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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

emoticonOk so here lately I have been sooo sluggish.I can fall asleep while doing dishes.I get between 7-8.5 hours of sleep every night.
Also I have been at this darn plateau for what seems like forever.
I decide to call my Dr.
So I call and I explain how I just don't feel right..
Well since I have so many medical issues they had me go in to the E.R for some labs. emoticon
While I am in there The Dr. that seen me ( I had NEVER seen him b4) told me there was NOTHING wrong.He says ,but if you want we can do some blood work.
Well I wanted an answer for why I'm feeling like this ALL the time.
My results come back..He says well you need to cut back on your thyroid meds.I said is that why I can't stay awake.Or why I'm soo light headed??
He tells me..NO thats because you are LAZY emoticon
I wanted to BI%CH SLAP HIM!! I said..LAZY?? I workout 2 times a day 6 days a week.
My sis says how can she be lazy when she chases a 2 yr old ALL day.
Then he tells me NOT to drink 8 cups of water a day!!
Oh just wait til you hear this...He asks me how many calories I consume in a day..I explain to him about Spark,and that I consume between 1250-1550 calories a day.He says OH NO!!
You are too big to eat that much.If you want to lose fat FAST you need to eat 1000 calories or LESS a day.
At this point I need a emoticon

I mean if anyone thinks he could be right..PLEASE speak up.I mean at this point I'm furious!!
AND almost feel like I don't know what I'm doing.
I thought 8 cups of water a day was GREAT! My calories I thought was GREAT as well.
I don't consider myself lazy..
My hubby calls to see how my visit went.I tell him..Well I should have learned by now to watch what I say to him.He was PI%%ED!!
He called the hospital,and filed a complaint.Also went off on the person who picked up the phone.He wanted to speak to the Dr. himself..ya that didn't happen.
So now I'm embarrassed emoticon
I know he loves me..
Being a diabetic how am I suppose to get in all my snacks,and not go over 1000 calories??Well he says to stay under 1000.
I have an appointment with my regular Dr soon.I'll figure this out in time I guess.
Thanks so much for reading.God Bless all my Spark Family,Christina emoticon
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  • KIRSTY1306
    That is just so wrong! That guy obviously didn't have the time of day for you, and although you were embarassed your partner did thebest thing by filing a complaint - it may stop that doctor giving out bad advice to even more people. I really do think you should stick with your spark plan, it's not about losing weight fast , its about losing it steady and healthily with it fitting into your lifestyle and being sustainable. Even those who aren't diabetic could workout twice a day , work and balance a family life with just 1000 calories or less - that starving yourself.
    Please don't listen to that guy!
    Kirb xx
    4218 days ago
    Worst WORST advice ever...I would report this person. Unprofessional, rude and completely WRONG!! WRONG WRONG WRONG! Ugh..Makes me so angry. How the hell did this person go through 8 years of college. He must've spoked WAY too much pot and not absorbed anything. Definately looked over a few shoulders on exams. Disregard! emoticon emoticon

    Lori Anne emoticon
    4219 days ago
  • no profile photo FNJULIE
    *wow*! I just joined this team and read your blog. What a *jerk*; not to mention inappropriate and unprofessional. Was this person really a doctor or did he just borrow a lab coat? I am in agreement with everyone else who thinks your husband did the exact right thing by calling and filing a complaint, even if he did it with a little too much passion. Kudos to him. Wait and see your regular doctor and get his professional advice and keep up the good work on your working out. By the way, don't forget to drink your water emoticon
    4220 days ago
  • LJRW170
    I want to say I can't believe that doctor was so rude, that he would tell you to eat less so you can lose weight "fast". But I can. Something about ER doctors just don't quite seem able to deal with EVERYTHING. But you're right to see your regular doctor. Probably tell you what he said was all wrong.

    About 6 years ago, I went into the hospital with a terrible sore throat that turned into an infection and settled into my chest where they had to operate twice. I nearly died twice from the antibiotics not working. About 2 years after that, I got a really bad sore throat, and not willing to wait it out (understandably after the last time) I went to the ER and when I was sitting on that bed, explaining to the doctor what happened 2 years before and why I was there that day, he started nodding his head and said "nice story, nice story". That was enough for me to see he wasn't going to do anything. And he didn't.
    4225 days ago
  • TINA48R
    I agree with all on here~
    emoticon To your husband for calling in a complaint on that STUPID Dr...Doctor's isn't always right,some of them are pretty Dam STUPID if you ask me,"like that one" you seen in the ER...

    Maybe your thyroid meds dose is to high now since you lost all that weight,maybe your dose needs to be changed,for the weight you are now..

    Your are doing GREAT Christina!!
    Don't let what,that Stupid Dr said to you,"get you down"..He doesn't know you or anything about you.

