with only walking in the yard and on the Gazelle. Our dark lilies came back:(2 comments)See this image largerWe had a short hike in the mountains yesterday and a picnic in the park in spite of the heat. I made it over 11k steps. My old butt was pretty well draggin' by the time we got home:See this image largerAnother stay-at-home day, but I made it over 12k steps. Our Hostas are blooming:(2 comments)See this image largerMade it just over 11k steps yesterday which included a mile or so outdoors. You'll need eye protection for these. Yes, they really are that bright:See this image largerMade it over 12k steps yesterday. These guys take slow to a new level... I think it's called stationary:See this image largerMade it over 11k steps, just barely, but made it. Had my usual three calories left over. These are in a hanging basket that was all but dead and has come back nicely:(1 comments)See this image largerMade it well over 12k steps yesterday. The Zucchini monsters are starting to exit the ground. We'll soon be buried in them! This one's older sibling already found it's way into the Ratatouille pot: (1 comments)See this image largerIf I don't hit 13k steps tonight, I'll be very close. DW called me out in the yard after we had a little rain earlier to see all the new lilies blooming:See this image largerGot over 11k steps yesterday. We went for a picnic at a local state park and saw our first Monarch of the year. All butterflies seem scarce around here this year:(2 comments)See this image largerHad to hustle to get my 10k steps in today, but I made it... but just barely. Here's a garden menace from a couple of days ago:(2 comments)See this image largerl made it over 11k steps today. We've had some nasty thunderstorms for the last two days. I ran between the drops and got a couple of shots of our lilies in the rain: (2 comments)See this image largerI know I made it over 11k steps but since the Garmin server is down, I can't tell by how much. Pretty Coleus on the porch:See this image largerI made it well over 13k steps yesterday. I had to keep a close eye on my fitness watch because the exact number disappears at days end since the Garmin website fell victim to a ransomware attack a day or two ago. Here's a peaceful road from a couple of weeks ago:(1 comments)See this image largerI inched over 14k steps yesterday. Our garden has been producing well with promise of more to come:See this image largerJust made it past 11k steps yesterday by a couple of hundred in spite of a very busy day. We have a female Monarch laying eggs in the backyard and DW can't decide whether to bring them in and raise them or leave them to nature? Here's a bee shot I liked from today: (1 comments)See this image largerBarely got my 10k steps yesterday and I'm going to have to hustle this evening as well. We made it to the Penn State garden this afternoon on the way to a grocery pickup and got this shot. Shield your eyes, it's bright!See this image largerNever sit down just short of your goal with the intention of finishing in a minute, then get distracted and miss your 10k steps by 25. All streaks must end. I took a pic of these trumpet flowers because they were a different color than ours and then later discovered that one was occupied:See this image largerDidn't nod off and forget my step goal for Saturday, so I just made it over 10k by a little. Another different colored lily from Friday's outing:See this image largerMade it past 11k steps for Sunday. Here are some strange buds from a couple of days ago:See this image largerJust short of 12k steps. Found this new daisy-like flower popping up in one of DW's backyard pots today and thought it needed captioned:See this image largerJust short of 12k steps. Found this new daisy-like flower popping up in one of DW's backyard pots today and thought it needed captioned:(1 comments)See this image largerBarely made my 10k steps yesterday. I need to get back to my daily outdoor walk. I got this shot a couple of days ago. He looks like a dish brush. This is the Milkweed Tiger Moth Caterpillar. As you can see by all the sap, they really rip up a milkweed plant. This one is less than an inch long.(2 comments)See this image largerMade it over 11k steps yesterday. Here's a lake scene from Monday:(1 comments)See this image largerJust made it to 10k steps yesterday and looks like about the same today. These little guys are called "Midnight Snack"... very tasty:See this image largerMade it to over 12k steps yesterday. Here's one from the garden last evening:See this image largerMade it over 10k steps yesterday. Here's one from a hanging basket in the backyard:See this image largerMade it to the mountains yesterday so I got my 10k steps. Saw many flowers, insects, and frogs. Here's a pretty yellow swallowtail:See this image largerI just barely squeaked over 10k steps yesterday. The zinnias were in full bloom at a garden we visited Friday. What a show of colors:See this image largerGot my 10k steps yesterday. This lady stands accused of three counts of vicious