Naughty Day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

I am devious. My husband just told me so.

Today is the first day of the Curse, and I was overwhelmed with a desire for sweets. So much so that the Twix I brought home yesterday for my husband and I to share today was gone before lunch, and I had to buy another one to replace it. (I just confessed to him, which is why he called me devious.) I also bought a pastry while at Panera, AND a KING SIZE PB Twix, which I did NOT share with my darling husband. I ate the whole thing all by myself.

Ohhhhh, the shame! The agony! The torment! The CALORIES!

Tomorrow will be better. It has to be better. Certainly can't be any worse! I'm getting up early tomorrow to work out before MOPS. Oh---but one of the moms always invites me to lunch with her at Chicago's Pizza. And it's a buffet. Oh, no! I'll have to turn her down to eat my turkey sandwich. Willpower, Rachel! Willpower!

On a possibly more interesting note, I got to play a piggypants in a video yesterday. I'm in the drama ministry at our church, and we're doing a video spoof of The Biggest Loser called The Biggest Sinner. One of the "challenges" is a temptation room of food that takes place 18 hours into a 24-hour fast the contestants are doing. Me and one of the guys had to attack the food table, cram our faces, and make it look like food was flying everywhere.

This could have been bad. Very bad. They had Nutty Bars. And Oatmeal Creme Pies. And Pringles, and cookies, and pudding, and donuts, and apples---who put the apples out there?---and Twix (not my beloved PB Twix, though), and Snickers, and Milky Way...

Yes, it could have been very bad.

Despite my caloric performance today, I took the high road in my screen performance yesterday. I had to eat one Nutty Bar because it was in the script, and then all the cramming I did was Pringles, since I knew I could eat fewer of those but make them look messier as they shattered and flew everywhere. It was slightly embarrassing having to do a scene like that. I was concerned about being portrayed as the "chubby" girl. But they put me on a team with two bigger guys (not big guys, but taller and broader than me), which was thoughtful, since I wouldn't look like a landmass next to them.

We'll see how the video turns out. I felt very self-conscious about the whole thing even before it required me stuffing my face. But perhaps I'll see myself on screen and think I look like a beautiful starlet! Or a heifer. No, Rachel! PMA! Positive Mental Attitude! I'm beautiful! I'm lovely! I am not a cow! Repeat. I'm beautiful! I'm lovely! I am not a cow! I'm beautiful...
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