Confession Time and My 1st 2010 Blog

Monday, January 04, 2010

Yes it's true, I need to confess to falling off the wagon way back in 2009. emoticon

I have slacked off since Thanksgiving on writing blogs and being focused to my healthy lifestyle changes and goals. emoticon
I haven’t been honestly tracking meals and gave up paying attention to my food portion size the whole month of December. I was on a “Seefood” diet…you know the one; “See Food, Eat Food”… Literally I pigged out and because of that I have gained a whopping 5 pounds. emoticon
NO, I’m NOT HAPPY about that, but only have myself to blame. It sure has shown me that I CAN’T do that with out consequences. On top of that I also gave up exercising…to busy you know!!!!! Oh excuses, I can think of them all in order not to exercise.

So what am I going to do about it? 1st of all I am going to concentrate on loosing those 5 pounds that I worked so hard to loose in the 1st place.
How an I going to do that you might ask?
Get refocused on my Spark Goals is how I’ll do it.
1. Honestly charting my calorie intake.
2. Get back to my exercising, strength and cardio. (I’m doing the Bootcamp to help me refocus and also another WLS Challenge).
3. 30 minutes on my bike 6 days a week.
4. Walking daily 5000 steps on my pedometer, if possible. (walking more than that and my back starts acting up even with my new shoes).
5. Paying attention to my food portion sizes.
6. Quit snacking unless it’s a healthy snack.
7. When I reach that 5 pound goal I vow to keep on going for another 5, then another 5 and so on.

Well I’ve done it, I’ve confessed emoticonand now I will get on with my new goals and not look back.
Did I learn a lesson? You bet I did!!!!! So it’s off to my bike now, (I’ve already done BootCamp #2)…..Must get in that exercise you know……
Happy New Year all, I’m back in focus and raring to go in 2010………. emoticon

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.