murder! We found her gnawing on one of our Monarchs and the wings of two others nearby. She was released from custody after being relocated to the bean patch:(3 comments)See this image largerFell asleep on the couch watching Law and Order reruns and just missed 12k steps. That'll teach me. I had a lazy day, but this guy was busy:(1 comments)See this image largerGot past 10k steps and did some lawn and garden work. This guy is from a couple of days ago. A different angle:See this image largerGot in just over 11k steps. Here's another butterfly from a couple of weeks ago:(1 comments)See this image largerI made it past 11k yesterday, but need to get moving today... only four hours left. Here's one from a pot in the yard:See this image largerJust made it over 11k steps today. I finally got to shoot some new pics. Here's a new little daisy like flower that popped up in one of our planters:See this image largerJust made it to 10k steps. I kept getting distracted by shiny objects. Here's one from the garden last week:See this image largerI made it past 11k steps yesterday with a little outdoor time. Here's a shot from the garden that I thought was a pumpkin, but DW says it's a round zucchini: (1 comments)See this image largerJust barely made my 10k steps today, but much of it was outdoors for a change, so I was happy with that. Another beautiful day here in our Appalachian valley:See this image largerI made it past 11k steps yesterday and got in a little outdoor walking today taking sunflower pictures. This pic is titled, "Take Me Home"See this image largerDid a little outdoor walking again and bumped my total over 11k steps for Sunday. We visited the sunflower fields:(2 comments)See this image largerMy step total was over 11k today and I even took an outdoor walk for the first time in a while. The flowers are getting harder to find. I did discover a few roses in pretty nice shape: See this image largerJust barely made it to 10k steps for Thursday, but I did spend some time reading on the porch and taking pics in the yard after a rain shower to get my vitamin D. Looking at the back of the flower:See this image largerMade it past 10k steps, but just barely. I didn't make it far from home today dealing with car problems. We've only had a few zinnias come up this year... this poor little fella is only about an inch in diameter:(1 comments)See this image largerMade it over 10k steps for Sunday. (Broke my streak Saturday by falling asleep on the couch and missed by less than 400. We went back to the Sunflower Farm today and I caught this Monarch flitting around:(1 comments)See this image largerGot past my 10k steps for Monday and pretty much stayed in the yard or on the Gazelle to get there. I thought Monarchs were partial to milkweed, but it sure looks like this guy must have grown up here judging by the way some of the leaves are gnawed on: (1 comments)See this image largerI made it well over 13k steps today thanks to a nice outdoor walk. Got lots of good pics with plenty of flowers still in bloom, but my favorite is a repeat from one of DW's backyard planters. Seems like they keep blooming, but only one at a time:(1 comments)See this image largerWas just six steps shy of 13k for Thursday. Got in a nice outdoor walk and spotted my first Buckeye Butterfly of the year:(1 comments)See this image largerI made it over 10k steps for Friday and found this Rose of Sharon hiding in the garden. I like the dark where it's curled up around the edges:(2 comments)See this image largerMade it over 10k steps for Monday. When I left for my walk, this guy met me at the back gate:(2 comments)See this image largerMade it well over 10k steps Tuesday and got in my resistance workout, but not much else. In our back yard, this was the last rose of summer, since summer is now over:(1 comments)See this image largerMade it past 13k steps today thanks to our visit to a local greenhouse and garden center to pick up birdseed and fall flowers. They had a Magnolia in bloom... I think it's confused:See this image largerGot my 10k steps for Saturday. According to Garmin, I'll have over 4.3 million steps for the twelve months ending with September. I'm happy with that as I've been getting pretty consistent lately and that's what I'm shooting for. Two bugs from last week, one with a very long tongue (proboscis) and one with a very long stinger. Don't know if you'll be able to see them in the SparkPeople download or not:(1 comments)See this image largerJust short of 13k steps today with the help of wandering around graveyards. Saw this in my travels and I think it's the first one of them I've seen this year. Variegated Fritillary:See this image largerMade it past 11k steps. These shelf fungus look like a stairway for squirrels or Keebler Elves:See this image largerI ended September well getting over 11k steps for Wednesday and already have over 10k for today, so October is off to a good start. I even got in some outdoor walking and spotted this, an aster, I think?