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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

(Heavy Metal head Bang'in music in background blasting from stereo)
That is it!!! I am tried of this same weight for the last 5 (FIVE) yes I said 5, count them, WEEKS!!! Not even a 1/2 lb. difference. Nothing, nada, zip, zero. I have increased my exercise, almost doubled it, drink 8 or more glasses of water a day and still log what I eat and watch what I eat. In those 5 weeks there were probably three times I went over my calorie range by about 400 cals. but that is it. I have noticed that I eat something late each night. Not much but maybe a salad or turkey slices and pretzels, maybe some quinoa that has got to be it. Late night eating......figuring this out as I blog. I mean I have searched for some other reasons and they simply are not there. I rest well, go all day, then weigh in weekly to discover....not a dang thing!!! I am so frustrated. My DH is soooo supportive and encouraging but....that doesn't move the scale! I did measurements today also......a 1/4 inch loss in the upper arms and a 1/4 inch loss in my waist, 1/4 inch loss in my neck. Big frick'in deal! I was probably so mad I pulled the tape harder!!!! Can you tell I'm disappointed?
(Zippity Do Da Zippy A Music in background playing on stereo)
My son and family moved in 1 month ago today but that really hasn't changed the way I eat or exercise. If anything it has kept me more motivated by their encouragement. I do cook for them but eat only the really healthy stuff and my regular menu of meal items. They are here until about October 1 when they will move into their own house.
(Funeral music in background playing quietly on stereo )
Well guess I'll weigh EVERYDAY until this mountain moves in MY favor and I'll exercise or starve until it does!!! How long does a plateau last, for goodness sake? I got so depressed I wanted to die but then thought dead weight might feel heavier so chose to Spark on.
(Sound of breaking a stereo heard!!!!)
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P.S. Just re-read my Harley to Mioped blog and encouraged myself.....Go figure!!!
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    Plateaus are definitely frustrating. Regression is even worse. I've been on my Spark journey for two years. For the first year, I made amazing progress, lost 40+ pounds and was just two measly pounds from my goal weight. Then I lost my focus and have REGAINED 30 pounds back. Oh, talk about frustration...

    As you can see, I am no role model. However, I do know that we are in this for the long haul. Two weeks ago I have taken the first baby step forward in the right direction by eating more sensibly again. I have faith that I will make progress again. As for you, hang in there even if your scale has been stuck for the past five weeks. You WILL make progress again if you remain diligent.
    4349 days ago
    Please help me out here. You have lost how much now since april 09???? almost 40 pounds. Have you celebrated the weight you have lost. Just asking, some time we can get lost in what we want so badly that we forget to celebrate what we have done. I know, trust me when I say I know. You may have to change up your routine a little, What about strength training. It can really help in your weight loss. I strength train 3 day a week I have dropped over 70 lbs since june of 08. Slow but sure. Oh yes I am 62 years young least you think your age has anything to do with it emoticon I wish you much success on ths journey. Please feel free to stop by my page and let me know how you are doing. emoticon
    4354 days ago
    You all are the BEST!!! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and input!!!
    4354 days ago
    I feel your pain. No, really. And not because you are standing on my foot.

    Cuss all you feel like doing, it's a ******. But don't lose faith.
    4354 days ago
    :D ebi,

    That was one awesome blog

    Quite entertaining, I loved the transition music in the background. You're a hoot!

    Now, for the plateau

    Notice the letters in the word, meaning a PLATE a U

    I wish I have the magic answer, I'm sure someone will or has a wonderful easy answer for you, me on the other hand will just chuckle while I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

    Maybe the Good Lord will hear my chuckles in the prayer and send you an answer in his response too.

    Have a Blessed day figuring it out!
    4354 days ago
    have you adjusted your nutrition at all. maybe you are not eating enough? With increased exercise.....You never know.

    You will break through this plateau in no time!
    4355 days ago

    Losing inches counts, too. I'm feeling your pain. Five weeks and not a budge is nuts and your body is being stubborn right now. Just for tonight, try not to eat anything after 6 p.m. Or better yet, replace your last meal of the day with a really healthy shake tonight. I am interested in what will happen. I think that you are holding water weight from the late night eating (watch your salt intake right now). Hey, you may need to change up your workout a bit. Keep that Harley rolling!

    Love you, Y.
    4355 days ago
    Go ahead and rant Debi--you're probably burning calories!!! LOL!

    Seriously, why do you care what the scale says as long as the tape measure is showing improvements? Yeah, you might've pulled it tighter, but still--how's your stamina? your strength? your flexibility? Can you tie your shoes more easily? Shave your legs standing up in the shower? Look for some other areas of improvement and grab the glory in that until the scales give way.

    One thought: Do you eat 3 meals a day, or are you spreading the calories over 4-6 mini-meals? Smaller, more frequent feedings are better for the metabolism and will keep it moving and using the calories better than infrequent meals. Even staying on the low end of the calorie range won't help you lose weight if all the calories come at once. Maybe you could try spreading them out (assuming you aren't already doing that).

    Hang in there--keep doing the right things and you'll beat the plateau!
    4355 days ago
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