Do as I say, not as I do!!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

What a dumb thing I did yesterday. While starting to get things together for our trip to AZ, I decided to clean up the storage area. I moved 2 heavy boxes of dishes to another area in the storage closet. YES, I know....I should have known better, I should have called DH to help me, but did I???? NOOOO!!!!!!!

Anyway, last night when I got up from bed for my usual 2a.m. sojourn to the bathroom, I nearly passed out form the pain in my back. Upon standing up from the bed, the back pain was so excruciating it sent me to my knees. I barely made it to the bathroom. Then I decided I didn’t want to get up from our bed again, so sat in my recliner the rest of the night with a heat pack. Finally fell asleep. Today I am paying dearly for that dumb mistake.

SO do as I say, NOT AS I DO….for those with bad backs remember DON’T DO DUMB THINGS like that……………..Today I’m stretching, icing and playing it “slow and easy”.

DH even said he’s taking me out to dinner tonight so I don’t have to cook…wasn’t that so sweet of him???? Ahhh, but just a minute before you say yes…. His favorite place on Fridays is for a fish fry……….. Oh well, I can eat lots of salad 1st accompanied by tall glasses of water.

Hope the rest of you are having a mighty fine day.

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