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Thursday, June 11, 2009

my son
My son asked me to put him on the diet that I am on. So I setup an account for him and I am helping him by putting the food in. I am trying to get him to logon but he doesn't see why he needs to. I will just keep on trying. At least he is seeing how much food he is eating and realizing where all that sodium is. He asked me why he should be earning sparkpoints and I could not answer his question. Any ideas as to what to say?

I am totally broke and I have yet to pay my bills, let alone food money. I am hoping my brother gets paid soon as he is going to send me some money as soon as he is payed. Unfortunately he doesn't know when. He is a consultant,

comments on blogs
I don't understand why I get so few comments on my blog. Once I didn't even get one. I see other people that get tons of comments. What am I doing wrong. It makes me feel so alone.

weigh in
Last Tuesday I was suppose to weigh in. I did not. I feel like I lost some weight. I just was didn't feel like taking the trip. I will go Monday as I have an appointment.

Well, that's all for now.
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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I am so proud of the progress you have made. I am jealous. lol Not really, I am really happy for you.

    I never knew that people read those blogs, I thought they were just a kind of diary for myself and was really surprised when people responded favorable. I hope you day is going better today and I will be praying special for you. JO
    4341 days ago
    I know what you mean. I love when people write something after my blogs. It's nice to have that acknowledgment. I'll add you as a friend and then maybe I can try to keep up with your blogging. You look like someone I know. You don't happen to have a sister in WI. do ya? have fun blogging.

    4342 days ago
    in regards to your son asking why he should earn spark points, the reason why i earn spark points is because it gets me more involved in my weight loss. 3 points for reading a health article, sure why not! it kind of makes it a fun game and i get to learn a lot about nutrition in the process! losing weight and creating a healthy lifestyle is not something that someone else can do for you.
    4343 days ago
    Thanks for all the comments. I feel better now. I will take the advice and if I have something in my blog that I want help with I will post a not in my team. I already do comment at my teams when I see something that I have a thought about. I am going to be patient with my son. If I don't push him he will check this place out. Till then I will keep up his food input and show him how he is doing.

    Take care.
    4344 days ago
  • THOMS1
    Hi, I hardly ever blog. Just nothing to really say but like Flutter said just provide your son with healthy food. I wouldn't bother logging anything for him. That is up to him. When he is ready to be accountable for his calorie intake the he can do his own logging. This is a wonderful site don't get me wrong, but it takes a lot of time to do the work you have to do to make your healthy lifestyle change and you will need to spend that time on yourself. emoticon
    4344 days ago
    I'll add you as a friend and then I will see your blogs. I will try to comment sometimes. If i don't then it is not personal. I am trying to spend less time on the computer and more time on my life and other pursuits.

    Can I make a suggestion about your son. If he is just not into the SP experience then just make healthy food available as best you can in your house. Get him to help you cook and plan the menus if he is interested.

    Did you say he was 22? I have one near that. It is a difficult age since they are getting independence and if they still need our help. Just be kind and let him make his choices. Like the rest of us he will change when he is ready.

    Spark mail me if you want to talk.
    4344 days ago
    I browse through numerous blogs. I can not add much that hasn't aleady been said. I too think it is great that your son is trying to change his eating habits. emoticon
    4344 days ago
    Hi Barb. Don't get discouraged. There are sometimes that I read a blog, but don't leave a comment. There are times there are no comments on my blogs. The ones I receive comments on are supportive and good comments. I appreciate the comments I receive.
    It is wonderful that your son is wanting to change his eating habits. It is a journey you and your son can share and give each other support.
    Have you tried finding a food bank? A lot of times churches help with food and other things.
    Don't forget you have Spark friends that are here to give you support.
    I will remember you in my prayers.
    emoticon emoticon
    4344 days ago
  • PAIGE367
    How great that your son wants to change his eating habits too. You must be a great real life inspiration for him. I know how tough it is when you have no money...too much month at the end of the money we used to say. Hang tight...I'm sure you'll have some resources soon. I usually read all of your blogs..but I'm only a lurker. Not ever sure if what I have to say sounds dumb. But I DO like reading your posts. I'll try to comment more often. It's ok if you didn't weigh in, we all have those weeks. Great that you feel as though you lost...if you're following your program you probably did.

