My body is a house

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

that provides the residence for my mind and soul/spirit.

Today I began thinking about my journey to lose weight and be more healthy and that is how I came up with this thought about my body is like a house (no! not big as one!). Here is the way my thoughts fell into place for me...

I have been working for 4 to 5 months, trying to lose some weight. Well, it was clear to me that I was going to get healthier in the process. It wasn't clear to me how much time or really how much and what kind of effort it was going to take. Things are happening, slowly; I have had a few starts and stops. It is my belief that once I get to my "goal weight" it will take work to maintain; in my imagination it will not be as strenous as the process of getting there. And I must remember that is more healthy and durable to lose slowly.

So, how is this like a house? Well, I have decided to build something for my body and spirit to live in.

Now, I could do something quick and drastic (and probably unhealthy) to create this home. Consider some of the new construction going up in our communities. You know the ones I am talking about. It seems to take 3 months to put the structure up, and it looks like it was built out of "ticky-tacky". I can't imagine that those buildings will still be standing so strong in 50 years... Even after a few years of Cleveland weather, they begin to look a bit tired and dull. Some are even suffering from some serious structural problems (leaky basements, faulty electric, shifts in settling and the doors and windows ar misaligned.) Basically, the time, quality and care for a good permanent structure was not invested to build that house. Some one might believe that the best thing to do is tear it down and start from scratch.

I am making an investment the real estate that my body and soul are going to spend the next 40+ years (i hope) in. This is going to take some time, and quality materials and plenty of labor and craftsmanship.

Consider some of the older homes and buildings in this country (and even more in other countries!!). People took time and pride in not just "putting up a building" but constructing solid, beautiful and enduring structures. Plans were developed and reformulated. Quality materials were identified and prepared (cut, carved, milled, transported) to create a character in that home. The builders and craftsman took time and skill in creating and combining their skills and arts to celebrate the entire edifice.

These building didn't happen in a few months. some took years... including the starts and stops in response to certain challenges.

Once the building is complete. It still needs care too. Some cleaning and maintenance. Maybe even some occassional rehab. In return that building is a living place that protects the residents from inclimate weather and storms, doesn't allow danger to enter, and is an asset to the community.

That is my body!!

I have my vision. I am creating and editing plans, while building and crafting my high quality home (healthy nutritious foods, exercise, new lifestyle). Once it is built (weight goal met) I will have to maintain it (continue monitoring, and leave the bad habits alone, sometimes kickup the workouts and adjust the eating plans) to keep it healthy. I might even do some rehab (build more muscle, address unanticipated health issues). Meanwhile it will be an asset. I will be able to work and play; enjoy relationships with others and hopefully be a "model" for others to use for their "homes".

While doing this, I will need to listen to my mind and spirit to make sure that they are living comfortably in the home I have created. And if not, figure out what needs to be "redecorated" or "rehabbed" for comfort.

I'm still building. And it is taking time. I am also looking forward to being able to "just live" in my body. Not trying to change it, but just take good care of it, so it will take good care of me.
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