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Saturday, April 18, 2009

well today my hubby called me to tell me he has a few new shirts for me.sometimes while being on the road he will bring me home something cute.anyways i said what size r they?he says 3x.i said uh.. the 3x i have now r huge on me since ive lost weight.he has been acting weird.ok so yesterday i got my hair done,and i shaved my legs.i think so what? but he thinks something totally different.like im fixing myself up for someone.i love him.and i think he thinks since i have really started to lose weight,i might leave him for someone else.only because of certain things he has said.thats not me.however i do wish he would try to get healthy.im hoping once he sees a dramatic change in me,it might motivate him.he never puts me down,hes always telling me how proud he is of me.so i dont know.but back to my shirt! alot of my shirts r HUGE on me! im sorry i just find this to be awesome! lol !oh i have to weigh in tomorrow.im dreading this.i keep looking at myself in the mirror.its hard for me to picture myself even being in the 260's.im at 280 lbs. right now.i am just so driven this time.i dont know where i found this DRIVE.it just came over me all of a sudden,its like i can remember the day,and what i was doing when it happened.

today i was watching t.v. and i seen a commercial for a pizza buffet for only 5$.i was like oh hell ya..because we all just need to eat all kinds of pizza.what pi**es me off is u can go to almost any fast food place and buy some crap off the dollar menu,but if u try to buy healthy food in a grocery store the price is crazy! i mean its definitely worth it,but u know.its hard to buy healthy when u have a hard time just trying to make ends meet.so im really lucky i am able to.it just makes me so mad.im sorry.lmfao! ok im done.good night,thank u to my spark family for all ur support.god bless. emoticon
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    It doesn't hurt to make your hubby a little jealous!! Especially when you are looking and feeling so much better! Hooray for you!! Those larger shirts he's buying will make great nightshirts!!
    As far as the grocery shopping goes I agree with you, it can be expensive. I've learned to go shopping in the early morning when the produce manager is marking down the bags of salad that are expiring either that day or the next. I'll buy a few bags because they'll last a couple days past their expiration date!! My DH and I now share a baked sweet potato where before we used to eat 1 apiece. I only cook breakfast on Sundays, other days I eat oatmeal, a banana and V8. Lunch will usually before leftovers from the previous nights dinner so we are really keeping our grocery bill in line! If you want a snack make sugar free/fat free pudding with skim milk, add a dollop of cool whip and some chopped nuts and you have a healthy sundae that everyone will love!
    Just remember that you are doing this for you and your family and keep up the good work! emoticon
    4401 days ago
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    Sometimes when a spouse loses weight the other spouse has a hard time believing it's because they want to be healthier, look better, live longer. Hopefully your hubby will realize you want to look better for him, live longer for him and your son. Maybe he'll begin to get healthier for you and Dakota!

    And, unfortunately, eating healthier is more expensive. But like the others said, I spend more in groceries, but I'm not eating at fast food places like we used too!

    Have a great week!


    4402 days ago
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    1. Hubbies that have never worried before start to when the weight comes off. Its a simple fact they feel you have gone up in the looks department. It can be hard to deal with. Hopefully it will just be a minor nusiance.

    2. Yeah I shopped for groceries and my bill goes higher and higher the healthier I try and eat. Wish that wasnt so but I realize I also dont eat out as much so that money has just been switched over to the groceries.
    4402 days ago
    ahh yes, it is frustrating to see all the bad foods be so cheap. They are just in higher demand. I just read a spark article on this yesterday. If everyone would stop buying the junk food then the price would go up. It is, and always has been, a supply and demand situation. It will take a lot of people refusing to buy the cheap stuff before the price of healthier stuff goes down. You think McDonalds is such a big hit because everyone loves Ronald and like to eat greasy soaked burgers? No... it's because they are cheap and fast. Grrr... aggravating!

    As far as your husband goes, it looks like he is starting to show signs of jealousy! My husband just revealed to me about two months ago, that he is a jealous person. I was have been with this crazy man for 8 years and I had no idea. I mean, yea, you could tell a little, but not the the extent that he actually is. I cannot imagine how he is gonna be if guys start hitting on me. Just a little extra encouragment for him to buy me a wedding ring after being married for 3 years now. emoticon Of course, like you, no other person would ever make me want to leave him. I love him with all of my heart and soul and could never imagine my life without him in it. And honestly, I don't know if my, or your, husband will ever get over their jealousy, and it is hard for him to think about you being home while he is on the road. Especially since they hear crap on the CBs about cheating wifes. They'll just have to learn that although we have more skip in our step and "less to love", we are NOT interested in spending our lives with anyone else!
    4403 days ago
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