(2 comments)See this image largerMade my 10k steps for Sunday. Mums the word:(1 comments)See this image largerGot my 10k steps for Sunday, but not much outdoors as it rained a bit. Saw this pair of Buckeyes chasing each other around on Saturday:See this image largerGot in a nice outdoor walk today and made it past 11k steps. The seeds of some wildflowers are as pretty as the flowers themselves:See this image largerMade it over 13k steps for Thursday. Still plenty of insects out in spite of the lower nighttime temps.See this image largerJust barely got my 10k steps in, but I did make it. This little zinnia is only about an inch in diameter and it's all by itself. Last year they wouldn't quit blooming and this year it's been only about one a week and all small ones at that.(2 comments)See this image largerCame up just short of 11k steps for Thursday. Here's a lonely remaining dandelion I spotted last weekend:(1 comments)See this image largerMade it over 10k for Saturday. Resting in the yard got me the evil eye for sitting too close to the feeder.See this image largerJust barely over 10k steps for Monday. I put one feeder pan out last week and so far nothing but squirrels and angry sparrows:See this image largerI made it well past 11k steps today including an outdoor walk with the camera. Our Sunchokes are finally blooming:See this image largerMade it over 12k steps for Thursday and had a nice walk outside. Our potted Fuchsia on the back porch are still pumping out the blooms:(2 comments)See this image largerI made it past 12k steps for Friday and am headed in the right direction today with nearly an hour walking outdoors. Plenty of beautiful leaves still clinging to the trees:See this image largerGot in 11k+ steps for Sunday and that was all at home as I was afraid to go out again after what I saw Saturday (Who ya gonna call?):(1 comments)See this image largerI had to work for my 10k steps Monday, but I made it. Saw this on my walk... I guess it's an ornamental grass? Love the color:See this image largerGot my 10k steps in with the help of an outdoor walk. Went down by the 'crick'.See this image largerOver 11k steps today hanging around the house. This one came from Tuesday with sunlight in the leaves:See this image largerI made it past 10k steps for Thursday, but had to work on it as it was raining all day so they're all indoor steps. Here's a leaf from Tuesday's walk that I thought was pretty:See this image largerMade it to over 11k steps for Friday and spotted some fall color in the yard of a local church on a chilly photo walk: See this image largerMade it past 11k steps for Monday. A creek-side view from last week:See this image largerMade it just past 10k steps for Tuesday. Here's a shot from today's walk... the leaves still on the trees here in southern Pennsylvania are getting scarce.See this image largerMade it well over 11k steps for Thursday. Came home from my walk to discover a potted tree rat. They bury their nuts in our pots which all get dumped and replanted in the Spring and then they dig up our new plants to find their nuts that aren't there. Hope I bother them as much as they bother me. 😉See this image largerFinished a nice outdoor walk on Saturday and went well over 10k steps for the day. There are still an unusual number of flowers in bloom, but also a lot have gone to seed and still plenty of colorful leaves, so a target rich environment for shooting pictures. I think these are Red Oak leaves, but not certain:(1 comments)See this image largerMade it past 11k steps for Sunday and had another beautiful day for an outdoor walk. I keep seeing newly opened roses during my travels thanks to the moderate temperatures:See this image largerMade it well over my 10k steps for Wednesday at home due to rain. The leaves fell like rain the day before as well so it's time to get the rake:(1 comments)See this image largerMade my 10k steps indoors again today, too chilly outside. Captured this rose on Monday. I liked the shadows in the sun and the color, but I doubt they have long left to bloom as it's supposed to get near freezing this morning:See this image largerMade it to just over 11k steps for Friday and got in a short photo walk. Many trees are bare now and others close to it but the leaves keep falling. I saw this one float down the creek perhaps on it's way to the ocean?See this image largerJust squeezed past 10k steps today staying indoors. Too darn chilly outside for this portion of the elderly population. I've been investigating some step counting online videos to supplement walking around the house or using the Gazelle in order to break up the monotony. This shot was from the end of last week when there were still leaves on the trees. Most are gone now and what's on the ground are fading fast to brown:See this image largerGot my 10k steps today indoors. This is from July, I miss summer already:See this image largerWill have well over my 10k step goal today... got in my first outdoor walk in awhile. Still a few leaves and lots of berries to photograph: See this image largerGoing to the exercise