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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

our son is almost 2 yrs old.just this week hes been waking up a lot! like every 2 hours..screaming! crying! i try to soothe him ,but nothing works.this emoticonbreaks my heart.. i cant stand to see my baby like this.he has slept fine in his bedroom.this just started.he has a nap during the day,and when he wakes up from it,hes screaming then as well.is it possible it could be nightmares? i just dont know,b/c even after i pick him up,he is still screaming,and crying.this will go on for about 30 min.i dont want to get in the habit of taking him to bed with me.if anyone could help i would be soooooo grateful. emoticon emoticonlots of luvv spark family,god bless.christina emoticon
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    So sorry to hear that your little guy is having night terrors...not much fun for mom either :0( I've had the same bedtime routine with my two kids that my nine yr. old still clings to. We do baths, read books but most importantly I have a very soothing cd of music that I play for them. I had two by the same company, one was with regular lullabies and the other was actually just the gentle music versions of bible hymns. (No singing voices I always found that distracting) but I have found that as soon as they hear the music their bodies are cued into sleep mode. Even if my son wakes up in the middle of the night, he will turn on the music. This music makes me pass out! Your son may not hear your words during his screaming bouts but his body may tune into the music quicker and help him calm down. Especially if it's part of the routine and he becomes used to associating the music with sleep. I also believe in the spiritual benefit of having the hymns cd play, they invite good vibes! Hope this helps! Good luck and God Bless you and your baby!
    4367 days ago
    I feel for you! My oldest use to wake up screaming in the middle of the night and crawl under her brothers crib, screaming "Mommy" and when I tried to pick her up and comfort her, she would push me away and continue screaming for me. She was about a year old then. I never figured out what was wrong, she wasn't hurt but was definitely not awake. I researched it and came up with night terrors. It took about 30mins to calm her down, like the others said about their kids. It happened every few nights for about 2 months, then stopped.

    One other thing you might want to do is have a check up with your pediatrician. It could be an ear infection or digestive problem. They don't always present themselves in easy to understand ways. So better to be safe and have your little guy checked out. Best of wishes to you both.
    4370 days ago
    My son has bouts of night terrors, not nightmares, but terrors. Apparently my husband did this when he was little too. He looks like he is awake, but he is screaming and crying and calling out for me, and it takes about 20-30 minutes to get him to calm down. When he does this his eyes are open and he is looking me in the eye but he is totally asleep. The first couple of times he did it it scared me to death. Sometimes he even gets up and walks around like he is totally lost, screaming the whole time. He is 7 now and doesn't do it but once in a great awhile. I don't know if this is maybe related to what your son is doing, but it wouldn't hurt to look into it.
    4373 days ago
  • RIQUI1
    I know that I was having problems with my youngest, who is now 4, right about this age. I started paying attention to the stuff that he AND his older brothers were watching. Once I started weeding out some of the "scarier" cartoons and the like (Monsters, Inc was one of them, surprisingly. Another was a cartoon that his older brothers were watching called Ben 10), his problems stopped. I still cannot say whether that was coincidence or not, but... It is something that you could consider.
    4374 days ago
  • 1AVERY
    I was going to say NIGHT TERRORS but other people have discussed it. I had one child and 3 grandchildren that suffered from them. They can't hear you when you are talking to them. I just held them in my arms and talked soothingly to them until it ended and they just laid down and went back to sleep. I hope he gets over them soon. It is hard when you can't soothe a crying baby. emoticon
    4374 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2926617
    How scary! That would be heartbreaking. I never heard of night terrors but after reading the comments, it sounds like that's what is going on. Could your child be teething causing pain? My son is almost two and cutting molars.

    Good luck and hopefully you find a resolution soon.
    4374 days ago
  • JEM0622
    It sounds like night terrors. I would talk to the pediatrician...but I am not sure what they will do. All of my kiddos, about this age, had night waking. I just walked them back to bed and did not talk other than to say 'goodnight'.

    4374 days ago
  • TAWNIE29
    Hello! I remember a incident like that happened with my oldest when she was that age and she (my oldest) did scream like that for 30 minutes or more when trying to be soothed. It sounds like your 2 year old is having night terrors. I could never figure out what was going on with her until I brought it up to my doctor during one of her check ups. It can be scary for a parent to see this for the first time, and each child is different. The only thing I can suggest is bring it up to your doctor or pediatrician to make sure there is nothing else going on. Here is a website that might give some insight/comfort on what is going on with your little one. http://pediatrics.about.com/cs/slee
    I hope this helps. Take care for now. emoticon emoticon
    4374 days ago
    Does he have a favorite stuffed animal or blanket? That might help. Also, if he is afraid, the good fairy may help. Warm milk has a hormone in it that promotes sleep. I hope this helps.
    4374 days ago
    A suggestion would be to first have the baby checked by a doctor.
    I raised 6 children and only the 5th child woke up screaming from a nap one day. I could not get him to quit crying, so took him to his father who was in bed with pneumonia. He found the baby had a protruding hernia. There had been no previous symptoms and this seemed so strange to happen during a quiet nap.

    When I asked how the hernia was found in the groin, I was told he asked the baby to show him where it hurt. He pointed to the herniated groin. Babies are smarter than you think. I took him to the Dr. surgery solved the situation. That baby is now 52 yrs old.
    4374 days ago
    Hi, I noticed on your page that you make references to Jesus, so I'm going to assume that you're a Christian in some form or another (what church you attend really isn't important is it??) SO I feel that I can share something that may sound a little bit "out there" but it's something we've been doing with my toddler (2 years, 7 months, named Alexis). She was having that issue A LOT. She would wake up several times at night screaming...at the top of her lungs. I'm surprised we didn't get calls from our neighbours as we lived in an apartment building at the time. Then she started telling us that there were scary things in her room. So I would pray with her and tell her that Jesus loves her and she'd calm down only to wake up screaming again. We started telling the "bad things" to go away in Jesus name, and that helped. Then we starting with me praying for her, then me telling the "scary things" to go away and then I would have her say after me "bad things, go away, in Jesus name" and that seems to have helped a lot. No more nightmares....well not many. It's been close to a year now since it started and now they don't phase her any more. She still sees "scary things" only now she calls them bad dragons, tigers, or monsters. It's basically teaching her that SHE has the authority of Jesus Christ even at this age. So, what I would suggest, is once your son is calm enough to answer questions ask him if there's something in the room. Ask him if it's scary. If he sees something it's possible that there really is something there. If you believe in guardian angels (which i do :D) you can also ask him if he sees any angels. Use whatever words you think he'll understand, though you may be surprised by how much he really does understand. He may not be able to articulate what he sees well (ie, calling what he sees "bad things" or "Scary" if it's not good, or maybe "bright" or "pretty" things if they're good) Walk him through praying himself, have him talk to God with you. If you need to you can have him say it word for word after you, and that's how he can learn. I don't know if this makes any sense but I hope it helps. Feel free to leave a message on my page if you like. And if you need to talk at any point I'm sure we can arrange something.
    4374 days ago
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