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See this image largerI am finally UNDER 200! What a way to start the week!See this image largerWorking hard now, so I can be in a bikini when I get married next June in Jamaica #skinnygoals #girlpower #workinghardnowtobeskinnylater #goalsinmindandsight #byefatbyeSee this image largerI go for morning walks with a friend 6 days a week. Today I went to our meeting spot and waited for 20 min. She stood me up. I went home, grabbed my headphones, went back outside and walked alone. It was great. I went 2 miles longer and 3 min per mile faster than on my walks with my friend. #gotgoals #thatsnotsweatthatsgirldiamonds #jamaicawedding #gettingmyfitnessonestepatatimeSee this image largerIt's been a couple weeks since I have seen the scale budge, which is beyond frustrating! But I got on today and so far this week I am down 3 lbs!!! Switched up everything since nothing else was working! This picture is after breakfast, tea and a couple bottles of water... so I am hoping for a little less than what the scale reads, but I will still take it!See this image largerCan't wait to thank myself in 3 months! Happy Tuesday Spark peeps!See this image largerStay strong on your journey!See this image largerFeeling great! Got an hour in on my treadmill, now time for a healthy meal! Grilled Chicken topped with fresh spinach, a slice of provolone cheese, roasted red peppers and a half an avocado. Yum!See this image largerFeeling really good today! Scale has gone down another pound!See this image largerHappy Friday! This gave me a good laugh this morning!See this image largerStuck to my lifestyle change entirely today, drank 16 glasses of water (my recommend amount) also just made my skinny fit finance homemade fettuccine alfredo sauce and pasta, and didn't even have one bite! Feeling proud and accomplished! Sleep well my spark peeps!See this image largerHappy Monday, another week to challenge ourselves more than last week!See this image largerI have lost 8 lbs which is the same weight as a human head!See this image largerDown 8 lbs, feeling like I am flying high! Put on one of my favorite tshirts today and it's baggy! And i dont feel like i look disgusting in my yoga pants! That is a great feeling!See this image largerTook my favorite girl out tonight to enjoy this beautiful day. We walked 2 miles and enjoyed every step of it!See this image largerSee this image largerI'm down 10 lbs! Last night I went to my first yoga class in a couple of years and found out that I remembered all the moves and because of my 10# loss I was very flexible and able to do the moves with ease! Tomorrow we are going out to dinner and I have pre-surfed the menu and found the healthiest option for myself so I stay on track! Feeling great and proud! Happy Friday!See this image largerBeen craving pizza so I made fat head pizza for friday pizza night, with spinach, olive oil and garlic. And a little turkey pepperoni. So good! #ketoSee this image largerNormally I hate pictures but last night we went out to dinner and I snapped a quick selfie. I was so happy to not see a double chin and not have to hold the phone up high to make my face appear thinner! #KETO loving the results!See this image largerBeautiful but windy day here in NC. Played a round of golf with my fiancée and two friends. I walked the entire course and it felt AH-MAZING! Drank 8 glasses of water instead of beer also! First time I ever walked the course.See this image largerDinner time! Baked chicken (not breaded) topped with a little sauce and provalone cheese and a side of fresh garlic spinach. My healthier take on chicken parm. Hope you all had a fantastic and successful Monday!See this image largerHappy Thurday! Today's efforts are tomorrow's progress! Work hard and kick butt!See this image largerDinner was so good tonight! Sriracha pork baby back ribs and spinach! The ribs were so filling I only ate 2 of the 3 on my plate! Thanks for the recipe @SADIEMYERS !! This is going to be a usual in my house! #ketoSee this image largerHappy friday, i hope this week was better than the last and next week is better than this one. Remember, you may have your cheat meal planned for this weekend, but keep it at just that! Don't let the weekend throw you off your course!See this image largerYummy breakfast! 4 egg whites cooked in coconut oil seasoned with 1 triangle laughing cow garlic and herb cheese, garlic powder, parsley and a side of low sodium bacon. And a cup of green tea. Only 183 calories!See this image largerMy super protein cheat meal for the week. With my cheat glass of wine :) oh deliciousness! This is well worth the work I put in this week! Only used a little bit of dressing.See this image largerFeeling really accomplished today! Did my hour long pilates video thay I have been dreading. I had forgotten how challenging it is! Then took my dog for a half hour (2 mile) walk. I could have gone further but my chubby puppy was looking exhausted and didn't want to push her. Ate well all day, and now ready for a healthy dinner of chicken and spinach!See this image largerJust set my new goal! I bought myself a new shirt and a pair of new jeans (online from london). I didn't want to buy them for my body now because they won't fit in a couple months. Well, they just came in the mail and I need to lose about 10-15 more lbs before they will fit. So my new goal is 15 lbs by may 1st and my reward is already here waiting for me! Can't wait!See this image larger15 lbs down and 15 more by may 1st to meet my next goal!See this image largerStole this one from @SADIEMYERS the keto cooking guru! Fried chicken wings (used grassfed butter) and cheesy artichoke and mushrooms (in sharp cheddar and cream cheese ). It was so good!See this image largerMy progress has slowed the past couple weeks due to travel, work,family stuff and to be honest, just plain laziness. But I am back on track and almost in the 180's!!!! I am going to push hard this week so I will be way into the 180's by next friday!See this image largerGot 10 of my 14 glasses of water in for the day and have stayed on track with my food. Just got home fom work, and about to do my 45 min kick boxing class then take my dog for a 30 min walk. Feeling good!See this image largerPart 1 of todays workout, done! Did a weighloss regimen on my treadmill, burned 160 calories! Now time for work and next up at 10 on my break is my 20 min pilates video! Make today great Spark peeps!See this image largerSee this image larger@COCEGU just wishing you an awesome day filled with encouragement and high fives!See this image largerHad a busy weekend so I didn't get to meal prep yesterday. When I got home from work tonight (after a 1.5 hr commute) I made a couple meals for the next few days. Buffalo chicken sloppy joes with a blue cheese coleslaw. And a roast chicken, which I think looks beautiful! And keto creamed spinach as a side.See this image largerIn 1 Month from today I will be in Jamaica for my Wedding that is in 32 days! I had my dress fitting today and if I lose any more weight before we leave, my dress is going to be too big! Too bad!! I'm still going for my goal of another 15 lbs this month!See this image largerSee this image largerI am the storm! Feeling great today! Got my whole meal plan tracked for the day. Can't wait to get my exercise in after work!See this image largerBack at it for 2020! Started my day off right with a healthy breakfast. Whole wheat English muffin (100 cal. Kind) 1 scrambled egg (in coconut oil) 1 slice of thin cheese, 1 tomato slice and 1/4 avocado, with a mug of green tea. Happy new years spark family, may this be our year!See this image largerMy lunch, it looks bigger than it is, and totally filled me up. 2 oz whole wheat pasta (measured before it was cooked) mini fresh mozzarella balls, green onion, celery, cucumber, tomato over 1.5 cups romaine with 2 tbsp good seasoning Italian dressing.See this image largerDinner. Bunless chicken burger, 2 tbsp stubbs low sugar bbq sauce, 1 slice sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato and 1/4 avocado with homemade baked sweet potatoe fries! (1 reg sized potato cooked in 2 tbsp coconut oil till super crispy on 425°)See this image larger@stillsparkleigh #selfiechallenge #selfieself #girlstakingselfies #babylove

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