room to finish my 10k steps for the day. We also got a short outdoor walk in thanks to pleasant temperatures. We did well on our calories thanks to DW providing a delicious calorie conscious dinner. All in all, a great Thanksgiving... hope you had one too! Here's a shot from the walk today:See this image largerOver 10k steps today and got in an outdoor walk. The flowers are disappearing, so I'm shooting whatever I can find for photos... I call this one "Mirror, Mirror".See this image largerGot over 9k steps indoors. Memories of summer and outdoor walks:(1 comments)See this image largerDon't forget to put the bikes away honey. Uh oh!See this image largerSpotted on a short walk... a sad ol' rose waiting for warm weather to return. Sure not walking weather for me. See this image largerFinally finished an outdoor walk over a half hour today. It was a little brisk at 40°F, but the sun made it tolerable. Here's the Rose of Sharon in it's winter garb:See this image largerTemps here made it into the mid-forties so I got outside for a while. I'm inching back to my basic step goal after a stint of cold kept me indoors. Spotted some flowers gone to seed on an unknown bush. They're a lot harder to identify without the flowers.See this image largerGot in a fairly quick walk today and was well over my minimum step goal for the day. I don't think it's going to last though because the forecast shows daytime temps back in the low thirties (Fahrenheit). When I can't find another photo target that suits my fancy, I shoot a duck... they always like having their pictures taken. I made that last part up, I don't know if they like it or not:See this image largerI've had to reduce my indoor step goal as the machine was getting to my hips, so I look forward even more to the days when it's warm enough for me to go out since walking is no problem for the hips. I was whining to myself about not having much variety at the backyard feeder for photos on those stay home days and then decided that if sparrows and ducks are all I get, then I'll shoot sparrows and ducks. Here's one from last Thursday:(1 comments)See this image largerFinally got in a short outdoor walk done today. Still pretty sloppy or icy in spots, but mostly clear for walking. These guys don't care if they're on the upper or lower deck as long as they can keep the webby feet out of that cold white stuff: See this image largerMy greatly decreased winter time step goal is itching to get increased, but not till this melts and the daytime temps get over forty. The Rail Trail still has some brave souls out and about:See this image largerMy walk yesterday took me past the cursed gateway. As the story goes, anyone walking through this gateway simply disappears. I used a long lens to shoot this so I wouldn't have to get too close. (*Caution - fictional account, better known as a made up story or outright lie that fits the picture. Hmm? Maybe I should run for public office?) I got in over 8k steps yesterday and my hips seem to be tolerating it well, so I will slowly creep up to my Garmin assigned goal of 8.75k for now.See this image largerMade it outside to walk again today. Still seeing only a few targets for the camera, but here are a couple of Mallards patiently awaiting Spring... more snow tonight is the bad news I have for them:See this image largerTemps in the twenties and snowing again, so I'll be doing my stepping inside today. I can still get pics through my dirty kitchen window. Here's a Snowbird right before the snow:See this image largerTemps in the twenties and snowing again, so I'll be doing my stepping inside today. I can still get pics through my dirty kitchen window. Here's a Snowbird right before the snow:See this image largerOutdoor walk yesterday and had nearly 10k steps. None today and I'll be lucky to hit 7k. Oh well, better than the couch full time. I got my ducks in a row again:See this image largerWell, I got my walk in today, but was that ever chilly and a twenty mph breeze didn't help! I got my mile in. As I was stumping around looking for something to take a picture of, I spotted this: See this image largerFinally got an outdoor walk today and I'm glad we went as we saw a huge patch of Winter Acconite (Eranthis) that arrive even before the Crocus and look like a smaller version of them. Still plenty of high snow piles around, but there the were on freshly melted ground:See this image largerAn idea how small they are in contrast to the bench:See this image largerGot in over a mile outdoors today. It's time to start creeping up on 10k steps again and upping my daily goal from its winter lows. We had a beautiful day here in PA in the low fifties with sunshine. The Winter Aconite (yellow) love it and have been joined by Snow Drops (white). The real snow is fast disappearing:(1 comments)See this image largerGot an outdoor mile in today at the Penn State / Master Gardener's plot and look what I found! They were next to a sign that said 'Sundrops', but I suspect they are Crocus as it's too early for Sundrops. Spring is close!See this image largerTook my walk along the creek today and spotted this fellow on the opposite side. He seemed to just be playing in the water and was still there when I moved on. Cooper's Hawk, I think. Still trying to work my way back to 10k steps. Hibernation is a hard habit to break. 