Im back and serious about losing weight! Here is why!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

HI all! Oh how I have missed the friendship and comradarie of this site! I have checked in when I could but it isnt the same without helping with the team! So I am back and hoping to be able to find enough time to assist as a leader again!

I am so serious about losing weight now,more than ever before! I was hospitalized on the eve of my birthday recently! What a mess! My ankle and foot were so swollen that I couldnt bend my toes and it looked about 2 - 3 times the size of the other foot! Turns out,I have been having all kinds of warning signs for the last few years that I was avoiding and I was thinking that it was "just the norm "for my feet to be swollen like that due to water retention ,varicose veins and excessive weight on my small body frame! I really had convinced myself that how bad I was feeling was normal for me and therefore I did nothing to fix it! High blood pressure was caused by all of this as well and Though I was on meds, I did nothing else to take care of myself. All of this caused my kidneys to work extra hard to try and rid my body of the excess water that I was retaining and I peed a lot!(but didnt tell the doctor) Last week I got a scare because I thought that due to all of this my kidneys were actually failing!!!! I couldnt pee and that wasnt normal for me!That combined with the swelling are what sent me to hospital! I was lucky,I caught things in time and my body is still functioning reasonably well as it should! I am going to need a diuretic for a while but seriously that it far better than the possibility of losing my kidney function!

Ladies and gents...........99.9 percent of my problems were related to the fact that my small body frame just annot handle the added work it has to do because of my obesity!( I am a tiny person beneath this weight)The doctor said if I lose weight,my blood pressure will go down,my knees will hold up better,my body wont retain fluid so badly and thus my kidneys wont have to work so hard! Etc..etc...etc....Imagine if I needed a kidney transplant or worse and my kids could say......if only mom had lost the weight!I dont want that to be what is said or how I live! I realised sitting there in the hospital that I spend sooooo much time taking care of everyone else but I continue over and over to NOT TAKE CARE OF MYSELF! How can I be any good to those people I claim to care so much for if I dont take care of me!!! This is truly it folks.....Ive said it amny times and failed but I have to do this now....once and for all I have to put my own health as a priority and stop filling my body with garbage foods that do nothing for me but fill my belly with empty calories! I am going to do whatever it takes to make myself excersise on a daily basis!A short walk,a dance,some sit ups,something,anything ,every day! I will not die too young and due to circumstances that I could have controlled! Enough is enough and hope and prayer is that for those of you that might still be struggling with this!..................stop making excuses for yourself and get in in to your mind that it is dangerous to our own health to be overweight! Especially if we are excessively overweight! Decide right ....that you are gonna stick with this once and for all! Its the only way! We need to get healthy and take care of ourselves! Best of luck....please for your own health...join me and lets get this done! I love you all! Hugs and blessings Tina
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  • GINA180847
    Yes, there is a tiny person beneath the fat. I can relate completely. Take care of yourself and feel better soon and always
    3817 days ago
    You will feel better soon; just start taking baby steps...
    3817 days ago
    Glad you're back at it. I left the spark group for awhile and am back at it. I've never been a leader but I did start an eating disorder awareness group...only because I know their are other families out there with the need to make lifestyle changes but also a great fear of consequences to a family member struggling with an eating disorder or genetically susceptible to one. Love to have you join even if only to support my feeble attempts at this...and if you know any one else who may be interested... emoticon emoticon
    3864 days ago

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  • no profile photo CD2466114
    That is such a scary thing to have happened. Wow! I hope you are doing better and still around SP. I am back blogging again and wanted to say hi! :)
    4347 days ago
  • DEBANNE1124
    I am so very glad you are doing better. that must have really scared you. You might also let up on salt intake as well. Just a suggestion. How are you feeling today? much better? Please keep us posted.

    4356 days ago
    Sooo happy that you have gotten focused on taking care of you. Your heart is so big and you love and take care for so many. My prayer is that you will blessed beyond measure with good health and in every other area in your life. Please take care of you. You deserve it. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4394 days ago
  • LJK8959
    Congrats for making it back to us. Also, congrats for making a great choice coming back and getting serious. I'm sorry that it took a health scare for it to happen but at least you're back. Why is it such a common theme on here that we aren't taking care of ourselves. People tell me that all the time that I'm not focusing on me enough. Today though I think that I focused a little more on me by cooking for 2 hours after work to make sure that I have healthy food at hand. It's already fixed and ready in bowls to eat, just need to reheat. I noticed that if I don't portion food out, I either don't end up eating it or I go out to eat. It was really hard today to not his Whopper Wednesday but I made a good choice today. :) Welcome Back!!
    4414 days ago
    I'm glad you are back! I'm back too! I'm sorry for you getting sick and I hope you feel better. But, it sounds like you are trying to take better care of yourself. Hang in there! you can do it!
    4415 days ago
  • BETRME100
    I'm so happy to have you back here with us...the whole hospitalization thing had to be frightening for you and your family, but it sounds like it really opened your eyes to what you've been doing to yourself...yep, the time to take care of yourself is now...let that tiny person out so she can enjoy all aspects of her life...with increased energy levels and decreased pain!!

    4415 days ago
  • CAT1967
    It's great to see your back. I'm sorry to here the high blood pressure, but at least you know its something you can control and fix. I'm battling that also I take Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg. It's a water pill and it's the lowest dosage. I started out with 50mg and since I've been working out things have gotten much better. I'm not a member of emotional eaters anymore so I don't get to go on the begin each day thread. Glad to see your a DONE girl so we can keep in touch.

    4415 days ago
    so thrilled you're back

    i do agree tho, sure, i'd love to be hot and skinny, but, the health scare is really what keeps me at least trying

    i have huge quality of life issues, and would prefer to be dead than not able to take care of myself

    so- i'm working, now, on not having to face that dilmna

    sorry about your scare, but, i guess there's a silver lining- it brought you back home!

    here's to great new days!
    4415 days ago
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