Happy Fathers Day

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day
I called my dad for Fathers day. He is 82 and almost deaf. It makes for a difficult conversation. I haven't seen him in maybe 10 years. I miss him a lot. Mostly because I know he is in the last years of his life. I lost my mom in September so death is all to close in my mind. I won't cry when he dies. I don't do that. I just mourn for the lost of him. When he goes there will never be another like him. We are each an individual and I see that loss as the difficult part of dying. I am an atheist so I don't believe in a after life. I wish I could spend some time with him while he is here but that is impossible. Between money and my health it just won't work. So I take it one day at a time till I lose him.

First Goal
i weighed in on Monday and found I lost below my first goal. I now have lost more then 50 lbs. Tuesday is my next weigh in date. My next big goal is to get below 300. I have a smaller term goal of 338.3. That will be 1/4 the way to my ultimate goal. My goal for Tuesday is just to lose. I take it one day at a time and don't get upset at the little things.

I tried to help a friend yesterday. I walked across the hall and then to the elevator. From there to her car. We drove to the gas station. I got out and filled her gas tank up. (She paid.) By then I was feeling funny. I last time I felt this way I ended up going to the hospital via an ambulance. Fortunately when I got home I checked my BG and BP and pulse I were fine. But it took about an hour before I felt OK. I had ate bad that day. Way to much pistachios. I think I may have ended up dehydrating myself. When I got home I drank about 6 cups of water before I felt OK. Well, today is another day. I decided the next time I buy pistachios I will buy them unsalted. I shouldn't of had that many anyway, the fat was off the charts.

What would I do without my family
This month my SSDI was lowered because Medicaid quit paying my premium for part A. They dropped me from 1081 to 792. I was living an the edge before because of credit card bills that I am paying off at 394 per month. I got a hold of my two of my brothers. (The other one is always broke but that's because he doesn't try to do better.) One of them is now sending me 50 per month to help. The other one just sent me 500.00. They are soooo wonderful.

Diabetes does run in my family
When I was talking to my dad I found out that diabetes does run in my family. That is the way it always happens in my family. No one talks about illnesses that are in our family tree till one of us gets it. I wish I had known that back when I was a teenager and I first started having indications. No one talked so I thought I did not have to worry. Now I have it and I will have it the rest of my life. Oh well, we live and learn.
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    Yes diabetes is for the rest of your life. I am very grateful for the medications that I am on. But, I was diet and exercise controlled for years. I you can live with it giving it only a little thought if you are diet and exercise controlled. I am hoping to get back there or at least avoid insulin.
    4334 days ago
    Congrats on the goals!!

    Even though my dad is only 70, he has had heart disease for the last 10 of them so I worry as well. I called my dad too and we spoke for about a half hour and he will be up to visit in AUgust.. I am excited!
    4335 days ago
    Diabetes is a progressive disease that never goes away no matter what your weight. It only goes into remission. I will have to watch my BG for the rest of my life.
    4335 days ago
    I am sorry you are unable to visit your dad. I lost my dad several years ago which brought up emotions I never predicted.

    Why did Medicare quit paying your Part B premium? From the sound of things, you seem like you would qualify. My friend's adult autistic son's SSDI was decreased to $800 a month. According to the QMB form, a single person at or below $903 per month and couple at or below $1,215 qualifies for Medicare to pay their premium. However, your siblings sending you money each month would count as income and put you over the limit.

    As for credit card debt. The law states that no creditor can attach or garnish money from SSDI or retirement. Prehaps you can work out a deal with the credit card company if you make them aware of this. I did this for my friend's autistic son and the credit card company had to write off the amount he owed. Feel free to write me privately if you need more help.

    I hope your son will log his food, etc and lose weight especially since diabetes runs in your family. Doctors state the chance of getting a disease that is in our family depends on our life style.

    A friend and I were talking about what we grew up eating and how our family's eating habit changed when the medical community made it known the dangers of eating salt, cholesterol food, etc. Eating stuffed pork skin, high fat foods, etc were replaced with eating beans, fish, chicken and lots of fruits, veggies and nuts.

    Diabetes can and has been reversed with diet, exercise, etc. If you watched the Biggest Loser show, I am sure you noticed this. People with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc were cured by doing the things mentioned above.

    You are on the path to better health, and a life not plagued with diabetes.
    4335 days ago

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