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Sunday, May 03, 2009

ok so this evening a friend was over.and she looks at me.ask me so how much weight have u lost.i say 34 lbs.u would think she would be like emoticonoh hell no..this spills out of her mouth instead."oh 34 lbs....silence....she nods her head.then she says,slow but steady."

i was thinking well thanks.
i have blogged about my past surgeries,and my worries over excess skin.
she says ,"u know,u can lose all the weight u want..but u wont ever lost that belly."
ok so at this point i want to throw our sons sippy cup (which is full of juice)at her face.
ok so i try changing the subject..this doesnt work!
"u need to get a tummy tuck,this is the only way to get rid of that belly"
im screaming in my head "!!lady shut up!!"
ferent subject***********************
i know i cant expect to lose 4-5 lbs each week.like in the beginning.but since i am afraid of hitting a plateau its time to kick this up a notch!! well i did the biggest loser cardio max emoticon damn this is sooooooooooo hard..did i mention this is so hard?lmfao! but i pushed myself.whoo that was a workout! i will never under estimate a 30 min workout again.im having trouble tracking it though.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
im happy to report ..i got home from going to a couple yard sales.checked my voice mail. it was my husband asking me out on a date.i thought this was too adorable.so next weekend im goin on a date!! im so excited.he hasnt been on the road too long this time.but im always excited to see him.hehe.oh to be lucky in love..
god bless my spark family..christina
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    emoticon Going on a date with the hubby!!! emoticon Focus on that and not on your thoughless friend!! You are doing an amazing job and don't need to let someone who has no feelings bring you down. emoticon
    4386 days ago
  • GRANNY1972
    Before I was married and had my 2 daughters, I was always very thin. My best friend was always pretty heavy and always felt a little out of place and down on herself. I gained 50 lbs with my 2nd pregnancy and then gained more on top of that. My friend would make comments that I was just like her now and I would probably never be thin again. I put myself on a diet and exercise plan and over 9 months I lost 100 pounds. I tried to get her to do it with me but she wasn't interested. Not once in that entire 9 months did she say anything positive about my weightloss. Never once said I looked nice or anything!! Even though I wasn't losing just so people would notice and say something, it still hurt my feelings to not get the support of my best friend. I think it was a matter of jealousy on her part which was sad, because I never once judged her on her weight! Don't let your friends comments get to you. You are losing this weight so you'll be a healthier, happier person and don't let anyone take the joy of that away from you.
    4387 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2244005
    I agree, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything! You can see (and others have commented) about how great you look since you lost the 34 pounds - and that is terrific! Keep up the good work and reap the rewards!

    I think it's great that your hubby is wooing you! You'll have to tell us how the date went. (Okay, not everything emoticon )

    Have a great week!


    4387 days ago
  • no profile photo DRAGONFLY723
    OMG!!! People can be so rude. I think this was especially hurtful because this comment came from a person that is supposed to be a friend. A true friend would love and support you. A 34lb loss is great and you should be proud of yourself. I've had several surgeries as well (5 in the past year) and it led to a 50lb weight loss; there is only a little bit of loose skin but I am noticing a difference through diet and exercise. Good luck to you on your weight loss journey and remember you always have support and friends at Spark!
    4387 days ago
    It is amazing what people will say. I agree; what happened to the old "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" idea?

    I've really come to feel that weight loss works best when you focus on health and not on appearance. While I have to believe your appearance has improved, think about the benefits to your health, which maybe others can't see but I'm sure you can feel.
    4387 days ago
    How many pounds per week do you have to lose for this friend to think that you are losing “on track” and at a good pace for her? If you started losing weight when you joined spark, and not before, you have averaged almost 4.5 pounds/week. That is nothing to sneeze at!! I guess she just doesn’t understand how incredibly AWESOME it is that you are doing 4.5/week instead of the average 1-2 pounds/week. I guess what it comes down to is that she really just didn’t know what to say. Don’t let what she said about the tummy tuck effect you sweetie. I can’t believe that a friend would say something like that to you. Sounds like she is trying to persuade you to NOT lose weight and be healthy. You know how weird people can get when you are losing weight. They somehow feel like you are making a change in THEIR lives that they aren’t ready to deal with yet.

    Having trouble tracking the Biggest Loser workouts huh? Sounds like you next gift to yourself needs to be a heart rate monitor. I bought a Polar F11 “pink fizz” from eBay for $140 and I absolute;y LOVE it! I won’t go anywhere without it. I called it my birthday present from my husband cause I couldn’t justify spending that much on something for myself! You can buy much cheaper models that are made by Polar tho! Definitely look into it. No more tracking how long your workout was or trying to guess how many calories you burned!

    Your husbands voicemail was really sweet. You didn’t delete it yet did you? I would keep it as long as I could! I do the same when my mom calls me at 7:07am (the time I was born) every year on my birthday and leaves me a message (if I don’t pick up in time) and sings me happy birthday. There’s just some things you can’t erase!

    Sorry about the novel. I will try to still check up on you from time to time when I can! Take care, Christina!
    4387 days ago
    i know what ya mean i can run into ppl and they say wow you are so big and its like hello i have lost 50 lbs. arrggggh still lobbying for the repeal of the law against flogging stoopid ppl!
    4387 days ago
    My theory is when people give those types of comments its because they are feeling insecure. It could very well be she sees you are succeeding and that is scary. You keep going and let her say what she wants. She can only get to you if you choose to let her words deflate you. When people say things like this to me I use it to my advantage and just work harder to lose more weight and look better. It is so nice to see the looks on their faces when they realize I lost more weight. You can do this. Way to go.
    4387 days ago
    I know just what your saying about people not thinking. My grandma is one of those bluntly honest people who some days well you want to kill! My mom has lost lots of weight. My grandma called her up to see how her diet is going and all. My mom said oooo its going really good you can really tell my front side is going down. My grandmas response "o well what about your back side?" like you said how about a emoticon ? Nope not from her!
    4388 days ago
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