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Saturday, May 23, 2009

yesterday was kinda hectic.but a good day.so my uncle joe calls my mom,he wants us to come up where they r camping.so we decide to go up there .

before i go any further..a few years ago.my mom,and myself were reunited with parts of our family we really didnt know.(her sister,and brother,also her REAL DAD).every since this its like the other side of the family really doesnt talk to us.until its tax time..well then they want my mom to do their taxes,they r nice.then we will go an entire year without hearing from them.

ok so a few of us decide to go up to the camp grounds,we r excited..we get there.and it was like walking into a strange place.like.."trying to word this right"no one said hello
to us.so we walked further into their little group they had going on.i tried bringing my son over..thinking maybe someone would notice how cute he was,and it might break the ice..NOTHING..NOTHING..i was thinking,y in the hell did u beg us to come up here.they didnt say anything about our progress with our weight loss,im serious when i say they said nothing to us.i mean i dont understand.we felt so odd, like so unwanted.

we still try to talk to them, so we move our chairs over to where they were sitting,we sit down..a few minutes later we r all alone.there was one girl there(my uncles girlfriend) she wouldnt even look at us.i mean am i missing something here.they had alot of food there,maybe they were mad we wouldnt eat it? so much alcohol !! there was 5 HUGE coolers filled with alcohol..they were all drunk.so i dont know..
they would make fun of how much were on the computer..just like we were kinda like a joke.maybe u had to be there to understand where im coming from.
when we left..no one would say goodbye to us..my mom,and myself r really hurt over this.some people might think y do u care so much.but our family has been to hell ,and back.my uncle was recently in a horrible car accident(drinking,and driving) emoticon he almost lost his life.or he could have killed someone else.he has turned his life completely around!he doesnt drink,he goes to church.we were hoping he was there.but hes still pretty banged up.so we didnt get to see him.
..i dont know i just kinda thought..maybe this will be it.maybe we all can be close agian like we use to be.some people just dont understand..they all have known about me being in the hospital for many surgeries,they never even called to see how i was.but as soon as my mom,or myself know something happened to one of them..oh well of course we r concerned,and always see how they r doing..u go so long being mad,or just not really taking the time to step back ,and see the bigger picture.then all of a sudden LIFE happens,and in a blink of an eye things can go from ok..to disaster.and if u would have just opened ur eyes u could see that its just not worth it.my uncle Joe use to be my favorite person in the entire world.now without him wanting to even talk to me,im afraid something might happen,and our family will be left with this nasty feeling of guilt,and resentment.all it takes is a few kind words to repair what has been years of emptiness,and hurt.but for myself,i wont feel guilty..i did my part,i have tried talking to all of them..we went out of our way for nothing..
im sorry for those of u who read this long blog.and i know it has nothing to do with weight loss.i just feel better once i have vented my feelings.
lots of luvv to my spark family..god bless,christina emoticon
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    All the commenters had good points to make, especially Chairul. You don't have to apologize for blogging - it's a way to de-stress, ask for opinions, let off steam - it's what your Spark family is here for! As to family, Jenise and I went to my niece's graduation party Saturday and half the people ignored us - I can't say ignore, because I could see them looking at us and talking among themselves, but they didn't say beans TO us. A couple months ago I told them how great it was to go on SparkPeople.com, how good we both felt, how we changed our lifestyles. They said they couldn't give up the foods they loved. So now they look at us and talk to each other - and it couldn't bother me less! I tried to help, I would again if they asked, but I can't let it get to me. You are blessed with your immediate family who are supportive, and all your SparkFriends.

    Best wishes,
    4366 days ago
    Hey! NEVER apologize for reaching out!!! We love you!!! When I read stuff like the issues you have in your blog,I see myself and my family...we all have issues in our lives,that's what connects us-the human-ness of us all. Hang in there! Much love from Maine. emoticon emoticon
    4367 days ago
    I know what your talking about, I have always been the sore thumb of the family... I have a birth mark on my right cheek so I don't look "normal" to others..... it has always bothered me, thus why I was and am over weight.
    But some of my cousins don't want anything to do with me. My own brother wants nothing to do with me... its really sad and I think of them all the time, knowing that they don't think of me. emoticon

    4368 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4756432
    sorry things didn't turn out as expected. maybe they were uncomfortable and didn't know what to say or how to relate. sometimes it takes longer for others to open up especially if there's been alot of hurt feelings and misunderstandings involved....only time will tell. regardless...you and mom made the best out of an awkward situation, so good on you!! emoticon
    4368 days ago
    I am so sorry you had to go through this. I have had periods of time when my extended family wasn't quite so receptive and it does hurt. Just remember it is their problem. It is silly to be hurt when someone discovers more family members. Love is not something you can run out of. You don't love someone less because someone new enters you life.

    Maybe they will eventually figure that out. My extended family treats me better now, though we don't see each other as much. Sounds like you are doing what you should be doing. And you have the comfort of knowing you tried, which is a lot better than feeling guilty. So the trip wasn't for nothing, you used the opportunity to show you still care, sometimes it takes awhile for people to respond.

    I hope the rest of your weekend goes better.
    4368 days ago
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