    Just look at it thats way~
    He was just another A**Hole that thanks his Sh*t don't stink
    But he is so so wrong now isn't he??

    Sending you Lots of emoticon and God Bless you & your little boy,,you both are in my prayers
    4226 days ago
  • RIQUI1
    Hey! You know in your heart and in your mind that the doctor you saw in the ER was wrong. You know from what you have learned, through Spark and on your own, in what works for you! If you cannot seem to remember that..YOU need to go look at your before and after pictures!!! :) You keep doing what you are doing. Work through the what you need to until you see your doctor. Until then, just let that quack slip your mind...other than filing that complaint, of course!!!

    4226 days ago
    First of all, I hope you are feeling better/ are seeing your own doc soon.
    Second, I have steam coming out of my ears-That doc engaged in unchecked assumptions/discrimination- his conclusions entirely unfounded and based on bias. So hurray for your husband. As patients one can feel too vulnerable to stand up to such behavior from a doc- but you are doing his future patients and the hospital a favor- and him too if he is big enough to take responsibility for his actions. And do not get discouraged if it doesn't have immediate effect-sometimes people have to hear the same criticism multiple times before it sinks in.
    I am so sorry you had to go through that. Unconscionable! Rest assured he is way off base and do NOT internalize his crap. YOU ARE NOT LAZY. You are right on target with the water! ANd he's nuts to think that such severe calorie restriction is healthy.
    4226 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2244005
    What the ER doctor said to you was inexcusable and showed how uneducated he really is! I agree, press the complaint, his advice was alarming! And see your personal doctor soon! You're doing great!
    4227 days ago
    Your husband did well!!! That doctor had no right calling you ANYTHING but intelligent for trying to figure out what is going on and you shouldn't listen to his crap!! Keep doing what you are doing until you see your doctor. Hopefully someone will figure it out and you will feel better real soon!! emoticon
    4227 days ago
    I am glad that your husband filed a complaint. Blesss, your heart, I am sorry that you had to go through that. BIG HUGS.

    How do you get a doctorate and not know the meaning of the word lazy?

    4227 days ago
    You were needing to file a complaint. Who does he think he is talking to a patient like that. If he even knew what he was talking about. The words "lose weight FAST" tells me that he hasn't a clue and ought to leave the medical field altogether or go back to medical school and maybe learn something this time! Speak to your owm doctor.

    4227 days ago
    I agree that you should check with your regular doc as soon as you can. I am not one to stir up the pot unless it's truly necessary, but I would file a complaint with the AMA (American Medical Association), not just with the hospital. Not only is this doc lacking people skills, he's also terribly misinformed. He's in too important of a profession to carry on like this. Sorry you had to ecperience this!
    4227 days ago
  • GABBIE00
    maybe you're low on iron.maybe you're just doing to much.I know that chasing a two yrs old is exhausting by it self let alone exercising to .let us know what your Dr says
    4227 days ago
  • DHAZ09
    This is just unbelievable! I'm so sorry you had this experience. It all sounds like absolute nonsense to me. Go to your regular doctor and be sure to follow through on your complaint - he shouldn't get away with this!! Battle On! emoticon
    4227 days ago
    What a jerk!!!
    I swear most doctors think they are God!!
    I think your husband was right in filing a complaint!
    Talk about a bad 'bedside manner'.
    I am sure 1000 calories are not enough for you and if you only
    eat this much you will not lose weight, your body will think it is starving and your metabolism will slow down. I know I have not been eating enough calories lately and I have not been losing as fast.
    The only thing that the stupid doctor was probably right with was your thyroid meds.
    Hopefully your own doctor will clear everything up, and until then I would keep doing what you're doing!!
    Take care!!! emoticon
    4227 days ago
    I bet when you talk to your regular doctor, he will assure you that you are doing just fine and that other doctor was just talking nonsense!! Keep on what you are doing, you have come so far and ask your regular doctor for advice again about why you could be having no energy - just a thought maybe you're deficient in something?? Chin up, stay positive and hope its sorted soon, Pink, xx
    4227 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114604
    Wow!! The doctor called you what??!! I am glad your Husband filed a complaint...please make sure you follow through with the complaint...this doctor needs to retire or attend some behavior classes..shame on him...I hope you get to see your regular doctor real soon!!Sorry this happened to you emoticon emoticon
    4227 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2316251
    Christina, Please check with your regular doctor really, really soon. I honestly don't think the doctor you saw knows what he is talking about. I always thought that 1,000 or less calories a day was NOT healthy. Thyroid problems can cause you to be really tired and usually one might have to up the medication not lower it but ONLY on doctor's orders. SO PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR REGULAR DOCTOR SOON! Also, please tell your regular doctor what that doctor told you because I honestly don't think any of it was right. Please let us know what you regular doctor
    says. I will be praying for you.
    4227 days ago
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