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please..anyone with children give me answers.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

we have a beautiful baby boy.hes 19 months. now i have heard of terrible 2's.he is our first ,and only child.but he use to be soooo loving. now hes climbing on everything.standing on the furniture.scaring me half to death! lol! please tell me if this is normal.b4 when i would tell him no,he would usually listen,well i can forget that now.

and the toilet!!!! this boy has some obsession with the toilet! putting things in it,seeing what he can flush down it,splashing the water around with his hands!! my boy is no longer my little angel he once was.now the only time he seems like an angel is when hes sleeping.lol.

he throws these horrible tantrums! and he will hit things,i dont give in though.i dont want him to think he can get away with things he does if he just cries.so anyways this is just a few of some things he does.is this what is called terrible 2's? even though hes not 2 yet..or should i be worried? i hope i get my 'lil' angel back soon.
god bless....... christina
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  • I-8-2-MUCH
    Get a TOILET LOCK for the toilet seat, that'll stop him!

    Most of us go thru the trantrum stage with kids. My son was a angel, my daughter was not! Nothing I could do for her would make her happy. Neighbors called the police on me because she screamed like I was beating on her. I realised by trying to help her, paying attention to her or even just looking at her - she would act worse. Neighbors thinking they were better mothers would try to "comfort her" & all they got for it was beat up, bit, scratched & head-butted by her! She should have been a wrestler! I learned to ignore her completely and eventually she gave up. She was a meanie! Still is and she's 29! LOL!

    4406 days ago
    You have to remember that now he's coming into his own. He knows what he wants and what he doesn't want...but he can't express it to you. It must be frustrating, so you can understand the tantrums. I don't have any children, but I have a nephew who turned two today. We started doing time out with him a few months ago and it really works. They say one minute for every year, the hard part as getting him to sit, we kept placing him down in his spot until he got it. Now we tell him if you don't stop jumping then you are going to get a time out and like magic he's good!

    Good luck!
    4407 days ago
    As a mom of two teenagers, one in the Navy and one getting ready for college, the best advice I can give is that yes, you have a very normal little boy, and enjoy every minute with him because one day you'll wake up and your little boy will be an adult.
    4407 days ago
  • JENN5641
    Oh dear...is this what I have to look forward to?!?!?! Mine is only 8 months old!
    4407 days ago
    Welcome to motherhood, it won't get any easier. Wait until he becomes a teenager! Just keep doing what you are doing and don't give in. If he is so curious about the toliet, sit him on it and see if he does potty!

    Good Luck!!! emoticon
    4407 days ago
    If he's showing interest in the toilet start to potty train he my be ready, and yes the tantrums are normal, I have a 3year old and a 18month . child door handle locks help out great as well. so you don't have to watch the bathroom all the time. have fun and keep smiling. emoticon
    4407 days ago
    LOL! Yes this is all normal.

    When my four year old learned to walk, that was when EVERYTHING started disapearing. She didn't do the toilet, she chose the trashcan instead. She threw everything away. To this day I can't find my bluetooth!

    My daughter used to throw tantrums but knows I will do like the mother in NY and leave her right where she lay SO she doesn't do that anymore. (jokes jokes, don't call CPS on me emoticon )

    She climbed, she moved furniture and she didn't listen. I attribute these times to growth. Statistics show that a child will learn 90% of what they will know in their lifetime in the first three years of life. So let your Angel explore and just monitor him. As long as you don't let up (as you said you are doing, gold star) he will grow out of it and he will be better than ever.

    Good Luck and Breath, lots of deep breathing

    Fine Tender
    4407 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/23/2009 3:31:20 PM
    Keep up with what your are doing and never give in! I have a son that is 17 months old and he is the complete opposite of his big brother (big brother will be 13 April 30). He's a little wild man! But at the same time, I will admit, he is hilarious. But I will never let him see me laughing. I will always look him right at his forehead and say "No!". lol. Don't let him know he is getting to you. Stand your ground without getting excited and it won't be fun for him anymore. Then he can find something else that will get your attention. emoticon Leslie
    4407 days ago
  • GO-DO-Y
    This ishard on you, but normal. At this stage in thier life they fear nothing, he will test you. When you say no fallow thou if it is time out let him set in a noughty bean bag chair or a chair. give him something else to keep him besy with. But remeber it might take time to teach him to say in the chair or bean bang. I used a timer so that they can hear it when it goes off.

    Good luck What you teach him now will help when he gets older. Friends Brenda
    4407 days ago
    I have a 4 year old boy and a 21 month girl... This is all perfectly normal! With my kids I said that their terrible 2's started at 15 months...lol. My daughter throws the biggest tantrums! She throws and hits stuff... you are doing everything right and your little man is doing great! Good luck!
    4407 days ago
    emoticon thats exactly how you were at that age emoticon especially the toilet,you put everything in it that you could get your hands on,you even flushed a metal car down the toilet,and we had to take the pipes apart emoticon love ya emoticon
    4407 days ago
  • no profile photo CD489708
    My son is about to be 4 and he still throws his little fits sometimes. I think a lot of it has to do with them being boys. I think your child is completely normal, and just for your peace of mind, my son has gotten a lot better with age. We started spanking him around 19 months and that made a HUGE difference! Time-out does not work for my son. BTW my son is a big climber too. It still scares me! We call him our little monkey.
    4407 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/23/2009 3:17:59 PM
  • no profile photo CD2244005
    It'll get better - in about 20 or 30 years! emoticon I think every child goes through those "Terrible Two's", and you seem like you're handling it well.


    4407 days ago
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