😜See this image largerMy outdoor mile was a joy today... just perfect weather. Got a shot of this guy on the way. I will think of him as the "Eastern Bluebird" of happiness:See this image largerDidn't hit 10k steps yesterday, but did get over nine. This guy was spotted along the way. I think he thought hiding his head would keep me from seeing him?See this image largerGot in an outdoor walk... very windy so I had to stay close to the ground with my camera. Made it well over 9k steps today. More Crocus:See this image largerExcept for a trip to the tax preparers office, I stayed in due to an all day rain, so all my stepping was around the house or on the machine and that's always a minimum total. I did look out the window to discover that my birdseed feeders must be empty. This thief is usually too busy stealing seeds to bother with the suet cakes but I guess he had no choice? See this image largerWell, Spring is right on schedule. The ten day forecast calls for daytime temps in the fifties and sixties with no nights below freezing. The flowers are starting to really pop and I even caught an early bee at work today on our walk which got up to a mile and a half long... getting better! Don't know if you'll be able to see the pollen bags on this bee in the smaller SparkPeople print, but they are full:See this image largerNo walk yesterday as I was still feeling tired and achy from the second dose of Covid vaccine, so got my minimum step goal on the Gazelle in short stints. Here's a daffodil from a couple of days ago.See this image largerGot in a short outdoor walk yesterday and step count was up over 9k... lots of flowers blooming. Star Magnolia?See this image largerBeautiful walking weather again yesterday so we went a little longer than usual and I made it over 10k steps. Spotted these pretty little tulips (?) along the way. They're only about six inches tall:See this image largerSteps were low yesterday. Windy weather and rain kept me indoors but still made it well past my 5k minimum goal. This is a crocus spotted the day before... love the stripes:See this image largerGot in a mile and a half walk today, so I should finally get more than my minimum step goal today. They're baaaaack!See this image largerWe got a glimpse of a pair of Wood Ducks on yesterday's walk. If I hadn't snapped a pic I would have missed identifying them because we thought they were Mallards. Not a great pic, but good enough for identification. I got well over 9k steps for the day:See this image largerMade it over 9k steps again yesterday. Lots of tulips popping out everywhere:See this image largerRight around sixty degrees with overcast skies made for perfect walking weather this afternoon. After the rain we have blossoms everywhere... some of the trees aren't as showy, but still very pretty:See this image largerBeautiful day for both walking and photography... flower gardens are ablaze with color. I kept us walking for longer than usual, so I should reach my desired goal pretty certainly unless I fall asleep:See this image largerWell, most of my steps were indoors today but we did go for a short drive and I spotted a row of trees that the sun was hitting just right. The blossoms of a Cleveland Pear, I think. Made it to nearly 6k steps which I'm happy with for a slacker day:See this image largerMy first outdoor walk in several days and I should make my step goal easily for a change. It was beautiful, both weather and surroundings. Everything is blooming, especially tulips are about at their peakSee this image largerWalking on the step glider the last few days as it's too chilly and windy to suit me outdoors for very long. Here's a viola called wild violet or sweet violet from a couple days ago. You probably won't see the tiny insect that photo bombed me, but he's there:See this image largerIt looks like the weather will be greatly improved this coming week and hopefully inspire some hikes as my step count hasn't been very far above my 5k minimum for several days. I want to get back to the swamp and see what I can find... a Heron maybe? Here's what the Skunk Cabbage looked like a few days ago:See this image largerFinally made it over 10k steps yesterday for the first in a while. The Mourning Dove chicks nesting in our potting shed are about ten days here: (1 comments)See this image largerMade it well over my minimum step goal today with a trip to a big greenhouse which was an adventure with winds gusting up to 50 mph. The sound was deafening at times, but we came up with most of the hanging baskets we'll need for the year at a bargain price. I'm amazed by how well the plastic held up to the wind as we saw many limbs down on our journey. These Bleeding Hearts from a greenhouse trip years ago were