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~the difference -51 lbs.can make(picture)~

Thursday, July 09, 2009

to the left..this pic was taken last year on 4th.of July.
to the right..this pic was taken this 4th.of July.
i joined Spark in February of this year,and have lost 51 pounds since then.
i have noticed i dont have many pictures of myself.not many from before,only a few.
i do take A LOT of pictures now! lol!
i would never put this b4 pic on here..but now its different.looking at this i am sobbing like a baby.
i feel disgusted with myself.i was 306 lbs!and now 255 lbs emoticon
i dont really see a difference when i look in the mirror,but looking at this is a real eye opener for me.
progress pictures r a definite MUST!
sometimes i feel myself trying to slip back into my old ways..thinking oh just 1 piece isnt gonna hurt me.ill make up for it tomorrow...WHATEVER!!
the truth is i cant have just 1 piece! not yet..not now!
that 1 piece will lead to 2..3 and so on.i will admit im not strong enough.

im sick of people trying to get me to eat certain foods,y cant they just be happy for me?
its almost as if some people try to trick me.they will even go as far as saying..remember how the meatball subs taste..or food from Mc Donald's. emoticon
i dont know if anyone else has these problems.

i just keep thinking about the next 50 pounds..i cant remember ever weighing what i weigh now.i have always been sooo over weight.
i have huge plans once i reach my goal.a dream outfit..hehe emoticon
my husband wont like it at all.its not trashy or anything.he is just so....hmm..weird about the whole weight loss subject.
in September we will be going to my Mother Inlaws house in Oklahoma.she has already informed me that i am not to bring any of my diet food!! she will cook for me.
im still trying to weasel my way out of that!i will be fine as long as she leaves me alone about my weight loss.
one thing for sure is i couldnt do this without Spark..i just couldnt.thats all there is to it.
well thank u to my Spark family for listening.good night.
god bless,Christina emoticon emoticon
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  • no profile photo CHOCMOM
    Christina - you are awesome and you have done a fantastic job. I have the same problem with others interfering with my food plans or even my exercise plans. My mother has been notorious but lately has lightened up since she sees the progress. I envy you and your mother working together on a better life for each other. (I invited another mother/daughter team to the battle - so we could get some competition going. emoticon )

    I recently went to a family reunion of folks that I had not seen in nearly 10 years. I have thought about posting some of the pics of my generation's cousins. I was one of the smallest of about 14 adults in the pictures - everyone was overweight and some seriously obese. This reunion was "bring a dish and a drink". I brought green tea, tomato & cucumber salad made with fat-free italian and a plate of fresh fruit. My mother immediately said "no one is going to like your food". I said "good, that means left-overs for me". Like I expected, everyone else brought hot dogs, sausage balls, cheese dip, etc. My own sister (who is trying to lose and doing very well) brought brownies and high-caloric spinach/cheese dip. I ate my food and picked around on some of the other. I brought home most of my food and tea - there were several "yucks, what is it" (apparently no one in my family can read either, because it clearly said "Sugar Free Green Tea"). I wanted to scream at them but I remained quiet.

    After that, my mother (who is the only small person in her family) started being more supportive. She told me that she was proud of me and that she was glad I didn't let myself "go" and look as bad as all my cousins do.

    Keep your motivation pictures around you at all time. And keep your Spark Family in your heart - we are behind you 100 percent. emoticon

    Be patient, the battle will start soon!

    4312 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/27/2009 4:53:40 PM
    wow,you are lookin good,i am so proud of you emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4312 days ago
  • TINA48R
    Woo Christina That is Great,I'm so so proud fo you,you are doing it emoticon My Friend
    4329 days ago

    You look so great. What a difference. It's so hard for us big gals because we have to lose quite a bit to have it be noticed. You are really committed to your healthy lifestyle and that committment will help carry you through the trials of those who don't support you or are trying to sabatoge you. just keep being strong. Can't wait to see your next 50 lb off picture.

    4329 days ago
    You look great honey...i look forward to the next 50 lbs that you're going to lose emoticon
    Forget the people.....that's all i'm gonna say for now...just forget them
    4330 days ago
    Congrats on your weight loss! You look great and KEEP IT UP!

    It IS hard when the ones around you don't support you the way you wish they would. BUT WE are here for you! Stick to your guns! One of these days they will give up (ok, maybe not, but you can always wish!).

    I decided to not tell anyone when I started Sparkpeople. Now I have a medical issue (high cholesterol) that people know about (which I am ok with) and people know that I have changed my eating habits, but they think it's all because of the high cholesterol. I have changed my eating habits because of the high cholesterol, BUT it's because the medical issue has helped me focus more on eating healthy.

    Anyway, sometimes it's best not to tell anyone close to you. I recommend reading "Secrets of a Former Fat Girl" - great bio and great ideas!
    4330 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5402171
    First let me say congrats you ave done so good and are looking gr8 :)
    I also have a family that dose that one one hurt crap or worse yet my mother said the other day well just eat it cause its not like you ave lost enough to tell anyway (SNAP) and that was the moment I thought no I wont eat it and I will train myself that one day i can eat just one or just eat till im full instead of eating everyting in front of me like i was taught! I'm very proud that you ave enough self control to say NO
    4330 days ago
    Amazing! It feels good to make progress so much it might bring some tears. I love those kind of tears...tears of joy! I agree with you in not being strong enough yet to resist certain types of foods. I find I just do better either not buying it or spending more for just a small pack and getting that taste so I can refocus on more important things. You look good and can definitely see the progress. Keep up the great work and thanks for putting this out there to inspire others. As far as naysayers, underminers and mother in laws go...take many deep breaths because prison AIN'T fun.
    emoticon emoticon
    4330 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114604
    Your Husband is probably a little bit worried that you will change..so to speak..once you have lost all the weight..just keep smothering him with your Love and he will know that you are not going anywhere but only losing the extra weight emoticon ..and about people trying to sabotage..that is a big problem for me also..and i haven't figured it out yet..why people will do that??? emoticon
    Christina you are doing so great..i am so proud of you... emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4330 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/9/2009 7:03:39 AM
    Way to go it is great what you have achieved and I enjoyed reading this blog.
    Just stand your ground and very clearly state what you are going to do and why this is important to you , and continue to do what is right for you. Remember they can't make you do something you don't want to do.
    I'm down 48lbs and am just starting to notice one or two differences.
    The very best of luck on your continued journey to a healthier you.
    4330 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/9/2009 1:21:57 AM
    All that being said, you look great and you are doing an awesome job, emoticon those pounds to the curb. Keep your eye on the prize!!!
    4330 days ago
    Hi Christina...I am camera shy myself; I only take pictures so that I can have a visual record of my progress. Perhaps, when I get rid of another chin or two; I will have a professional sitting. lol; but I am serious.

    I don't have too much a problem with people offering me food; just one friend really; she loves to dine out. I just told her yesterday; that I want to weigh less than 200 pounds by the end of the month; so she understands where I'm coming from now.

    Now, if I can convince my alter ego of this, that would be great! lol
    4330 days ago
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