    Hang in are definately NOT alone,
    4344 days ago

    i am not a blog reader- I have 40 e-mails to go to , plus the spark points so I am on here for over an hour in the evening with just that- . If you want answers- do what you just did.. hugs
    4344 days ago
    hey, hows it going? i can understand your "not wanting to take the trip" to the scale i hate doing that sometimes i have lately been sorely dissapointed every time!! so if you think you lost weight def go soon though!! if you can try not to feel bad if you dont get any comments i usually dont get any either but i can see where you are coming from : ) and dont feel lonesome!! im here if you wanna talk w/e you can leave a message on my page or sparkmail me you know whatever is easier ttyl have a wonderful day!!!!

    4344 days ago
    hello barb,
    sorry that you feel the way you do about your blogs.
    for me, it's just a way to journal, to put something in writing that someone MIGHT read,
    I would not suggest to put something in writing that I might regret later on though. LOL
    When someone answers, it's because they are friendly, interested, nosy, or just concerned about the person who wrote it. Might be other reasons too. I'm just guessing and probably don't know too much either. LOL

    Anyway, I see that you are doing well with YOUR weight loss. as far as your son, unless he is unable to log on himself, he probably just isn't into the idea of controlling his destiny YET. when he is ready, you will be there for him, if he needs the help, of course.

    good luck with your endeavors and your journey here at SP.
    your newest supporter,
    Tony, in STL, MO emoticon
    4345 days ago
    Hello there! I too an wondering how old your son is? I love getting the points to see what new trophy I get! But I am crazy.. lol.. so this may not appeal to him.. If he is a teen.. just chalk it up to that. It is great that he wants to be on your eating plan too!! It is a healthy way of life for anyone - no matter the age!! R U married? Or have others living in your house? Can you make this healthy lifestyle a way of cooking and eating for everyone? My hubby is a little resistant (of course he weighs 110 lbs soaking He is BIG into sugar! But he has health problems and he is doing really well eating good stuff and supporting me! Does your son get involved with Facebook or any other social websites? You can show him how this is similar to that and he can have friends here too. Maybe that will help. You are doing great. Sorry about the financial woes.. I FEEL your pain. We are on a limited budget and it is sooooooo hard to buy fresh fruits and veggies with no money!! We have a garden this year.. hope it does something! WIsh I could help! Are there any programs in your area that give food to people in need? Its not always the healthiest..but its not horrible. Just an idea... check with a local Social Services office or the place that helps people with heating assistance. Hope this helps! Keep up the good work and stop by my page sometime..we'll have coffee.. lol
    4345 days ago
    I'm proud of your son for wanting to eat healthily. Perhaps you can get him to help you plan and prepare food and have him sit with you while you chart his food--eventually he may want to do it himself.
    As for SparkPoints--he needs them so he can give you and other SparkFriends a goodie once in a while--send him a goodie and see if he likes getting a little surprise--maybe he will want to return the favor.

    Keep up the good work--healthy eating is a family project!

    Hugs, Pat
    4345 days ago
  • MS-MEL
    I bet more people read than comment on the blogs; which is a shame 'cause I am reading them.
    Did you get yourself weighed in?
    4345 days ago
  • no profile photo CD357306
    good ? how old is your son...that is great that he wants to eat healthy....I'm sorry that your blogs are not being commented on...I truly hope all goes well with the financial situation

    4345 days ago
    How old is your son? I sodium his big problem? Iwish him all the best. As far as spark points, he can use them to give sparkgoodies !

    It is so hard to eat correctly when you are under financial strain. I hope things get better for you!

    As far as people commenting on your blog, if people know you are blogging, they will subscribe. like I hve now!

    I am sorryyou were ot feeling up to weighing in Tesday, I hope you do well on Mondays Weigh in!
    4345 days ago
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