right in our own backyard which was a lot safer place to take pictures:(1 comments)See this image largerWe're about to leave for our walk for today and this is what we saw yesterday about this same time. Today when I checked on them, they were gone. Fledgling day for baby doves... they grew from hatchling to fledgling in about two weeks:See this image largerMade it over 9k steps yesterday thanks to a flower walk. It was hard to pick a shot to post, but this Iris was particularly pretty and just covered with pollen dust, so it's being visited a lot:(2 comments)See this image largerSeeing flowers everywhere now. The walk got me within striking distance of my step goal today and netted some pictures as well. We bought some pretty colorful hanging baskets this year for our back porch... Here's a bright Cali or "Million Bells": See this image largerWill have to settle for my minimum step goal today as it's raining on and off and quite chilly at around 50°. The ants are back to help with the Peonies:See this image largerWe stumbled into a mushroom forest on our walk today, but saw no elves or gnomes. I topped 11k steps for the day, which is pretty good for me.See this image largerMy walk got cut a little short yesterday by a few rain drops, but I still made it over 9k steps. Here's a petunia from a hanging basket on the porch that looks like it was tie dyed:(1 comments)See this image largerSpotted these on our walk today... at least a dozen goslings:See this image largerMade it over 9k steps again yesterday. Opium anyone? Never saw poppies growing wild like this... a lot bigger than I thought:See this image largerI've been getting lazy and settling for my minimum step goal and there's no excuse since the weather has been perfect. Backyard exploring led to this one... sometimes the back of the flower is okay too:(1 comments)See this image largerWent to our favorite greenhouse today and they have a small herd of whitetail deer in an enclosure. We got plenty of steps: See this image largerOur trip to the greenhouse yesterday got me near 8k steps and I got to see lots of color while DW shopped for her vegetable plants. I think my favorite flowers are still the Violas:(1 comments)See this image largerWe had a good walk today after another greenhouse visit in spite of the heat. I should hit my challenge step goal, we'll see. DW spotted a tree covered with these... they're just a shell of their old selves. The 17-year Cicada known as "Brood X" is said to number in the trillions!!See this image largerThe extra walking yesterday pushed me to over 9k steps. Going to have to get inventive for indoor steps today as it's raining (a nice steady rain). Our Peonies are in bloom:See this image largerIt rained all day, a nice steady rain so the garden and the planters will appreciate it. I never left the house but between up and down the stairs and my forty five minutes on the Gazelle I still made it well over 6k steps. It gave me time to check out my pictures from several walks and a couple of trips to greenhouses over the last week. The one greenhouse has an orchid room, but except for one with a bloom and this one with some buds, it was empty. I thought the buds were really pretty:See this image largerI hung out around the house today and made my minimum step goal. We've had a little rain and wind the last couple days and it flattened a few of the peonies, so DW cut a few and brought them in... I thought they looked nice. Here's a sample:See this image largerCold and rainy yesterday so all my steps were the indoor variety, just short of 6k. Probably more of the same today with the temp barely reaching 50°. Here's a Tuberous Begonia on the back porch from a few days ago... sure looks like a rose, huh?See this image largerAnother chilly day with sprinkles of rain and dreary skies. It's actually easier to get to my 9k step goal when I can get outdoors than it is to make my minimum of 5.5k when I stay indoors. The high was 51° today. Here's a Pennsylvania scenic that includes farm, mountains, and orchards all in one shot. It was taken last week.See this image largerFinally got a beautiful day for walking and picture taking. Sunny at 65°with a light breeze. Did over 9k steps total for Monday. Lots of beautiful flowers to see, but this bi-colored rose had to be the prettiest of the day. It was growing in a patch of rose bushes that were all single colors of yellow, red, and pink. This one was nearly hidden clear in the back along a wall and I'm glad I was lucky enough to have spotted it:See this image largerMy short walk today will help pump up an otherwise lazy day. Steps to be determined. Here's a shot of DW's Clematis that I "Cartoonized" Don't know what it will look like here but I soon will:See this image largerI got one of these in my ointment today. It rained all day and I just barely made my minimum step goal. I think I finished with just short of 6k:See this image largerBento Boxes and the best table in the house. Summertime!

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