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Friday, October 23, 2009

emoticonHi friends.
Ok so I am in need of some "HELP"!!
I started out my journey 306 lbs.I am now 230 lbs.After losing 76 lbs I am hitting my first PLATEAU!!
I have been at 230 lbs for WEEKS! emoticon
I keep pushing,and pushing..BUT NOTHING!

So after doing some research on the net I have changed up some things.
I read that turning your workout into 2 or more mini workouts keeps your metabolism BURNING longer..
So I now do 2 workouts.Which has INCREASED my fitness minutes by more than 100 minutes a week! emoticon

I now burn DOUBLE the calories that I was burning before(on a daily basis).

I have started Calorie Cycling..Learning more everyday about this..Hoping I have my calories right emoticon

I have UPPED my strength training.

I started power walking/JOGGING (sad that I will have to quit jogging,b/c of my knees..Oh and Dr. orders)

My Dr. suggested a new routine for me.He says my body is use to what I'm doing so I have to surprise it.Do something its NOT expecting.
So he wants me to do CARDIO for 1 entire week.
The next week do STRENGTH(Not weights all week).Weights 3 days,and the rest of the week toning/ things like Jillian,Biggest Loser...

Alternate those for 4 weeks.Then go back into my regular routine for 4 weeks.Then start ALL over again.

Which I have stuck with my regular routine this whole time.I mean I switch my workouts..BUT I still hit this plateau emoticon

If anyone has any suggestions..PLEASE HELP ME!! emoticon
I'm soo sick of feeling like a failure.I mean how in the H%LL can I lose 76 lbs. Then just emoticon I mean I have not seen any results on that darn scale.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
God Bless my Spark Family,Christina emoticon
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    I don't know, when I thought I was going into a plateau I stopped exercising for about a week, stayed in the middle range for my calories and then the next week I went back in fresh as if I was starting over and for Friday weigh-in, bam! I lost another notch on my belt and 2lbs!
    4207 days ago
    Plateaus are apain but they will be bypassed,if your routine seems too routine try spicing up your cardio with different things like dancing,and pilates..Keep your chin up girlie =)
    4217 days ago
    I think the plan your Dr gave you sounds pretty solid. I would definately suggest the calorie cycling, just be careful to make sure you work alternating body parts because you dont want to pull something. I also wouldnt suggest working out 7 full days of the week. You dont want to over train! Your body does need some time to rest, so even a day to break up the routine is good. Lots of luck on this and I will get back to your email as well.

    Also changing up your macronutrient ratios and the KINDS of food you eat it important, not just how much of it. Let me know how the Dr's plan goes! :0)

    Lori Anne

    4219 days ago
  • DANGEL117
    Plateuas Happen to everyone its a natural part of life, when you lose alot of weight like you have your body kinda goes into shock and shuts down. The only other thing I would reccomend that worked for me is cutting your carbs.
    4223 days ago
    76lbs???? That's awesome!! Sweetie, don't let this plateau beat you. I suggest doing what your doctor says or even try circuit training. I wish you luck. I wish I could lose even half that amount. I am so determined and encouraged through your blog. You will make it through this. Stay focused!!
    4224 days ago
  • TINA48R
    Hey Christina,wish I could help "But" I can't,,when I'm stick in a plateau as will..But you got some good advice,from others,
    Just keep up what your doing I'm sure it will break very soon..
    We are in this plateau together... emoticon
    4224 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/23/2009 2:49:23 PM
  • no profile photo CD2244005
    Looks like you and your doctor have a good plan in place. You've done great so far, and will continue to do so, justneed to get past this plateau.

    Best wishes!
    4224 days ago
    You have done amazing so far.
    I think along the lines with the plateau is that it is just a way of you body taking a break and catching up with what you have done so far. When it is ready to continue it will.
    Just keep moving, grooving and toning it up. And before you know it you will over the edge and going again.
    4224 days ago
    I've been wrestling with my own plateau too. ANd they are frustrating! But don't let it sap your motivation- you have been rocking the lifestyle challenge! The scale takes time to adjsut from time to time and like a lot of other folks have been saying, it's a goofd time to look at the changes in other measurements. Having said that, it is also an opportunity to re-evaluate what you are doing that might not be working- and you are doing a great job of looking at that. One fact that bums people out is how when you loose a lot of weight, the same exercise burns fewer calories because it is less work (i.e. you are hauling around 78 fewer calories if you go for a walk, a lot less work, so you have to take up the intensity (adding hills or increasing speed!). But DO NOT BE BUMMED- you have lost 78 pounds! It is because of all your success so far that this is happening. STick with it and switch things up a bit and you'll stil;l be on your way. Double check with yourself that you are really on the straight and narrow with your eating too. We all need to do that from time to time. Re-visit your logged food from the weeks where you were losing and see if there's something you were doing then that has fallen by the wayside.
    Anyway, KEEP ON KEEPING ON, BLAST THROUGH THE FRUSTRATION and CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES. You are doing awesome and will get there! emoticon
    4224 days ago
  • GABBIE00
    I can't give you any advice since I've only been at it for 2 month but I do know you don't quit but keep it up.

    4224 days ago
    I agree with what everyone else has said. You might want to look into interval training too. Here's a good source with examples at the bottom:

    4224 days ago
  • DHAZ09
    You've come such a long way emoticon It is very frustrating to work hard & not see results on the scale, but you are doing wonderful things for your health & making improvements that can't be measured by the scale alone. It sounds like you have an excellent plan in place to break through your plateau! Good luck & hang in there! emoticon
    4224 days ago
    Just one other thought. What is your caloric intake now? Is it the same as when you were first loosing? Have you made adjustments for the exercise you are doing?

    Sometimes a caloric level that is too low can hinder weight loss the same as a caloric level that is too high? Check that out as well.

    Good luck. Sounds like you are doing a emoticon job.
    4224 days ago
    It sounds like you have a good plan. Everyone hits plateaus. I'm at one right now. No weight loss for 3 weeks. Are you loosing inches? Sometimes I lose inches and no weight.
    God Bless,
    Lorri emoticon
    4224 days ago
    Christine - this happens to everyone, but it looks like you have a plan in place. I lost about 15 pounds and then hit a plateau for 5 weeks! It is frustrating, but if you switch things around like you are doing, the scale will start moving again. I hit my second plateau recently, again for several weeks I lost nothing. But I changed things up in my diet and started losing again. You can do this, just be patient with yourself.
    4224 days ago
    Try to remember when you were gaining weight...was this a point in time when you were at this weight for a time... your body might be remembering this weight level and be holding onto it for a time being before letting go of some more weight in spite of what you do. But it will come off... just don't give up... sometimes the plateaus will last for a month (I even heard of some lasting as long as 3 months) but if you keep on your diet and exercise, it will start shedding again. Hang in there. There will be other times when this occurs so be patient. You didn't get to your top weight over night and you won't lose it over night either... unfortunately.

    4224 days ago
  • LJRW170
    Wow, you've done an amazing job! I'm sorry to say that I haven't been in this long enough to give you any suggestions, but it sounds like you're on the right track. You're doing all the things I've ever read to change a plateau. All I can say is keep on trucking. Something's bound to work eventually, right?

    Good luck!
    4224 days ago
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