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`not so good`

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

well lets see..my day has been horrible.every once in a while my head gets..the only way for me to put it is "not right".

i have been on edge ALL DAY.from yelling to emoticon emoticon
when my hubby calls i take it out on him.
i always over analyze EVERYTHING.my mom always tells me i do this.

here is an example..
my husband called around noon.i missed his call, so i call him right back.he says he is at the truck stop getting gas.
he says,"im calling ,b/c i know u get worried if u go a while without hearing from me.i was driving through the desert,and didnt have any service.
i just sit there.then i say,"oh so u only call b/c u think i might get worried??"
he says,"well no,but i dont want u to be mad at me.and i know u worry."

heres what i heard..this is the way my brain was working today.
"i think he never wants to talk to me..we have never had a meaningful conversation..
our marriage is failing,b/c he "really" doesnt want to talk to me." emoticon

he lets me know he will call me in a little while,i say..oh NOOO dont bother,i wouldnt want u to do something u dont want to do.its ok..dont bother.
that is just a tiny little itty bitty part of my day. emoticon
while making dinner,i wanted to snack,snack..then snack again.couldnt keep my hands out of the chip bag."just b/c they r baked doesnt mean i can have as many as i want."i didnt go over the ranges on my tracker..but still.u would think i would have more self control.

so i am going to create me a plan,if anyone has any suggestions..plzzzz feel free to share.
i need to sit down,and maybe plan out when i should have my snacks.
im always hungry in the evening.dont know why. emoticon
the longer i wait to eat lunch,the better off i am.i hate that,b/c sometimes i try to wait until like 2 or 3:00 to have lunch.so im not starving while im cooking dinner.
oh some days r just better than others.
thanks for reading,and letting me vent.even though it wasnt all about weight loss.
god bless my Spark family,Christina emoticon
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  • no profile photo CD5402171
    ohhh I had one of those days yesterday. Thank goodness my husband takes it with a smile lol. He knows i dont mean it i just get crazy! Have you tried eating smaller meals and snacking healthy? My sister does this.....she eats small meals so she can snack more. se trys to snack on fruit and veggies and she always has packs of 100 calorie treats. This seems to be working for her, just a idea
    4321 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2244005
    I've found that for me, eating the 3 main meals, and 3 little snack times works best, and I'm not hungry. Around 10, 10:30 AM I usually have yogurt, between 3 & 4 PM I usually have fruit or a tiny wedge of cheese with crackers, and around 8:30 PM I have a cold low cal treat. Sugar free jello, Weight Watchers or Skinny Cow frozen treats, sugar free/fat free pudding snack cups, fruit, and veggies are good to snack on, plus drinking lots of water. It can be done while still staying within your caloric range. Good idea to write down a meal/snack plan.

    Best wishes,
    4324 days ago
    I have been having days like this since last Thursday, usually PMS statrs for me a WHooooooooooole week before TOM arrives i mean down to the T, Bloating and all. so i have a week of feeling fat, bloated , cranky cause i feel fat, and super hormonal. LOL
    it goes away. do you explain to him the reason why you respond to certain things a certain way. me and my husband are OVER analyzers so we are constantly explaining well you said this but this is what i was thinking you meant. NOW we understand each other more, and tend to let things go because we know we both have very UNIQUE minds. THEY SAY GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! Teee He he
    4324 days ago
    We all have days like this - mine are mainly hormonal and as i am loosing weight and feeling better about myself and my hormones are stabalizing, the days like these are getting fewer!! At least you recognize that it isn't rational thinking, that's a step in the right direction for now.
    Snacks: depends how many calories you want to consume in a day, how strict you want to be and how many meals you want to eat. I find 4 meals works for me best - having a snack around 3-4pm, to keep me going until dinner, or else having an earlier dinner and then an after dinner snack. As long as you allow the calories for it, put a snack in at those hungry times, or if you don't really have the calories to spare for a snack and don't want to increase them, try having a large glass of water, followed by a piece of fruit, followed by a cup of tea/coffee/low calorie hot chocolate, this will make you feel really full, without consuming more than 100 calories max.
    Whatever you decide to do, remember that as long as you are eating under your total daily expenditure in calories (I don't know if you have worked this out or not, but there are lots of online tools to do this for your height/weight/activity level) you will be loosing. My daily expenditure just to stay at the same weight, is 2000 calories (roughly) so even on a bad day, as long as I am eating less than this, the losses will add up. Don't be too hard on yourself if you have to add extra snacks into your diet, its the LONG TERM results that will matter, not the quick fixes of loosing 10 lbs or more a month, which are more likely to go back on later!!
    Take care and enjoy your day, Pink, xxxx
    4324 days ago
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